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Ditendra08 Ditendra08 10 August

Summery of My Contributions

  • 1 Some Important Changes I did Since I Became Sysop:
  • 2 2021-08-10
  • 3 2021-08-12
  • 4 2021-08-24

  • Fixed background for Dark mode.
  • Uploaded CA logo, which became broken after Fandom design changes.
  • Uploaded FAV icon, which became broken after Fandom design changes.
  • Fix a lot of articles with nav elements that became broke (dragged down) after Fandom introduced new design.
  • Fixed several grammar mistakes.
  • Fixed several templates & articles to match the new design of Fandom and made them readable in both - dark and light modes.
  • Fixed problem in wiki menu of "Conquest Duel" that was directing to deleted article.
  • Fixed several uploaded images and perfected them by removing unnecessary parts that were caused by bad screenshooting.

  • Updated Orcs pages and replaced dead …

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12yearold 12yearold 23 December 2020

test arena

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12yearold 12yearold 7 October 2020


Modified by Layla
Functions with Layla

+% to Leadership/shout
Currently only Grombeard boosts Leadership/shout. Stronger casts overwrite weaker ones.

Currently only Meekah boosts confidence.

Kull boosts berserk. Hero boost not shown in the log. Layla adds 4 decimals to the % boost.

Currently only Dominus boosts Backstab/Ambush.

Boost poison damage
Currently only Aethyx boosts poison damage.

Boost poison duration
Jessika_the_Jester and Aethyx

Splash Poison onto adjacent targets
Currently only Jessika_the_Jester splashes poison.

Raziel the Silent Jezale Elyvita

Smoke Bomb
Petrus the Elusive


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St0liae St0liae 7 July 2020

Checking your Heroes' stats

You may want to check an Hero's attack and defense stats, in order to make sure they follow the usual progression depending on the Hero's type (Aggressive, Balanced, Defensive) for instance.

However nowadays there are plenty of things which can boost yourHero's stats when you look at them.

Here's everything which can boost your general's stats:

  • Promotions (stars)
  • General Alliance (generals linked behind it)
  • Aggressive/Balanced/Defensive General Boost
    • From Equipment (Warbanners)
    • From Chaos Gems
  • General Equipment (the General's associated Equipment)
    • Atk or Def boost from a piece of Equipment
    • 10% stats boost if you have 3 pieces of the General's Equipment

So what do you need to do in order to make the sure the stats you're looking at are not boosted?


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St0liae St0liae 14 June 2020

New powerful Equipment

When a new meaningful piece of Equipment comes out, I'll document it here.

Check the Best PvP Equipment - Duel article for a list of all the best items of each type for both attack and defense.

Note: BIS = Best in slot = currently the best piece of equipment of its type in the game.  

  • 1 Nov. 23, 2020 - Draculia gear
  • 2 Sept. 21, 2020 - Horror Scale
  • 3 June 8, 2020 - Bloodlust
  • 4 Apr. 17, 2020 - The Demon Chimera gear
  • 5 Apr. 10, 2020 - Blizzard Boots
  • 6 Dec. 23, 2019 - Lightning of God
  • 7 Sept. 27, 2019 - Primal Pendant
  • 8 Sept. 24, 2019 - Moonlight Orb & Caged Heart comeback
  • 9 June 26, 2019 - Medals


New Boots with a slot. Time-limited (from the 11th Anniversary event). Less useful now that Boots with 2 slots are relatively easy to obtain from the Demon Chimera th…

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St0liae St0liae 13 June 2020

What to edit on the Wiki: A to-do list for when new stuff comes out

When new things are introduced in the game, sometimes new articles need to be created, but most of the time already existing articles also need to be updated.

Depending on the type of stuff which comes out, different pages need to be updated.

Here's my to-do list for when these new things are introduced. It is not exhaustive, but the most common and important things to do are here.

The basics:

  • Create their article
  • Item Archives
  • ...
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RaySchechter RaySchechter 24 May 2020

Thoughts on obtaining Demon Chimera equipment

Why go after the Demon Chimeria equipment?

