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Army of the Apocalypse can be summoned by spending 400 energy on the Guild Monster page. Guild members can contribute 20 energy per click. Each energy contribution also rewards gold and experience points to the player pitching in energy to summon.

You have 168 hours to defeat the Army of the Apocalypse before they flee.

Basic Information

Army of the Apocalypse is fought similar to Guild Battles. Only members of the summoning guild can fight the Army of the Apocalypse. Non-guild members can still help out by launching siege weapons. The four ladies and their minions will not fight back against the attacking guild, although guild members can still lose to any member of Army of the Apocalypse if they have low attack/defense stats.

Damaging Army of the Apocalypse seems to be similar to that of stamina based monsters. High attacking power will dictate the winner of the duels but the damage inflicted doesn't reflect the actual attack power of the player.

The health of each boss may vary depending upon the strength of the guild. It may take about *8,000,000+ damage total (about 58,000+ stamina). This monster is MUCH tougher than the Alpha Vincent (comparable to regular Bahamut?) and may be comparable to defeating a non-guild monster like Gehenna or maybe Azriel.

  • Info for a more accurate damage number from my guilds APOC battle - Total raw damage and weapon damage was 8,754,095 when I tallied it up and it was killed by a user hit. My guess is 8,750,000 total damage needed.

[citation needed]

Special Information

Siege Weapons

While fighting Army of the Apocalypse, there are 7 siege weapons that can be launched to deal extra damage.
All Siege Weapons hit Army of the Apocalypse and are unaffected by blocks and resistances.
*Army of the Apocalypse has 8,000,000 HP

Name Clicks Damage Dealt

%HP Dealt*

Catapults Catapults 30 165,000 dmg
5,500 dmg/click
2.06 %
0.07 % per click
Ballista Ballista 60 297,000 dmg
4,950 dmg/click
3.71 %
0.06 % per click
Fire Catapult Fire Catapult 90 396,000 dmg
4,400 dmg/click
4.95 %
0.06 % per click
Phoenixes Phoenixes 120 495,000 dmg
4,125 dmg/click
6.19 %
0.05 % per click
Blizzard Blizzard 200 594,000 dmg
2,970 dmg/click
7.43 %
0.04 % per click
Inferno Inferno 250 660,000 dmg
2,640 dmg/click
8.25 %
0.03 % per click
Holy Smite ic Holy Smite 300 693,000 dmg
2,310 dmg/click
8.66 %
0.03 % per click
Totals 1,050 3,300,000 dmg
3,143 dmg/click
41.25 %
0.04 % per click

Enemy Data

Unit Level Class Health Weapon Off-hand Helmet Armor Amulet Magic Glove
500 Mage 1,825,000
Elven Staff
Ancient Tome
Elven Crown A
Evergreen Cloak
Enchanted Lantern
Tempest Storm
Mythril Fists
525 Warrior 1,875,000
Dreadnought Greatsword
The Dreadnought
Dreadnought Horns
Dreadnought Plate
Keiras Soul
Demonic Strength
Warrior Gauntlet
Lotus Ravenmoore
Lotus Ravenmoore
550 Rogue 1,900,000?
Helm of Fear
Raven Cloak
Magicite Earrings
Shadow Blast
Death Touch Gauntlet
575 Cleric 1,925,000
Celestial Helm
Arcangels Battlegear
Angelic Rebirth
Halcyon Glove
Dark Enchantress
200 Mage 7800
Prismatic Staff
Terra's Guard
Gilded Tiara
Zealot Robes
All-seeing Eye
Shadow Blast
Halcyon Glove
Seraphim Angel
Seraphim Angel
210 Cleric 8100
Serenity Blade
Lionheart Shield
Virtue of Fortitude
Holy Plate
Soulless Pendant
Holy Smite
Crusader Gauntlet
Demonic Stalker
Demonic Stalker
225 Rogue 8400
Demonic Sword
Inferno Shield
Demonic Mask
Demonic Armor
Blood Flask
Nightcraft Gauntlets
Hellslayer Knight
Hellslayer Knight
250 Warrior 8800
Deathrune Blade
Juggernaut Shield
Moonfall Mace
Swordsmans Plate
Armageddon Pendant
Gladiators Strength
Bladebounrne Gauntlet


