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Aspect of Death can be summoned on the Alchemy Summons page if you have an Orb of Death Orb of Death, which comes from Undead II, special Mission:Aspect of Death, and are at least level 620.

You have 168 hours to complete the battle before he flees.

Basic information[]

Monster Details
Name Type Divine Breakpoint Time to kill 5% Health (Conquest)
Aspect of Death Epic Boss 700 1750 168 hours 51,500,000

Target Areas
Target Health Physical Fire Earth Wind Water Note
Head 422,500,000 +18 +15/[-10] 0 0 0 [x]: enabled when Scythe is defeated
Beacon 422,500,000 +18 0 0 0 +15/[-10] [x]: enabled when Wings are defeated
Scythe 92,500,000 +18 0 +15 0 0 Reduce damage to Head up to 27%
Wings 92,500,000 +18 0 0 +15 0 Reduce damage to Beacon up to 27%

Monster Loot
1 Epic 2 Epics Legendary Gold Medal
1%+ 5,370,000 9,450,000 10,790,000
99%+ 8,120,000 15,380,000 18,600,000 26,000,000
Source: Castle Age Monsters Damage/Loot Spreadsheet

Aspect of Death has 1,030,000,000 health.

Use this text string to post DMG needed in monster chat:

  • 1 Epic 8.2, 2 Epics 15.4M, Legendary 18.6M
  • 5% 51.5M, 10% 103M, 15% 154.5M

Participants: up to 160 people total, with the following distribution:

  • 100 people levels 500+
  • 40 people levels 150-499
  • 20 people levels 100-149

This battle uses the Monster Class, Piercing/Resistance, Divine Power and Target Area systems.

Additional Information[]

Target Areas[]

Aspect of Death has four different areas that can be attacked, each with its own health and resistance :

  • Head (422,500,000 health) - Dispatch to defeat Aspect of Death.
  • Beacon (422,500,000 health) - Dispatch to defeat Aspect of Death.
  • Scythe (92,500,000 health) - Dispatch to enable Fire Weakness on the Head. Reduces damage to Head by a maximum of 27% while alive.
  • Wings (92,500,000 health) - Dispatch to enable Water Weakness on the Beacon. Reduces damage to Beacon by a maximum of 27% while alive.


Aspect of Death has Piercing, Water, Fire, Wind and Earth Resistances, and Fire and Water Weaknesses.

  • Head: +18 Piercing Resistance (Max block 18%), +15 Fire Resistance (Max block 5%), -10 Fire Weakness (Maximum bonus 10%, enabled when Scythe is defeated)
  • Beacon: +18 Piercing Resistance (Max block 18%), +15 Water Resistance (Max block 5%), -10 Water Weakness (Maximum bonus 10%, enabled when Wings is defeated)
  • Scythe: +18 Piercing Resistance (Maximum block 18%), +15 Earth Resistance (Max block 5%)
  • Wings: +18 Piercing Resistance (Maximum block 18%), +15 Wind Resistance (Max block 5%)

Divine Armor[]

All parts of Aspect of Death have Divine Armor. This armor requires 700 Divine Power to get full damage, and blocks a maximum of 30% with no Divine Power, degrading by 0.0428% for each point of Divine Power you have.

Siege Weapons[]

While fighting Aspect of Death, there are 5 siege weapons that can be launched to deal extra damage.
All Siege Weapons hit Aspect of Death's Head and Beacon and are unaffected by blocks and resistances.
*Aspect of Death's Head and Beacon has 845,000,000 HP

Name Clicks Damage Dealt

%HP Dealt*

Valerian Soldiers Valerian Soldiers 15 22,000,000 dmg
1,466,667 dmg/click
2.6 %
0.17 % per click
Elven Rangers Elven Rangers 30 25,000,000 dmg
833,333 dmg/click
2.96 %
0.1 % per click
Dwarven Militia Dwarven Militia 45 28,000,000 dmg
622,222 dmg/click
3.31 %
0.07 % per click
Archer Allies Archer Allies 60 31,000,000 dmg
516,667 dmg/click
3.67 %
0.06 % per click
Gray Wizards Gray Wizards 65 34,000,000 dmg
523,077 dmg/click
4.02 %
0.06 % per click
Totals 215 140,000,000 dmg
651,163 dmg/click
16.57 %
0.08 % per click
  • If you kill Head or Beacon before the launch of the last weapon, half of the weapon is 'wasted' on the dead part,


Rewards while fighting Aspect of Death[]

Attack Essence 108 Attack Essence

Rewards after slaying Aspect of Death[]

Monster death dead

Rare Drops Epic Drops Legendary Drops

Deaths Shroud Deaths Shroud
Armor: Attack:30 Defense:35
Deaths Gaze Deaths Gaze
Helmet: Attack:35 Defense:28
Deaths Burden Deaths Burden
Amulet: Attack:23 Defense:27
Deaths Touch Deaths Touch
Gloves: Attack:12 Defense:6

Deaths Steps Deaths Steps
Boots: Attack:7 Defense:8
Deaths Beacon Deaths Beacon
Off-Hand: Attack:40 Defense:40
Harbinger Scythe Harbinger Scythe
Weapon: Attack:35 Defense:30
Aspect Feather Aspect Feather

Bronze Ore of Physical Resistance Bronze Ore of Physical Resistance

Bronze Ore of Physical Piercing Bronze Ore of Physical Piercing

Dull Shard of Water Protection Dull Shard of Water Protection

Dull Shard of Water Fury Dull Shard of Water Fury

Deathsoul Deathsoul

Loot thresholds for 99%:

  • Epic: 1 - 8,120,000 (starts at 5,370,000), 2 - 15,380,000 (starts at 9,450,000)
  • Legendary: 1 - 18,600,000 (starts at 10,790,000)


Item Archives[]


  • Gold Medal: 26,000,000 pure damage in less than 24 hours (before 144 hrs monster timer): +3 Skill Points (one-time award)
  • Slay Aspect of Death 5 times (1,000,000 min dmg + def): +5 Favor Points
  • Slay Aspect of Death 5 times (5,000,000 min dmg, secondary targets have > 75% health): +3 Skill Points


  • Introduced: June 27, 2013
  • Please help the Castle Age community by entering your loot data in THIS spreadsheet.
  • Fighting Aspect of Death and Alperon is recommended as they are the damage % gatekeepers for Cassandra. With 2 Epic drops per battle, it would take a perfect 12 fights per Last Rights created , with a minimum of 84 Alperon fights. Death is easier with a perfect 5 drops if both epics are earned, yet as there being 7-8 different drops, it may take anywhere to 15-75+ AoD fights. Still better than over 150-300+ Alperons.
  • The loot thresholds in this article are also based on Ditendra08's more recent personal spreadsheet which can be found HERE.
  • For information, older data can also be found HERE.

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