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So, Castle Age is having server issues. You've seen Celesta in her construction gear. Endless white pages and blue orbs are before you. What do you do?

Try signing up for Castle Age crusaders and play on Web3 Mirror . This corrects any facebook errors.

  • First of all, don't panic. It's also probably a good idea to not start any fires or to start rioting.
  • Be patient. Castle Age is run by people. Normal, everyday geeks, and not a faceless corporation with near limitless power and resources. They do their best, but sometimes diagnosing and solving issues can take time.
  • Do NOT spend or buy any favor points during this time! If they are having server issues, the server can do crazy things, and lose track of favor points. Don't risk it until things go back to normal.
  • Do NOT use any potions during this time for the reason above.
  • Do NOT collect monster rewards. There is a good chance you either won't get any reward, or the server will forget what you got, and not compensate you
  • Do NOT spend every minute checking to see if Castle Age is back. This will often prolong the problem. Check back once an hour.
  • If possible, don't attack monsters during this time, as you may lose stamina, but not have the damage get recorded on the monster.

Remember, Castle Age is a free game. The Developers don't owe you anything. In the past, they have extended the timers on monsters to compensate for lost time. They usually try to track down any missing favor points that got lost while there was trouble, but they can't guarantee you'll get them all back, or any of it back. Any more than that is really pushing it. While Castle Age is down, go outside, or curl up with a good book and wait it out.

Also or maybe this was a one time thing during a period of servers being down for two days and iffy for another three. refilled everyones staminia and energy to allow people to beat monster that were failing because of the bugs.

It happens every now and then. Should it happen again, these guidelines should still be followed. Vincent The Frugal 03:19, April 22, 2011 (UTC)