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"Epic Warrior during an Age of Darkness"
Special Ability
Deals extra +X damage in Arena/Guild Battles
Recruit Method
October 2011 Special

Stats & Levels[]

Level Attack Defense Ability
1 11 11 +5 Damage
2 12 12 +10 Damage
3 13 13 +15 Damage
4 14 14 +20 Damage
SET 15 15 +20 Damage

+1 Max Stamina

Associated Equipment[]

Sword of Woe

Sword of Woe (7 Attack, 7 Defense) - Weapon

A weapon that leaves nothing but despair of destruction in it's wake.
Item Bonus: +1 Attack to Althaea

Althaea's Heirloom

Althaea's Heirloom (5 Attack, 4 Defense) - Ring

Passed down through the generations to the warrior elite.
Item Bonus: +1 Max Stamina when Althaea is equipped

Battlefighter Armguards

Battlefighter Armguards (4 Attack, 2 Defense) - Gauntlet

Hands that have known nothing of violence, know nothing of hope.
Item Bonus: +1 Defense to Althaea


  • Althaea was introduced, conveniently, during the first Heart of Darkness Arena.
  • Unlike Deianira's added damage in Castle Age, Althaea's added damage takes resistance into account (If you hit a polymorphed player who has her as the active general and have a high enough level of resistance, you will take no damage instead of 5-20).