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Backstab large
+X Damage to Enemy in Guild Battles with Full Health
Rune Bonus
Bonus Damage: +Y% of caster's damage rune
Class: Rogue


Level Effect Obtained From
I damage +20 + 10% caster damage rune benefit Annihilator Chest
II damage +40 + 20% caster damage rune benefit Annihilator Chest
III damage +70 + 35% caster damage rune benefit Alchemy
IV damage +85 + 40% caster damage rune benefit Alchemy
V damage +95 + 45% caster damage rune benefit Alchemy
Ambush damage +50 + 25% caster damage rune benefit Guild Shop


  • Backstab bonus damage will be applied on a duel victory against a full health target, regardless if it is offensive or defensive[citation needed].
  • Backstab still works even when the attacker stunned[1].

General Boost[]

General Comment
Hero dominus Dominus
  • At level 4, Dominus increases damage by +76.
  • At level 20, Dominus increases damage by +132.
  • At level 54, Dominus increases damage by +200.

Special Inclusion[]

Power Comment
Ambush 1 Ambush
Although Ambush has a different name and picture, it is considered to be the same ability as its effect is similar. Thus, it cannot be used at the same time as Backstab.


  • The bonus only applies when the target is at full health so Rogues with the power must be the first to strike before anyone else. Having full health at mid-battle, especially in the Arena, is very rare and would mostly indicate a very tough opponent (if he/she is still undamaged). The power is best utilized at the start of the battle. Excellent and fast coordination is a must if the team wants to optimize on the small window of opportunity to really make this power useful.


  • While it may appear that there is limited opportunity for best using the ability, Ambush/Backstab can be a very useful ability if used properly. Trying to get Backstab up to Level 3 (to exceed the effect of Ambush) is probably not worthwhile unless you are trying to get other drops from the chest (e.g. Raziel). However, Ambush is a relatively cheap purchase from the Guild Shop and the bonus from Dominus can be substantial if allied with Deianira (for Rune damage) and Deshara (for victory damage).
  • To make the most of Backstab it is essential at the start of a battle to start on a gate before any Mage in your guild gets a victory. If you are to late then try another gate attacking the lowest health first. Later in the battle opportunities will become rare unless the opposing guild is relatively inactive.


  • The picture in the ability is seems to be the weapon Drakken Blade.
  • The picture in Ambush is part of the soldier Guardian of Alyzia.
  • Original abilities were augmented to include the caster's damage rune benefit on April 17, 2013.
  • If you have Ambush and either of Backstab 1 or 2, only the ambush will show up on your class skills. Backstab is better than ambush only at level 3 or above when it will show up.


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