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In Battle, players engage other players in a one-on-one duel to see who is stronger. Unlike quests, all battles require stamina. Every time you fight, you use 1 stamina.

Both players will lose health per attack. The winner will lose 1-6 health while the loser will lose 6-12. A player whose health is below 10 is not allowed to engage in a duel.

The winner of the duel can gain experience, gold and battle points. The loser may have gold deducted (if it has not been stashed in the treasury) and battle points. The amount that you earn depends on what your and your opponents Battle Ranks are. If both of you are at the same rank, you will earn 10 battle points for winning. If you have one rank higher than your opponent, you will win 8 battle points. If you are two ranks higher, you will earn 6. Etc. If you are one rank below your opponent, you will earn 12 battle points. If you are two ranks below your opponent, you will earn 14 battle points. Etc. If you lose the battle however, you lose half the battle points you could have won. So if you are both the same rank, instead of winning 10 battle points, you lose 5.


You can customize the look of your battle character from the Avatar screen. This page allows you to change the color palette of your characters hair and clothing. You can also change your character's gender in this page. Customizing is free and can be done multiple times any time.


On the Battle List page, you must click the Challenge button on an opponent, then the Attack button in the new page in order to initiate attacks. If you are not confident about battling a chosen opponent, you can still back off by not clicking the Attack button in the Duel Page. This gives you the chance to see the level of the other player and their equipped guardian and gear, allowing you to 'scout' and decide whether to battle them or not.

Battle Rank[]

Battle Rank is a ranking system based on the number of Battle Points accumulated through PvP battle.

There are currently 15 different battle ranks, and the 15 ranks are divided into 3 different tiers.

Title Points Reward
Rank 1 Disciple 100 skill points (+5)
Rank 2 Acolyte 250 skill points (+5)
Rank 3 Zealot 450 Zealot Gauntlets
Rank 4 Marauder 700 skill points (+5)
Rank 5 Assassin 1200 skill points (+5)
Rank 6 Destroyer 2000 Destroyer Signet
Rank 7 Demolisher 3000 skill points (+5)
Rank 8 Blood Adept 5000 skill points (+5)
Rank 9 Blood Guard 7500 Blood Guard Greaves
Rank 10 Ravager 10000 skill points (+5)
Rank 11 Vanguard 14000 skill points (+5)
Rank 12 Conqueror 19500 Conquerors Amulet
Rank 13 Executioner 22500 skill points (+5)
Rank 14 Vindicator 27000 skill points (+5)
Rank 15 Deathbringer 32500 Deathbringers Mace

Arena Battle[]

The Arena is a seasonal tournament that is held in Castle Age: Heart of Darkness. The arena provides an added feel of competition between players in PvP form.

As of February 2012, There has only been one tournament.


  • As a player reaches certain amounts of Battle points, they will be awarded an increased rank, a new title and a reward.
  • Once a Battle point amount is hit, a player will maintain the best TIER (NOT Rank) achieved, even if their battle points fall below the threshold.
  • Players that have not engaged in "Battle Rank" will have a rank of zero with the title "Minion".