The Demon Chimera drops allows you to create some of the best Epic and Legendary Equipment in the game.  Check out the Best PvP Equipment - Duel page to see their rankings.  Something to consider, however, the Legendary equipment requires you to have already have created a Shiny Glove and a Glorious Amulet, farmed from the Phantom of Shadow.  You should, therefore, consider only creating 1 of each Epic at first.

What does it take to get 1 of each Legendary?

Here is one of several possible paths to creating 1 of each Epics, and 2 of each Epic will give you 1 of each Legendary.

Run - Demon Chimera Event lasting 6 days and a possible drop of 6 Demon Power drops, 2 of each kind
FPs - Favor Points


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RaySchechter RaySchechter 28 March 2020

Thoughts on Events and Play Style Builds

There are a lot of variations of the types of play styles, and I will attempt to outline the major archetypes of these different builds.  As to why a player may choose one over another build, the decision usually has to do with how a player chooses how to best fill a specific niche in the game.

1) Energy Build - An avatar who has invested in mainly Energy


  • Can level the fastest in the game
  • Can get lots of monster drops early on
  • Can be good at Invading
  • On level up has lots of available Energy refilled
  • May have an easy time with the Hunter's and Engineer's Paths
  • Good at events like Meteor and Treasure Island
  • Can quickly finish all quests
  • Can easily mine essences for runes


  • Can run out of available quest skill points pretty quickly
  • Not very good…

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Barathor00 Barathor00 1 February 2020

2 years later... Everything is done!

Well, well, it's been around 2 years since I took over the task of updating the whole wiki and now I can proudly say, we did it.

There still are, of course, a number of old references, minor mistakes and other issues here and there, but most info has been verified, updated and completed. It has also been provided a common format; giving things a pattern helps reading and selecting info becomes much easier.

While other editors have focused on adding new things, as the rest of wiki content is mostly ok now, I will focus on format homogenization and avoiding duplicated content from now on. This doesn't mean I won't do other edits; you might see me updating monster loot thresholds or fixing minor things too.

As usual, any comments about our edits a…

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RaySchechter RaySchechter 21 January 2020

Phantom of Shadow loadouts

The Phantom of Shadow has a few requirements in order to obtain maximum damage:
* Divine: 1300
* Resistance: 500
* Elemental: -100

* Divine can reduce up to 40% of damage
* There is no information at this time on how much damage is reduced by the 500 Resistance
* There is no information at this time on how much bonus damage is possible from the -100 Elemental Resistances

1) Divine

In a previous blog post, I described how to obtain 1300 Divine:


Here is a summary of what you should have in order to achieve 1300 Divine:

Heart of Abomination
Armor of Redemption
Soul Greaves
Dragon Form Claw

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RaySchechter RaySchechter 29 November 2019

Thoughts on building Divine for the Phantom of Shadow

This blog will show you how to maximize your Divine power as efficiently as possible in order to tackle the Phantom of Shadow. If you do not know what the Divine system is, please check out these available Divine resources:

  • Lists of all available Divine Items
  • Strategy Guide: Tips_on_Building_Divine_Power
  • Strategy Guide: The_Gorgon_Path_Legendary_Equipment_And_Divine_Guide

Since the release of the Chaos Campaign in 2016, with gems that may have some Divine and the Phantoms (Phantom of Fire, Phantom of Lightning, and Phantom of Shadow), the Tips on Building Divine Power Strategy Guide is a bit out of date so I decided to look into what it would take for me to acquire enough Divine power to take on the monster with the most Divine armor, the Phan…

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RaySchechter RaySchechter 9 November 2019

Avatar versus Toon

I have been playing games for decades. A few years ago that one of my former guild mates was referring to their Castle Age Avatar as a Toon. I had never heard anyone call an Avatar a Toon before and at first I had no idea what they were talking about. When they told me, I asked them why they called it a Toon instead of an Avatar. I did not receive a good answer and at the time I thought they were just being an idiot. Now I see the term used all the time. 

