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Equip your army with weapons and armor from the blacksmith! Equipment are required for quests and allow you to be more effective in duels, invasions, and monster battles. - Vulcan

The Blacksmith tab (found under the Town tab under the Castle Age banner) is the place to go to check and buy equipment. There are 6 different types of equipment: Weapons, Shields, Armor, Helmets, Amulets, and Gloves. This is useful to know if you like to Duel, and doesn't matter if you like to Invade instead.

"Best Equipment" guide can be found at Best PvP Equipment - Invade & War or Best PvP Equipment - Duel.

There are many ways to gain new equipment.

  • The game offers to let you buy the Regular Equipment after you gain some levels.
  • The game offers to let you buy Battle Point Equipment if you currently have enough battle points.
  • The game offers to let you buy War Point Equipment if you currently have enough war points.
  • You can gain Demi-Equipment from praying to Demi-Powers.
  • You can buy purchase equipment with Favor point small Favor Points from the Oracle.
  • You may win equipment if you pay favor points to draw from Treasure Chests.
  • You can get Alchemy Equipment by receiving gifts from friends, or from slaying Monsters.
  • You can also get equipment from completing Raids.
  • Or you can get Equipment from doing quests.

Blacksmith Shop[]

Regular Equipment[]

v · e · d Image Type Attack Defense Cost
Dagger Dagger Weapon 1 0 10,000
Buckler Buckler Shield 0 1 30,000
Short Sword Short Sword Weapon 2 0 100,000
Leather Armor Leather Armor Armor 0 2 200,000
Steel Helm Steel Helm Helmet 1 2 500,000
Steel Gauntlet Steel Gauntlet Gloves 1 0 500,000
Sacred Amulet Sacred Amulet Amulet 1 1 500,000
Long Sword Long Sword Weapon 3 1 500,000
Steel Shield Steel Shield Shield 1 2 500,000
Battle Axe Battle Axe Weapon 4 0 1,000,000
Steel Chainmail Steel Chainmail Armor 1 3 1,000,000
Steel Plate Steel Plate Armor 2 4 1,500,000

Epic Equipment[]

v · e · d Image Type Attack Defense Initial Cost Incremental Cost
(Per Unit)
Upkeep Unlock
Obsidian Amulet Obsidian Amulet Amulet 2 2 100,000,000 +5,000,000 none Level 35
Obsidian Shield Obsidian Shield Shield 4 4 300,000,000 +15,000,000 none Level 35
Obsidian Helmet Obsidian Helmet Helmet 3 5 350,000,000 +17,500,000 none Level 35
Obsidian Armor Obsidian Armor Armor 6 9 800,000,000 +40,000,000 none Level 100
Obsidian Sword Obsidian Sword Weapon 11 12 1,000,000,000 +50,000,000 none Level 120

Battle Rank Equipment[]

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Demi-Power Equipment[]

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Favor Equipment[]

Chest Equipment[]

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Oracle Specials[]

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Reinforcements Equipment[]

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Alchemy Equipment[]

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Quest Equipment[]

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Epic Quest Equipment[]

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Dungeon Equipment[]

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Monster Equipment[]

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Raid Equipment[]

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Arena Equipment[]

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Festival Equipment[]

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Guild Shop Equipment[]

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Conquest Shop Equipment[]

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Conquest Path Shop Equipment[]

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Guild Rewards Equipment[]

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Gift Equipment[]

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Other Equipment[]

v · e · d Image Type Attack Defense Obtained From Special Note
Celestas Devotion Celestas Devotion Weapon 22 44 Obtained from the Goblin Emporium; Rarely dropped +3% Critical when Celesta is equipped
Serenes Arrow Serenes Arrow Off-Hand 1 1 Obtained from the Goblin Emporium; Rarely dropped Used to create Serene General
Strength of Oaks Strength of Oaks Armor 5 10 Special equipment given to those who used the Emporium hack URL but did not use it to the extreme according to the developers +2 Defense to Kilgore

Equipment Comparisons[]

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  • The Demonic Sword is quite reminiscent of the title sword from the game series SoulCalibur as is the Soul Eater.
  • Garlan's Battlegear can be seen being worn by the unit Blood Zealot. Interestingly, it is used by Garlan as a shield when you encounter him in Lion's Rebellion if you use Tactics.
    • Miri Bladebourne also uses her armor, Bladebourne Raiments, as a shield in the same battle for some reason.
  • Lailah's three items (Incarnation, Platinus Armor, Harmony) can all be seen being worn by the unit Seraphim Angel.

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