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Colosseum (also called Team Battle or 5v5) is a battle feature added in November 2018. It comes back periodically in the form of seasons.

By participating, you earn Honor Points that you can trade in for certain rewards.

The battle format is 5v5 and works similarly to 10v10 battles; however it is a lot more fast-paced as you have a lot more tokens at your disposal.

There are 2 battle time brackets each day: 10:00-13:00 PST & 20:00-23:00 PST.

You can access the Colosseum by clicking "Colosseum" (Facebook - web3) in the Battle tab.

There are 5 tabs on the Colosseum page:

  • Home, where you can register for battle.
  • Record, where you can see your current tier and your Battles history (last 10 matches).
  • Leaderboard, where you can see your current rank and the 50 top players.
  • Award, where you can see the end-of-season rewards.
  • Shop, where you can buy certain items with Honor Points and check your purchase history.

Currently there has been 2 Colosseum seasons.

In-game Information

【Time】10:00-13:00 & 20:00-23:00. During this time, you can join the battle multiple times. 

【Matchmaking】You can choose Single or Team to search for other players. We will arrange similar-tier opponents for you. Please wait.

【Battle】5v5 Battle is similar to 10v10. You have 20 tokens when you enter the battle and the amount restores by 10 every 2 minutes. The maximum time of each battle is 20 minutes.

【Reward】You will earn 1 star when you win, and lose 1 star when you fail. Also you will earn Honor Points after every battle.

【Season Reward】After the end of the season, players will earn reward based on their highest tier. The top 100 players will receive extra reward.

【Tier】Player starts from Bronze III. Tiers include: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Gladiator, from low to high.

【Honor Point】You can exchange Honor Points for rewards in Shop.

Bronze 150 90 3600
Silver 200 120 4800
Gold 250 150 6000
Platinum 300 180 7200
Diamond 350 210 8400
Gladiator 450 270 10800

Honor Points

  • Players are associated with an earned honor points and a weekly maximum honor points. Players can earn honor points up to the maximum.
  • The honor points earned for the week will are accumulated in the Store as they occur. The current value of the honor points towards the weekly maximum is reset to zero every Monday before the first session of the day so that additional honor points can be earned up to the weekly maximum honor points again. All earned honor points add to the value available in the store to spend.
  • The weekly maximum honor points is determined by the player rank. Player ranks composed of a number of sub-ranks, and sub-ranks are achieved via collection of stars. One star is won for each successful victory, and one star is lost for each battle loss. In order to raise the weekly maximum, sufficient victories are required to level up to that new rank. Please note that if you have already achieved the maximum weekly honor points and are continuing to play to raise your rank, you will get no additional points for battles until you have successfully achieved the next rank.
  • The weekly maximum honor points is determined by the highest achieved rank that week. If you are unable to retain a rank for the whole week, the highest rank achieved determines the weekly maximum honor points. You never lose accumulated points.
  • The weekly maximum honor points for a new week is determined by the rank active immediately prior to the start of the new week. (NEEDS CLEAR VERIFICATION - Some thought that weekly maximum simply starts at the value as the prior week. This may vary by rank).
  • Individual participation in a match doesn't matter for the rewards. Even if one player does everything and the other 4 do nothing, everyone in the squad will get the same amount of Honor Points and earn/lose a star.
  • Within a rank, and starting with 0 Honor Point, it takes 24 victories or 40 defeats (or 15 victories and 15 defeats) to reach the weekly Honor Points limit.

Starting the Battle

  1. When the event starts, you have 2 options to participate: Single or Team. "Single" will automatically find 4 teammates and 5 opponents and then start the match. "Team" will allow you to invite players from your army and require the team captain to Match the team to start the match.
  2. You don't actually have to play during battle, however this can raise the odds that the team will lose.
  3. Matches will last a maximum of 20 minutes or until one side or the other is killed.
  4. Once a player or team is "matching", there is no set time for the battle to start. After the battle starts there is a pop-up message indicating battle has started. This message may not appear until a few seconds (how long?) after the battle has started. You can also refresh the screen by hitting the Colosseum "HOME" button which will immediately bring you into battle if one is occurring.

Playing as a Single

  1. The single battle option is available at the start of the Colosseum event, and is available until the end of the colosseum event. if you are not matched by the end of the event you will not match and are put back into open status at the time of the next event.
  2. The help section in-game states: "We will arrange similar-tier opponents for you".
  3. The player rank, number of stars, and player level are always considered when assigning a player to a team. It appears that the player level may be a under/over 1000, that rank has to match, and that stars may need to be within a range that may be +/- 10 or 15 stars. For example, platinum 1 often does not rank with platinum 4 rankings, there is a break somewhere between them. Gladiator is especially bad as there is no limit to stars, and players will not rank into a singles match unless all of the other players are in a similar ranking.
  4. Currently it appears that most of the players joining as single are in the bronze / silver / gold / platinum tiers, and battles typically start quickly. The diamond tier is slower to start, and gladiator levels are very difficult to start as a single especially if your number of stars is high, as you can only match with players within that range of stars with you.
  5. Teams made up of individual singles are immediately disbanded after battle. This was a change implemented shortly after colosseum was started, and resolved issues related to team leaders not starting the next battle and individuals leaving the team which could not be replaced.