What is an Avatar anyway?

The term Avatar was origionally used to describe a diety (god) in mortal form. Although a diety is supposedly imortal, their avatars are not. In the event that an avatar is disposed of, another avatar by the same diety can take its place. 

In the case of games, Avat…

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RaySchechter RaySchechter 28 October 2019

Thoughts on the Monkey King Promo

The Monkey King is arguably one of the best Generals in the game. His ability makes him useful in Guild Battles, Quests and as a Monster Hunting General.

There are currently two ways to obtain the Monkey King, the Monkey King Promo and as a pull from the Legendary General Chest, available as a prize on the Meteorite Event.

This blog post is going to only focus on the Monkey King Promo.

To get the Monkey King, you need to cumulatively buy 650 Favor Points (FPs) over the course of the promotion event. You can purchase 650 FPs from the Oracle for $90.00, which is the cheapest way. That's right - you can purchase 1 copy of the Monkey King for $90.00!

In additon, the Monkey King Promo includes a Promotion Orb when you reach 900 cumulative FPs over …

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RaySchechter RaySchechter 19 October 2019

The World Monster chat post

The World Monster appears twice a day and is the main place avatars can hunt for Refine crystals. The players within the top 1000 for damage each receive 2 Refine Crystals. One of the interesting things about this event is that I have never seen 1000 participants, which means that for minimal damage all participants receive at least 2 Refine Crystals. I personally have dropped 1 stamina hits.

And that is what I was doing when I saw this in the World Monster chat -

ca_temp_first wrote:
"How top players CHEAT and LEVEL UP NON-STOP ht tps://"

The link took me to a video showing me a time laps of a single avatar attacking many Mephistropheles. 
Each Mephistropheles was summoned by a different account. 
There are apparently 939 in…

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RaySchechter RaySchechter 11 October 2019

Thoughts on Health

1) Old school thoughts on health
2) Colosseum
  a) Thoughts on other Avatar's high health
  b) Thoughts on defense
  c) Thoughts on Vivian the Eternal
  d) Thoughts on the Health Rune vs the Damage Rune
  e) My strategy for the next Colosseum
3) As time goes on...

1) Old school thoughts on health

Early on in the game development, players debated on which stats to focus on and why. The two that stats that most players argued for were energy (more quests for SPs, faster leveling) and attack (glass cannons). I liked to use my avatar in Player versus Player (PvP) battles and so my avatar is what is known as a dinosaur build (high Attack and Defense, slow leveling, and Health < 300). 

Regarding PvP tournaments, to heal I just spend gold in the keep. Heal…

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RaySchechter RaySchechter 10 October 2019

Thoughts on increasing Stamina from 1700 to 2500

Goal: Add stamina from 1700 to 2500 so I can hunt Legendary equipment more efficently

1) Current thoughts on adding stamina
2) "Gorgon Path" Legendary equipment
3) Other Legendary equipment
a) Cost per Legendary drop
4) Level ups
5) Conclusion

1) Current thoughts on adding stamina

40 Levels => 100 Stam
800 Levels => 2000 Stam

2500 stamina - 1700 stamina = 800 stamina difference, approximately 8 x 40 = 320 levels
2 levels/week => 104 levels/year, approximately 3 years

My current damage without critical hits:
50 Stamina hit => 850,000 damage
300 Stamina (6 hits of 50 Stamina) => 5.1M
600 Stamina (12 hits of 50 Stamina) => 10.2M
550 Stamina/Day => 9,350,000 damage, ~9M/Day

Why 50 Stamina? It seems the best hit for aquiring drops

2) "Gorgon Path" Legendary equi…

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St0liae St0liae 6 October 2018

My goals on the CA Wiki

Hey everyone!

So here I want to talk briefly about what I'm doing on this Wiki.

Little intro - Click to display!

I've always used the wiki for as long as I've played Castle Age. And after a break from the game, when I came back, I realized there were some new features, but no info about it on the wiki at all! It was annoying to have to go through many forums threads & posts to find out relevant information.

