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Were you looking for the Battle of the Dark Legion?

Battle is a tab under the Castle Age banner that leads you to fight in PvP battles.

Unlike quests, all battles require stamina. Every time you fight, you use 1 stamina.

There are two styles of battling: Invading and Dueling.

Every time you fight a battle and win, you may earn Battle Points. The amount that you earn depends on what your Battle Rank is, and the Battle Rank of your opponent. If both of you are at the same rank, you will earn 10 battle points for winning. If you have one rank higher than your opponent, you will win 8 battle points. If you are two ranks higher, you will earn 6, and so on. If you are one rank below your opponent, you will earn 12 battle points. If you are two ranks below your opponent, you will earn 14 battle points, and so on.

If you lose the battle however, you lose half the battle points you could have won. So if you are both the same rank, instead of winning 10 battle points, you lose 5. Player EXP is not earned upon losing (only for winning), but General will still earn the 7 EXP (for 1 Stamina usage).

The game offers a brief tutorial on battling on the Training Grounds

Battling can also unlock Achievements.


Raids are multi-part battles that are fought with friends. The Raid party must defeat all enemies or complete all objectives at a checkpoint before advancing to the next checkpoint. The number of adversaries remaining at a checkpoint is displayed within the mini-map.

You can choose to attack specific adversaries by browsing through the battle list. When you have found a foe you would like to attack, click on the "Invade" or "Duel" button (or "Invade x5" or "Duel x5"). Invade and Duel can be toggled by clicking on the "Duel/Invade" button. Each attempt to Invade or Duel will cost 1 stamina (Invade x5 or Duel x5 cost 5 stamina each attempt). If you are defeated, you will still use your stamina and you may lose battle rank points. But if you defeat your enemy, you will be awarded with gold, experience, and battle rank points. Your victory will also count towards your final rewards.

At the end of each checkpoint, you will be presented with a button to collect rewards for that checkpoint. The rewards awarded to you at each checkpoint depends on your level of participation for that specific checkpoint. The more adversaries you defeat at each checkpoint, the better rewards you can get.

In addition to weapons and items, you will also be awarded "Battle Hearts" which are used in Alchemy Recipes.

There is currently only one raid available:


  • On Feb 16th, 2014, Major changes were noticed in Battle/Invasion.

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