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(Note: currently out dated because a rune with +50 attack or defence or health or damage greatly effect combat need update for equipment with slots as it has a major impact)

Dueling is a type of PvP where you fight someone one-on-one (as opposed to Invading where you fight with your army).

When Dueling, you may have of one of each of the following:

The game will automatically use the strongest of each kind from your inventory. (These are the best dueling Attacking items and Defending items currently obtainable in the game). Your Active General always accompanies you. When attacking, the game uses 100% of the Stat attack Attack stat plus 70% of the Stat defense Defense stat of each item. When defending, the game uses 100% of the defense stat plus 70% of the attack stat for each.

The Player's skills are used the same: when attacking, 100% of your Attack stat plus 70% of your Defense stat is used; when defending, this is reversed, so 100% of the Defense stat plus 70% of the Attack stat are used.

After each duel, you will take a small amount of damage to your Stat health Health if you win and a larger amount if you lose.


When attacking:
Attack stat + 70% defense stat + (total attack of general and items) + 70% (total defense of general and items) + % luck factor
When defending:
70% attack stat + defense stat + 70% (total attack of general and items) + (total defense of general and items) + % luck factor


  • The Sword of Redemption is an off-hand (used in shield slot), and NOT a weapon. The game treats the Sword of Redemption as if you are dual-wielding, and the sword is placed in your off-hand (where your shield would normally be).
  • When dueling, you will train yourself to become a better fighter. In the Training Grounds, whenever you fight a duel, you will earn training points in dueling. As you train in dueling, you will earn 1 Stat attack Attack for every training level you earn. The max training level for dueling is level 5.

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