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This article is about the monster. For the hero, see Agamemnon (hero).
Boss agamemnon

Agamemnon, the Overseer can be summoned on the Summon Monster page if you spend 25 energy and are at least level 190.

You have 168 hours to defeat Agamemnon before he flees.

Basic information[]

Monster Details
Name Type Divine Breakpoint Time to kill 5% Health (Conquest)
Agamemnon, the Overseer Epic World 0 310 168 hours 32,000,000

Target Areas
Target Health Physical Fire Earth Wind Water Note
Agamemnon 640,000,000 0 0 0 0 0

Monster Loot
1 Epic 2 Epics 3 Epics Legendary Gold Medal
1%+ 5,880,000 10,590,000 19,800,000 6,880,000
99%+ 6,590,000 18,090,000 30,440,000 22,900,000 16.000.000
Source: Castle Age Monsters Damage/Loot Spreadsheet

Agamemnon has 640,000,000 total health.

Use this text string to post DMG needed in monster chat:

  • 1 Epic 6.6M, 2 Epic 18.1M, 3 Epic 30.5M, Legendary 22.9M
  • 5% 32M, 10% 64M, 15% 96M

Participants: up to 145 people total, with the following distribution:

  • 50 people levels 150+
  • 35 people levels 100-149
  • 30 people levels 50-99
  • 30 people levels 1-49

This battle uses the Monster Class system.

Additional Information[]

Siege weapons[]

While fighting Agamemnon, there are 5 siege weapons that can be launched to deal extra damage.
All Siege Weapons hit Agamemnon and are unaffected by blocks and resistances.
*Agamemnon has 640,000,000 HP

Name Clicks Damage Dealt

%HP Dealt*

Valerian Soldiers Valerian Soldiers 15 48,000,000 dmg
3,200,000 dmg/click
7.5 %
0.5 % per click
Elven Rangers Elven Rangers 30 57,600,000 dmg
1,920,000 dmg/click
9 %
0.3 % per click
Dwarven Militia Dwarven Militia 45 64,000,000 dmg
1,422,222 dmg/click
10 %
0.22 % per click
Archer Allies Archer Allies 60 70,400,000 dmg
1,173,333 dmg/click
11 %
0.18 % per click
Gray Wizards Gray Wizards 65 80,000,000 dmg
1,230,769 dmg/click
12.5 %
0.19 % per click
Totals 215 320,000,000 dmg
1,488,372 dmg/click
50 %
0.23 % per click


Click to display

Agamemnon Defeated[]

After the long journey up the Tower of Transcendence, you finally climb the last step and reach the pinnacle of the mythical monolith. As you survey the area, it seems that the platform is deserted. There is nothing here except rock debris and the cold, thin air. Was this long journey all for nothing? Then out of the corner of your eye, you see a small glimmer in the distance. You squint your eyes and make out a large figure approaching you. You place your hand on your sword hilt.

You can make out a figure now. He is a large knight donned in heavy armor. He approaches you and stops several yards away. He does not seem poised to attack so you relax your grip on your sword a bit.

Boss agamemnon small
Agamemnon: Warrior, I have watched you as you made your way up the Tower. I was impressed by your strength, courage, and perseverance. I am bound by duty and honor to watch over this great tower and protect it. Now you have reached the end of your journey. Prepare for your greatest challenge warrior as you must now face me.

You draw your weapon waiting to see if Agamemnon will make the first move. Agamemnon steps forward and lunges forward with his large blade. You parry the attack and go for the counter which Agamemnon parries easily. Both of you continue to exchange attacks with neither side conceding ground. The battles continues for what seems like an eternity. Your sense of time is lost. You can only concentrate on your duel with Agamemnon.

Boss agamemnon small
Agamemnon: It has been ages since I have met a warrior as strong as you. I am impressed at how far mortals have come. To be able to challenge me and hold your ground, I must applaud you honorable one. However, I will end this now.