Rewards After Slaying the Army of the Apocalypse

Rare Drops Epic Drops Legendary Drops

Enchanted Lantern Enchanted Lantern
Amulet: Attack:2 Defense:12

Onslaught Onslaught
Weapon: Attack:15 Defense:15

Mark of the Empire Mark of the Empire
Amulet: Attack:12 Defense:12

Zenarean Bow Zenarean Bow
Weapon: Attack:14 Defense:18

Arcanist Arcanist
Soldier: Attack:23 Defense:20

Hellslayer Knight Hellslayer Knight
Soldier: Attack:29 Defense:33

Demonic Stalker Demonic Stalker
Soldier: Attack:25 Defense:20

Death Touch Gauntlet Death Touch Gauntlet
Gloves: Attack:12 Defense:12

Demonic Strength Demon Strength
Magic: Attack:8 Defense:2

Soulless Pendant Soulless Pendant
Amulet: Attack:25 Defense:25

Gladiator Gladiator
Soldier: Attack:35 Defense:24

Orc Champion Orc Champion
Soldier: Attack:50 Defense:50

Apocalypse Band Apocalypse Band
Amulet: Attack:10 Defense:15

Purgatory Purgatory
Off-Hand: Attack:30 Defense:30

Arcangels Battlegear Archangels Battlegear
Armor: Attack:26 Defense:14

Emblem of Keira Emblem of Keira

Emblem of Lotus Emblem of Lotus

Emblem of Sylvana Emblem of Sylvana

Emblem of Azriel Emblem of Azriel

Volcanic shard yellow Volcanic Topaz

Volcanic shard red Volcanic Ruby

Volcanic shard green Volcanic Emerald

Volcanic shard blue Volcanic Sapphire

Flame Invoker Flame Invoker
Soldier: Attack:55 Defense:45

Legendary Drop Rate

Based on this spreadsheet, 1.10.2011.

  Under 300,000    =  0.00%

  300,000-399,999  =  9.68%

  400,000-449,999  = 11.11%

  500,000-549,999  = 31.58%

  550,000-599,999  = 50.00%

  600,000-649,999  = 38.89% (probably not enough loot data)

  650,000-699,999  = 50.00%

  700,000-749,999  = 75.00%

  750,000-799,999  = 78.95%

  800,000+         = 100.00%

 12.50% Emblem of Keira

  8.93% Emblem of Lotus

 13.39% Emblem of Sylvana

  5.36% Emblem of Azriel

 16.96% Crystal

 42.86% Flame Invoker


  • Your monster class is whatever you have selected for guild wars (Warrior by default). As with Guild Battles, if you want to change your class, be sure to do it before the monster is summoned.
  • If you leave a Seraphim Angel alive in each tower it will bring that tower back to life and give you min of 25 more warriors to kill at worst taking them from stunned and 0 to 20 then 40, 60+ if you leave them alone long enough. Even at 20 gives you the ability to go through with 10 stamina collect the points from the warriors in all 4 towers and still leave the seraphims completely alive to re-heal by taking a low level player in, hit a Angel and the Angel will heal the tower for you. You can do this over and over. Problem is you have to convince guild members to leave the seraphims alone. It does work, it allows everyone the ability to get decent damage if you're willing to slow play it for the siege weapons.
    • Even though she is a cleric, Azriel does not heal the South Gate like the Seraphims.
  • Beating Azriel requires an attack power of ???.[citation needed]]]
  • Beating Lotus requires an attack power of ???.
  Lvl 66 with Att/Def 199/330 is not successful***[citation needed]]]
  • Beating Keira requires an attack power of ???.
  Lvl 66 with Att/Def 199/330 is not successful***[citation needed]]]
  • Beating Sylavna requires an attack power of ???.
  Lvl 66 with Att/Def 199/330 is successful 100%***[citation needed]]]
  • Why the Hellslayer Knights wear Moonfall Maces on their heads is beyond even the best of us...
 ***For lvl 66 data, equipment adds 189/142 att/def and sorry for poor editing skills
  • Tip: I'm level 338 (8/23/11) and have 475 Attack & Defense, and I've been able to beat Azriel with fail for quite a while. Anywhere remotely close to this point should be fine. I know someone below level 150 that managed to beat her once or twice, but that may have been a fluke, as there is likely a randomization factor in nearly every aspect of the game. 00:51, August 23, 2011 (UTC)Zyneth
  • Tip: As tested by me, attack power of 1305.6 is enough to beat Azriel 10/10 times.

It's likely that the three ladies before her need little bit smaller firepower.

  • An attack power of 600 is more than enough. - Biser Rizov
  • eAtt of 570 as calculated by CAGE beats Sylvana 20/20 times - Phiggy
  • Using Deianira as your general increases your damage per attack by about three fold over other generals. - Dobie
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