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Arena XIV - Justice is the 14th season of Arena. This PvP event ran from December 21 to December 31, 2020.


In-game Information - Click to display


ARENA XIV JUSTICE will be done in a Duel format.

Equipment will be used in your attacks (and defense). You will accumulate Arena battle points on victory, defensive victory does not earn points now. Each attack costs 1 Arena token. Tokens regenerate after a period of time. Everyday, the Arena will calculate your Arena battle points and place you in a rank bracket (top 5% for example). Upon Arena completion, you will be awarded all items from your current rank bracket.


If you are in a guild, all participating guild members will contribute their total Arena battle points to the "guild Arena battle point total". This will confer additional rewards for the entirety of the guild for the duration of the Arena. The more guild members fighting in the Arena (and earning Arena battle points) will increase your guild Arena battle point total.

Arena Token Refill: You may refill an unlimited about of times, for the cost of 5 Favor Points per refill.


- Each action in the Arena Battle will require the use of Arena Tokens
- You will recharge an Arena Token every 5 minutes
- Win battles against other players to get Arena Points. Defensive victory does not earn points now!
- Your rank is based on the number of Arena Points relative to all other Arena participants
- At the end of each day, you will be awarded a rank relative to all Arena participants
- At the end of each day, your guild will be awarded a rank relative to all guild members fighting in the Arena
- Guild Arena battle rank will confer a bonus that will only be active during the Arena's duration
- Your current rank at the end of the Arena season will determine your final rank and your rewards
- You will receive rewards for your rank
- For players level 50 and under, they will be matched up into a different Arena league with similar level competition


There are a few differences with the rules of the three previous Arena seasons:

  • Defensive victories do not bring points.
    • This was decided in order to prevent the abuse of defensive wins by players attacking themselves with alt accounts.
    • Defensive losses still made you lose points.
    • Defensive victories still made you lose Health (and earn 1-4 XP per victory).
  • All ranks have 270 max Health. In previous Arena seasons, you had more Health the higher the rank (200 at Brawler up to 340 at Eternal Vanguard (TBV)).
  • The amount of points earned or lost depending on your opponent's rank has changed a bit compared to previous Arena seasons. For instance, previously you used to win 100 points for defeating an opponent of the same rank, 105 for 1 rank higher, 95 for 1 rank lower. During Arena XIV, you won 100 points for defeating an opponent of the same rank, 1 rank higher or 1 rank lower.

Interesting Info[]

  • Duels only. 1 token used per attack.
  • 50 max tokens. Natural token regeneration: every 5 minutes => Above 4 hours to recover all tokens.
  • 5 FP for 10 tokens refill.
  • You do not receive points from defensive victories.
  • Your Arena Health is separate from you regular Health, is the same at all ranks, and is replenished automatically (every hour after you started losing Health).
  • The rewards aren't cumulative.
  • Rank cutoffs refreshed one hour after Arena's start and then every 24 hours (at 1 am PST).
  • Guild rank will give you bonus damage against monsters and bonus to essence trading, as usual (and they remain active until another Arena occurs, despite the rules stating they are only active during Arena).

Tiers and Rewards[]

Tiers - Click to display

Arena Brawler IconArena Swordsman Icon​​​Arena Warrior IconArena Gladiator IconArena Hero IconArena Legend IconArena AV IconArena EV Icon

  • Tier 1 - Brawler (Top 81 - 100%)
  • Tier 2 - Swordsman (Top 61 - 80%)
  • Tier 3 - Warrior (Top 41 - 60%)
  • Tier 4 - Gladiator (Top 16 - 40%)
  • Tier 5 - Hero (Top 6 - 15%)
  • Tier 6 - Legend (Top 3 - 5%)
  • Tier 7 - Alpha Vanguard (Top 0 - 2%)
  • Tier 8 - Eternal Vanguard (Top 0 - 0.5%)


The rewards are similar to those offered in the three previous Arena seasons. Again, they aren't cumulative. You will get the reward for your rank and only your rank - not the ranks below.

