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The following equipment are rewards for reaching certain ranks in Battle. They can be bought at the Blacksmith after being unlocked.

Note: In order to buy Battle Equipment, you must have the appropriate amount of Points to reach the required rank. Should you lose enough points to fall below the rank. you will no longer be able to buy that item until you reach that rank again.

Battle Rank Equipment[]

v · e · d Image Type Attack Defense Initial Cost Incremental Cost(Per Unit) Upkeep Battle Points Needed
Gladiator Sword Gladiator Sword Weapon 15 1 350,000 +17,500 0 450
Commander's Battle Plate Commanders Plate Armor 12 12 3,000,000 +150,000 0 19,500
High Kings Crown High Kings Crown Helmet 25 25 10,000,000 +500,000 0 100,000

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War Rank Equipment[]

v · e · d Image Type Attack Defense Initial Cost Incremental Cost (Per Unit) Upkeep War Points Needed
Ornate Axe Ornate Axe Weapon 7 7 500,000 +25,000 0 450
Pendant of Wonder Pendant of Wonder Amulet 9 9 12,000,000 +600,000 0 19500

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Conquest Rank Equipment[]

Image Type Attack Defense Conquest Points Needed Cost (Guild Coins)
Soldiers Bone Helm Soldiers Bone Helm Helmet 25 25 450 650 Guild battle icon coins
Knights Bone Gauntlets Knights Bone Gauntlets Gloves 10 10 2000 650 Guild battle icon coins


  • For more accurate information regarding Point Equipment pricing (especially after you have bought a decent amount of Equipment and the Incremental Cost raises the prices significantly), you should use a Castle Age Spreadsheet.

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