So a few months back, I had some free time, and I thought why not giving back a bit to the community. I had never edited any wiki before so some pages or sections may not be up to the standards of this wiki, but I did my best, and I'm going back to them when I learn new stuff to edit them and format better.

The first thing I wanted to do was…

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Barathor00 Barathor00 9 December 2017

Goals and next edits

My goal is to edit all monsters and provide them with accurate and up to date info displayed following sharing the same pattern.

As you can see in my previous blog entry, there aren`t many monsters left pending for the task. They are:

- Serpents, all of them. - Dragons, all of them. - Battle of the Dark Legion. - War of the Red Plains. - Thanatos of Fire & Ice. - Phantoms of Lightning and Sahdow. - Chromus. - Kessaran, the Undying. - Poseidon, Atlantean King. - Alperon, the Corrupted. - Aspect of Death.

My next edit will focus on Kessaran, Poseidon, Alperon and Aspect of Death. Later on, I will move to Chromus, Phantoms... possibly leaving Serpents and Dragons for the last place, as their information is less useful compared to the other ones.…

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Barathor00 Barathor00 9 December 2017

Castle Age wiki edits: past & Future

Hi there, Castle Age players!

If you are reading this, you might have also read my wall, where I explain who I am and my plans for Castle Age Wiki (my pattern for editing monsters). Whenever I revamp and/or update a page, I say it in the forums (HERE ) and usually post a comment in the comments section.

I thought it could be useful if I gatherered a summary of those edits here, so anyone can easily see what has been done and what remains to be done:

UPDATED PAGES up to 12/Dec/2017:

Level 1-20: Emerald Dragon - Not yet Gildamesh, the Orc King:,_the_Orc_King - 2017/04/19 Colossus of Terra: - 2017/04/20 (continued Tenwit's work)

Level 21-40: Serpents & Drago…

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Sirquince1 Sirquince1 31 October 2017


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Krethca Krethca 30 October 2016

Barathor's updates

See this post for some of Barathor's suggestions for updates.

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Tenwit Tenwit 7 April 2015

Monster details templates now live

The three monster details templates are now live. If you're editing a monster page and it doesn't have the templates, please add it. Almost all the required information should be on the page already, though the gold medal information is on the Monster Medals page and the breakpoints are on the forum.

To use the templates, add the three templates in a row. , and . MonsterTargetAreaDetails should be repeated for multi-target monsters. If you're using the new visual editor then you are presented with a helpful dialog with all the fields; if you're using the source editor, then you can view the doc pages (currently in progress) to see the parameters.

Documentation for the MonsterDetails template

Documentation for the MonsterTargetAreaDetails tem…

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Okletgo Okletgo 27 January 2015



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Debbie mcgranahan Debbie mcgranahan 21 January 2015

castle age pvp

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Bunalz3 Bunalz3 23 July 2014

My Personal To-Do List

  • 1 Need hyperlinking:「1/3」
  • 2 Need cross-info:「1/9」
    • 2.1 ***URGENT***:
  • 3 Need formatting/edits:「1/5」
  • 4 Need to add (new and/or specific) data/info:「4/10」
  • 5 Big Question Mark:「1/4」
    • 5.1 A) Class levelling:
    • 5.2 B) Footmen (upgrade) fortification:

  • Add hyperlink to pictures where possible. (This will allow further flexibility for other text-hyperlinks)
  • Goblin Emporium: (Kobo) Items that are not hyperlinked yet (which are the non-tradable ones). Done.
  • Blacksmith's equipments comparison - Links to the corresponding page (with their respective pictures). --> Need to do the same with all other affected pages as well.