Brawler Treasure
Brawler Treasure
Tier 1 - Brawler
Swordsman Treasure
Swordsman Treasure
Tier 2 - Swordsman
Warrior Treasure
Warrior Treasure
Tier 3 - Warrior
Gladiator Treasure
Gladiator Treasure
Tier 4 - Gladiator
Hero Treasure
Hero Treasure
Tier 5 - Hero
Legend Treasure
Legend Treasure
Tier 6 - Legend
Alpha Vanguard Treasure
Alpha Vanguard Treasure
Tier 7 - Alpha Vang.
Eternal Vanguard Treasure
Eternal Vanguard Treasure
Tier 8 - Eternal Vang.


  • The final ranks were only updated (without any "Daily Update" popup showing up) 5 hours after the scheduled end time (on Dec. 21 at 1 a.m., the time at which rank cutoffs were updated every day).
  • The EV Leaderboard final change happened at 9 p.m. PST as it was updated hourly during the whole duration of Arena.
  • The rewards were sent out very late. No announcement was made about it, and finally the players received their rewards 52 hours (more than two days) after Arena ended, on January 3, 2021 at 00:00 PST.

Reward Chests Contents[]

When the Arena has ended, in order to get your rewards from the chest you earned, you need to go to the Arena page (you will get a message announcing which rank you achieved), and a Chest will be sent to your Keep under the "Consumables" section. Click on "Consume" right under the chest to retrieve your rewards.

Chest Contents
Brawler-Swordsman Treasure
Brawler Treasure
Brawler-Swordsman Treasure
Swordsman Treasure
  • Free Roll x2
  • Smelting Crystal x25
  • Refine Crystal x15
  • Common Chaos Shard x200
Warrior-Gladiator Treasure
Warrior Treasure
  • Free Roll x3
  • Smelting Crystal x25
  • Refine Crystal x20
  • Common Chaos Shard x300
Warrior-Gladiator Treasure
Gladiator Treasure
  • Eq The Holy Separator The Holy Separator x1
  • Free Roll x4
  • Smelting Crystal x25
  • Refine Crystal x25
  • Common Chaos Shard x500
Hero-Legend Treasure
Hero Treasure
  • Eq The Holy Adjudicator The Holy Adjudicator x1
  • Eq The Holy Separator The Holy Separator x1
  • Free Roll x5
  • Smelting Crystal x25
  • Refine Crystal x25
  • Common Chaos Shard x800
Hero-Legend Treasure
Legend Treasure
  • Eq The Holy Adjudicator The Holy Adjudicator x1
  • Eq The Holy Separator The Holy Separator x1
  • Eq The Holy Judge The Holy Judge x1
  • Free Roll x6
  • Smelting Crystal x25
  • Refine Crystal x25
  • Common Chaos Shard x1000
  • Tungsten Ore x1
AV-EV Treasure
Alpha Vanguard Treasure
  • Eq Seraph halo Seraph halo x1
  • Eq The Holy Adjudicator The Holy Adjudicator x1
  • Eq The Holy Separator The Holy Separator x1
  • Eq The Holy Judge The Holy Judge x1
  • Free Roll x8
  • Rare Smelting Crystal x10
  • Refine Crystal x30
  • Rare Chaos Shard x1000
  • Tungsten Ore x2
AV-EV Treasure
Eternal Vanguard Treasure

Note: The 4 items from these rewards are part of the Limited Archive and form a set. Those were the first items added to the Item Archives since December 2016, along with older items added to the Legendary Archive at the same time.

Junior Rewards[]

Same rewards as in previous Arenas.

Guild Rewards[]

Guild Rewards - Click to display

Arena Guild 1 GangArena Guild 2 SquadArena Guild 3 PhalanxArena Guild 4 CohortArena Guild 5 LegionArena Guild 6 Invasion

Guild reward level and benefits are:

  • Gang - Rank 1 (Top 51 - 100%) - +0% damage to monsters & +0% essence trading bonus
  • Squad - Rank 2 (Top 26 - 50%) - +3% damage to monsters & +2% essence trading bonus
  • Phalanx - Rank 3 (Top 16 - 25%) - +6% damage to monsters & +4% essence trading bonus
  • Cohort - Rank 4 (Top 11 - 15%) - +9% damage to monsters & +6% essence trading bonus
  • Legion - Rank 5 (Top 6 - 10%) - +12% damage to monsters & +8% essence trading bonus
  • Invasion - Rank 6 (Top 1 - 5%) - +15% damage to monsters & +10% essence trading bonus

Despite the rules stating: "Guild Arena battle rank will confer a bonus that will only be active during the Arena's duration", those bonuses actually remain active for the whole year until another Arena occurs (at which point they will be replaced by the bonuses you get in the new Arena). It has been the case for several years now.

