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Artifacts (not to be mistaken with Artifact) is a feature introduced in August 2023, adding a new piece of gear with its own slot.


This new feature is quite straight forward and in-game intructions provided by developers pretty much explain everything perfectly. Those instructions are as follows:

Artifacts are special equipment that, when equipped, not only provide bonuses to your basic attributes and significant piercing/resistance bonuses but also grant unique passive skills. You can nurture artifacts to enhance their capabilities.
Each artifact can only have one.
Artifacts cannot be forged, enhanced, or smelted.
  • Artifacts, much like generals and pets, can "level up", increasing their bonuses and providing passive abilities.
  • Unlike other equipment, Artifacts add their stats directly to players' total (their bonus is shown as part of the green numbers)
Each artifact can only be unlocked by using its own fragments. Artifact fragments can be obtained by claiming one-time gifts on the artifact page, entering the shop, or participating in events.
  • With the release of the feature, two artifacts were made available a gift (Shield of Aegis and Gungnir)
You can go to the Equipment interface to equip artifacts. Currently, you can only equip one artifact. After equipping an artifact, you will gain all the attribute bonuses and passive skill benefits it provides.
Equipping artifacts requires a minimum level of 200.
  • Besides the level cap, artifact are equipped like any other existing piece of equipment, and thus are part of loadouts.
Artifacts come in different qualities, and the level cap of artifacts varies based on their quality.
  • Starting artifacts were of "Intermediate" quality; as more qualities and their caps unveil, they will be covered in the section below.
1) Costs and Effects:
Upgrading artifacts requires Arcane Crystals and Enhancement Crystals. Upgrading can enhance the artifact's basic attack/defense and power.
2) Arcane Crystals:
You can check the dates for dropping Arcane Crystals in the daily bonus. Collecting them by participating in guild wars is possible. 
  • Arcane crystal Arcane Crystals: used for regular level ups.
  • Daily bonus for Arcane Crystals are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Those days, 100vs100 and 10vs10 drop 50 Arcane Crystals on win and 30 on defeat.
  • Autocollect works with getting Arcane Crystals.
  • Arcane Crystals obtained are doubled if paying FP for extra Guild Coin.
1) Costs and Effects:
At every ten levels of an artifact, you can promote it's tiers by consuming Golden Insignia. Without reaching the corresponding level, promotion is not possible. Completing the promotion will unlock the corresponding passive skill for the artifact.
2) Golden Insignia:
Golden Insignia can be purchased from the Guild Emporium and the 100v100 Season Shop. You can also use guild essence to craft it in alchemy or obtain them in specific events.
  • Golden insignia Golden Insignia: used for promotions.
Passive Skills
Passive skills can be unlocked when the artifact reaches the corresponding advancement level and need to be equipped to take effect.

Artifact quality and level cap[]

Quality Level cap
?? ??
Intermediate ??
?? ??

Stats and abilities of artifacts[]

Item Bonus Passive ability
Stat L1 L2-10 L11 L12-20 L21 L22-33 Ability Available
Artifact shiled cut
Shield of Aegis
Icons defence +50 +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl Artifact basic attribute +20%; artifact's power +10% L10
Icons health +20 +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl Base health runes +1.5% L20
Piercing defense +50 +0/lvl +15 +1 +1 ?? When successfully defending, Deflect (100%*artifact defense +5% damage runes) L30
Fire defense +20 +0/lvl +15 +1 +1 ?? - -
Artifact lance cut
Icons attack +50 +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl Artifact basic attribute +20%; artifact's power +10% L10
Icons health +20 +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl +3/lvl Base damage runes +1.5% L20
Piercing attack +50 +0/lvl +15 +1 ?? +1 When the battle is won, the next attack increases (100%*artifact attack power +5% damage runes) damage L30
Fire attack +20 +0/lvl +15 +1 ?? +1 - -
Artifact sword cut
Sword of the Elven king
Icons attack +xx +x/lvl +x/lvl +x/lvl +x/lvl +x/lvl Artifact basic attribute +20%; artifact's power +10% L10
Icons defence +xx +x/lvl +x/lvl +x/lvl +x/lvl +x/lvl Base damage runes +1.5%;Base attack runes +1.5% L20
Icons health +xx +x/lvl +x/lvl +x/lvl +x/lvl +x/lvl When equipped by a warrior, the AOE damage caused is 100%*artifact attack+8% damage runes L30
Piercing defense +30 +x/lvl +x +x +x +x - -
Piercing attack +30 +x/lvl +x +x +x +x - -
Wind defense +20 +x/lvl +x +x +x +x - -

Level up and promotion costs[]

Level Quality
?? Intermediate ??
1 - - -
2-7 ?? Arcane crystalx50 ??
8-10 ?? Arcane crystalx100 ??
Tier 1 ?? Golden insigniax2 ??
11-14 ?? Arcane crystalx200
Enhance crystalx1
15-19 ?? Arcane crystalx300
Enhance crystalx1
20 ?? Arcane crystalx400
Enhance crystalx1
Tier 2 ?? Golden insigniax8 ??
21 ?? Arcane crystalx500
Enhance crystalx1
22 ?? Arcane crystalx550
Enhance crystalx2
23 ?? Arcane crystalx550
Enhance crystalx2
24 ?? Arcane crystalx600
Enhance crystalx2
25 ?? Arcane crystalx600
Enhance crystalx2
26 Arcane crystalx700
Enhance crystalx2
27 Arcane crystalx800
Enhance crystalx2
28 Arcane crystalx800
Enhance crystalx2
29 Arcane crystalx900
Enhance crystalx2
30 Tier 3 Golden insigniax16
31 Arcane crystalx1000
Enhance crystalx3
32 Arcane crystalx1000
Enhance crystalx3
33 Arcane crystalx1000
Enhance crystalx3
34 Arcane crystalx1000
Enhance crystalx3
35 Arcane crystalx1000
Enhance crystalx3
36 Arcane crystalx1000
Enhance crystalx3
37 Arcane crystalx1000
Enhance crystalx3
38 Arcane crystalx1000
Enhance crystalx3
39 Arcane crystalx1000
Enhance crystalx3
40 Arcane crystalx3500
Enhance crystalx3