  • General Alliance: Level abilities & stats {individual generals}.
  • - Need searchable item texts (and hyperlinks) for…

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Walt.lane1 Walt.lane1 8 January 2014


hello all Castle Agers !

after some years with almost best friends i am proud to let u know 

the change of olde group LTFV ( Legenda True Friend Victory )

into the NEW SECRET CA LTFV is done.

here the link:

i also would love to see many of you will adopt my created picbadge

the link for the MEMBER of LTFV 

the link of the GREATEST SLAYER picbadge is reserved only for the

  M I R A C L E S  of CA *

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GoldMiner Castle Age GoldMiner Castle Age 16 November 2012

TEAM G4RCE-GoldMiner

  • 1 INTRO
    • 4.1 BD92EE

Hello Ther Stranger

I started a castle age guild about a month ago i need as many players as i can and it would be useful if you could help me by joining. If you want to join my army my Code is BD92EE. Im not advertising any guild here, all I wanted to do was tell you about TEAM G4RCE. We have a good community of officers and they are all active, i recommend contacting GoldMiner or Goliathsboy. I hope you can join us, anyone from any guilds is welcome.

Well, its easy. They way i remember this is because this name origionally came from the game Minecraft. When i became bored of the minecraft gameplay what i decided to do was to grief, i had quite a few succesful g…

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Teresa739 Teresa739 29 August 2012

Castle Age HD

Teres blog

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Mrrandylg Mrrandylg 31 October 2010


I don't seem to be able to edit Common.css Could you please add this line to experimental:
.questbox-bkgnd {background-image: url('

Thanks. ~~MrRandyLG (talk · contr) 06:41, October 31, 2010 (UTC)

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Amethystamy Amethystamy 25 September 2010

Lotus, Will you ever give up your Death Tourch?

I hope this is the right place for this. This is my first time here for this... I was just curous if anyone else has had the problem getting the Death Touch as I have. In the past many months I have killed 17 Lotus. And Done the Emporium daily only to receive 20 Onslaughts. Today by accident I summoned a Lotus I was told that if I had a high hit count that a better chance of a drop. I used favor pts and Did the Full Kill myself!.Was that what I did wrong? I did 9,011,098 dmg . No epic items dropped at all!! This is getting to be sad.. and a major frustration. Is there anyone else out there in the boat with me? Could Castle Age Drop the Gauntlet from a different place also that could assist? Thank you for listening :)

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Albear808 Albear808 21 August 2010

Add New Demi-Powers

They should add new demi powers new people that are mixed i.e. Ambrosia and Malekus adding new rewards. open to high level players and their blessing time be much higher due to the double stats i.e. how Azeron is 48 hour wait time. you know what i mean?lol

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Albear808 Albear808 21 August 2010

New Area Suggestion

You know how we have Atlantis we should have like Shangri La, Asgard, or Eden. something along the line of mystical places. or maybe contuing on the whole Atlantis thing adding a new monster and prizes. you know what i mean?lol

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Kyle Finch Kyle Finch 19 July 2010

Castle Age as a video game!!??

Hey just hear me out and give your ideas on the topic. What would you think of Castle Age being made into an actual video game? (minus the waiting for energy and such to recharge of course)

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Vandreren Vandreren 28 June 2010

Old image

Hi, searched through old pics, byt couldn't find the old image of Lione. The one where she is in a tower:) looking different (much better:) Also, a side question, in Goblin Emporium, I can't trade normal gifts, like earth shards and such, can't get help from ca forums from facebook. please help:)?

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Dragonlord9484 Dragonlord9484 28 May 2010


Kinda new here but am going to learn. So if you have any tips or tricks I am all ears,

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Marilyn Sowders Marilyn Sowders 28 May 2010

Which General Should I Use??

Does anyone have a list of recommended Generals to use for each Monster, Dragon, Battle? Both for Attack and Defense. Also, for the new Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon, which Genreals/Heroes are best for each class - Rogue, Warrior, etc.

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Xorblade Xorblade 22 March 2010

Master and Apprentice in Castle Age

I currently have 3 apprentices in Castle age. Unfortunately one of them is lvl 3 and decided they were not going to play. I cannot remove them from being my apprentice. I have deleted them as a contact from my account and they remain. Does anone know how to remedy this?

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