Final Cutoffs[]

Rank Final Cutoff Exact Cutoff at T-19 hours
Swordsman - 80% < 16,550 14,660
Warrior - 60% < 57,095 49,255
Gladiator - 40% btw. 112,640 - 116,165 107,500
Hero - 15% btw. 208,330 - 212,420 194,905
Legend - 5% btw. 271,700 - 272,200 245,750
Alpha Vanguard - 2% btw. 363,200 - 365,445 311,170
Eternal Vanguard - 0.5% 1,366,075 1,116,100

There were 104 Eternal Vanguard (EV) players on the leaderboard at the end of Arena XIII, which means between 20,800 players and 20,999 players entered it.

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In the "Final Cutoff" column, the second number is verified to be of the corresponding rank, while the first number is verified to be of the rank below. For instance for the Legend row, 272,200 points awarded the Legend rank, while 271,700 awarded the Hero rank; which means the exact cutoff was somewhere between those two numbers.

The numbers in bold are very close to the exact final cutoffs. The last EV player had exactly 1,366,075 points.

The "Exact Cutoff at T-19 hours" shows the exact cutoffs from the last "Daily Update" 19 hours before Arena ended.

For information, here are a few EV ranks and their amount of points at the end:

  • #1 - 2,733,190 points
  • #29 - 1,515,000 points
  • #40 - 1,487,000 points
  • #72 - 1,441,000 points
  • #104 - 1,366,075 points

Additional Information[]

Arena XIV worked roughly the same way as the previous Arena.

You can be at 0 Health and still attack enemies. But other players can't attack you.

The top level bracket starts at level 600:
If you're level 600 or above, players on your battle list will be of any level above 600. If you are level 3000 for instance, you can see (and attack) players as low as level 600 on your battle list.

You can get a random drop sometimes when attacking (even if you lose the duel). In Arena XII, on average you would get roughly 1 drop every 20 tokens. It probably hasn't changed.

These are the possible random drops:

Items dropped through this count towards their respective Chaos Campaign tasks.

The feature involving Thane introduced in Arena X is still in effect in Arena XIV.

Monkey King's ability works with Arena tokens, and can be boosted by Layla.

There is an Eternal Vanguard (EV) Leaderboard displaying every player currently in the EV rank, but it can only be seen if you are yourself in the EV rank. Otherwise, the button to access it won't even appear on your screen.
It is updated hourly throughout the event.

Arena duels, just like regular duels, give 1 to 4 XP on a win (also works with defensive wins), and 7 hero XP for one attack. They also give demi-points.

Losing a duel makes you lose 8 to 12 Health (10 on average), while winning a duel makes you lose 2 to 6 Health (4 on average).


  • Arena XIV main forums thread: Arena XIV Justice
  • Arena XIV was initially scheduled to start on December 11 and end on December 21. It was postponed due to a major glitch (here is one of many forum threads about it: CA under maintenance?) leading to huge maintenance times and disabled features for 3 weeks (from December 1 to December 21).
  • On the last day of the event, it was revealed that the 4 items you could earn from Arena XIV would be added to the Limited Archive of the Item Archives, and would form a set. The Legendary Archive was updated at the same time. It was the first Item Archives update since December 2016, 4 years before.
    • In addition, a Monkey King promo was offered on the last day as well. Both those things may have impacted the Arena points growth on the last day, especially for the Alpha Vanguard rank.
  • On the iOS app, you can sort your opponent's list by rank, check any player's gear and general promotion level, and potentially test him in a regular Battle before hitting him in Arena.
  • Many players complained about their list of opponents being bad most of the time (on all platforms). It was usually showing only 10 players and rarely of high ranks. It may very well have been a bug, as sometimes the list would show 20 players and would then provide a much better choice of opponents.
  • There were 73 EV players on the leaderboard 24 hours after the beginning of Arena, and 104 EV players at the end.
  • Arena XIV went on for 4 extra minutes after its scheduled end time (which is not much compared to what happened in the past).
  • Rewards were sent out very late, 52 hours (over two days) after Arena ended, on January 3, 2021 at 00:00 PST.