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Blizzard from Cronus, the World Hydra

Blizzard Icon

Blizzard is a siege weapon. Like other siege weapons in Castle Age, it is launched whenever a certain number of people react to a Call To Arms, with the effect that it causes damage to the monster and usually unlocks a more powerful siege weapon.

Battles that use Blizzard[]

Unless otherwise noted, Blizzard require 200 people to launch.

Alpha Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon

  • Does 47,500,000 damage

Alpha Vincent

  • Does 229,500 damage

Azriel, the Angel of Wrath

  • Needs 250 people to cast
  • Does 47,500,000 damage

Army of the Apocalypse

  • Does 594,000 damage

Cronus, the World Hydra

Blizzard Icon from Cronus, the World Hydra
  • Needs 80 people to cast
  • Does 14,700,000 damage

Gehenna, the Fire Elemental

  • Does 27,000,000 damage


  • Does 26,500,000 damage

Kromash, the Storm Giant

  • Does 7,000,000 damage

Lion's Rebellion

  • Does 27,500,000 damage

Shardros, the Mountain Giant

  • Does 27,000,000damage

Thanatos of Fire & Ice

  • Does 26,500,000 damage

Valhalla, the Air Elemental

  • Needs 75 people to cast
  • Does 29,250,000 damage

War of the Red Plains

  • Does 26,500,000 damage

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