Agamemnon thrusts his weapon into the ground. You notice a faint aura growing around him. What is he planning on doing? Is it some sort of spell? You must stop it while you can. You raise you blade and make a swipe at Agamemnon. You are instantly repelled and thrown to the ground several yards away. As you look back at Agamemnon, he now has a huge, glowing purple aura around him. The hair on your neck stands up and stings with electricity.

Boss agamemnon small
Agamemnon: I have not needed to reveal my true power for eons. You have no hope to defeat me now.

You pick up your weapon and try to stand. The power flowing from Agamemnon is tremendous. It feels as if the weight of the world rests on your shoulders, making it immensely hard to stand up. With sweat pouring down your face, you are finally able to stand.

Boss agamemnon small
Agamemnon: It is impressive that you are even able to stand in my presence.

Agamemnon rushes toward you. The weight of the atmosphere does not allow you to raise you weapon in time to block the incoming blow. This is the end for you. At the last moment, Agamemnon flips his sword over so that the hilt-side is aimed at you. The hilt hits you square in the stomach and you are sent flying. It feels as if you were punched with the might of one hundred hill giants. You are bowled over, unable to take in a breath of air.

Boss agamemnon small
Agamemnon: You have done well mortal. You have shown your strength and your worth. I will let you live but it will serve you well if you continue to get stronger. I will continue to watch your progress. Descend the Tower now. I leave you with some artifacts that will help you. One day, when you have grown much stronger, climb this Tower and stand before me once again.

Rewards while fighting Agamemnon[]

Damage Essence 108 Damage Essence

Rewards after slaying Agamemnon[]

Boss agamemnon dead

Uncommon Drops Rare Drops Epic Drops Legendary Drops
Shining Greatsword Shining Greatsword
Weapon: Attack:10 Defense:14

Opal Pendant Opal Pendant
Amulet: Attack:5 Defense:5
Valerian Signet Valerian Signet
Amulet: Attack:6 Defense:3
Empyrean Plate Empyrean Plate
Armor: Attack:10 Defense:6
Platinum Plate Platinum Plate
Armor: Attack:6 Defense:10

Overseer Amulet Overseer Amulet
Amulet: Attack:15 Defense:11

Seal of Agamemnon Seal of Agamemnon
Amulet: Attack:11 Defense:15
Hand of the Ruler Hand of the Ruler
Gloves: Attack:8 Defense:12
Overseer Plate Overseer Plate
Armor: Attack:14 Defense:17

Rune of Agamemnon Rune of Agamemnon

Mask of Agamemnon Mask of Agamemnon
Helmet: Attack:32 Defense:29
Kingblade Kingblade
Weapon: Attack:31 Defense:24
Aegis of the Tower Aegis of the Tower
Off-Hand: Attack:22 Defense:26

Soul of Agamemnon Soul of Agamemnon

Loot thresholds for 99%:

  • Epic: 1 - 6,590,000 (starts at 5,880,000), 2 - 18,090,000 (starts at 10,590,000), 3 - 30,440,000 (starts at 19,800,000)
  • Legendary: 1 - 22,900,000 (starts at 6,880,000)

Drop percentages:


Item Archives[]

None of this monter's items or alchemies are on the Item Archives at the moment (2017/04/15)


  • Gold Medal: 16,000,000 pure damage in less than 24 hours (before 144 hrs monster timer): +3 Skill Points (one-time award)
  • Slay Agamemnon 5 Times (1,000,000 min dmg + def): +5 Favor Points


  • Introduced: February 25, 2011.
  • Moved to the normal Summon Monster page on February 10, 2015 (previously on Tower of Trascendence, a discontinued feature)
  • Agamemnon's older description listed 120 Divine Armor which blocked 30% of damage per attack and deteriorated at a rate of 0.25% per 1 divine power. It doesn't have Divine Armor right now (tested 2017/04/15)
  • Please help the Castle Age community by entering your loot data in THIS spreadsheet.

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