Call of Heroes


Call of Heroes is a promotional event which started on August 8, 2011 and ended on August 16, 2011.

The promotion involves trading Hero Potions (green 50 stamina potions) with friends and army members who have retired from the game in an effort to bring them back to play again. Players can send potions from the Call of Heroes banner at the Home page. Hero potions can be used to restore stamina for various game activities such as hitting monsters, battling other players and for opting in an Arena match. Players can also accumulate potions and use them in alchemy to obtain a special item and general.

If players send potions to still active players, they will receive a gift message but the game text will say: "You may have already accepted this gift. Please check your inventory to confirm." The potion count also doesn't increase in the player's promotion bar

Game Help

Beta Feature

Recruit your friends to join in battle with you and both of you will get Hero potions to help you in your adventures. Hero Potions can be used from the Keep Page to restore your stamina to help you battle monsters and duel other players!

You can also choose to save your Hero Potions to unlock rewards from the Alchemy Page!

Combine 5 Hero Potions to receive a powerful defensive armor!

Combine 10 Hero Potions to unlock the Forest Stalker, Kilgore!


Hero Potion
50 stam potion
  • Also called 50 stamina potion. Can be used to recover 50 stamina when consumed.
Strength of Oaks
Strength of Oaks
0 Attack 45 Defense
Obtain via Alchemy
  • Obtained by combining 5 Hero potions in Alchemy.
  • Gives +2 defense to Kilgore
15 Attack 13 Defense
+10 Max Stamina @ lvl 4
Obtain via Alchemy
  • Obtained by combining 10 Hero potions in Alchemy.


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