Playing as a Team

  1. You can click on "Team" up to 10 minutes before the Colosseum start time to start inviting players to form a squad.
  2. Only the team leader (whoever starts the team) can click the Match button
  3. The team has to have 5 members before you can click "Match". The Match button can be pressed anytime after the official start of the event up until the time at the end of the event. It is possible to match after the end of the event provided the match button was pressed during the event time slot, and provided there is another team to match to. If you are unmatched at the end of the event the team is disbanded with the next session of the event, or can be disbanded manually before then.
  4. The team leader can invite any number of players from their army to join. The first 4 players to join make the team. Anyone that has joined the team in turn can invite other players, again until the team has a total of five players at which point the team is full.
  5. Players invited to a team will receive the invitation (Group Invite!) in the "Allies" section on the Home page, where you also receive gifts and army invites (web3) or in the social section/messages on an IOS device.
  6. Team matches appear to be organized by the highest Rank (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, or Gladiator), by the highest number of stars (estimated +/- 15 stars), and by the highest player level (estimated 1000 and above/1000 and below). Depending on the mix of available opponents, teams may match quickly or not match at all over a particular colosseum session.
  7. After a match is over, another match can be started right away by the team leader.
  8. If the leader leaves the squad after battle, the entire squad is disbanded.
  9. Players may choose to leave the squad, but must do so before the match button is hit. Openings in the squad can be filled by inviting other players until a total of 5 players are on the team.
  10. The players on a team do not need to play, however the captain is needed to hit the match button for the next battle.

The Matching Process

  1. It appears that the matching process runs every minute, collecting the list of teams to match between the :00 and :01 second mark and matching them in the :02 through :09 second mark depending on the number of teams available, provide the team is in the queue to match before the :00 second mark.
  2. As a strategy if are very fast, and can kill your opponent in the roughly 50 seconds between the time you match and the :00 mark you will match again very fast in the next 10 seconds.
  3. If you can't kill your opponents within the timing minute, your next battle can take anywhere from 3 seconds to about a minute to match in normal circumstances.
  4. It does appear that teams match in a modified FIFO process provided the teams actually meet the matching criteria. If you are putting two teams in we have seen a high probability of a cross match with another 2 teams entering at roughly the same time, though this does not necessarily conflict with the FIFO theory.
  5. It is possible that there is a limit to how many can be matched in the 10 second window where it collects and matches teams, if there is such a limit then teams that don't get collected ini that period would wait another minute to match.
  6. It is also possible hat there is a team or a set of players that aren't really ready to match because the team of singles is not complete or some other reason that delay is not part of this point.
  7. If you are cross matching with a bigger team, consider not hitting the button until "after" they are matched, which is most likely between the 10-15 second mark. If they make the window of the last match you will be clear at that time since they cant


Colosseum honour bronzeColosseum honour silverColosseum honour goldColosseum honour platinumColosseum honour diamondColosseum honour gladiator

There are 6 ranks: Colosseum honour bronze Bronze, Colosseum honour silver Silver, Colosseum honour gold Gold, Colosseum honour platinum Platinum, Colosseum honour diamond Diamond and Colosseum honour gladiator Gladiator.

Everyone starts at Bronze III.

There are 3 tiers in Bronze and Silver ranks, 4 tiers in Gold, and 5 tiers in Platinum and Diamond.

The Gladiator rank has no tiers, and instead shows the total number of stars you have accumulated after you've reached the Gladiator rank. For instance: Gladiator Colosseum honour star on x 36
The amount of stars decreases if you lose matches, and increases if you win.

To move up a tier, you need to earn stars (1 star earned per match won).

In order to go up a tier, you need 3 stars in Bronze and Silver ranks, 4 stars in Gold, and 5 stars in Platinum and Diamond.

You also win more or less Honor Points when you win or lose a match depending on which rank you're currently at. Tiers within a rank have no influence on this.

It should be noted that it's possible to drop down a tier or even a rank.

  • In Bronze and Silver, it's not possible to drop down a tier, or even to lose a star. Only when reaching Gold IV you can then lose stars and even drop back to Silver I.
  • There are several star inconsistencies. You go from Silver I with 3 stars to Gold IV with 1 star (regular ranking behavior); however if you then directly lose a match, you'll remain in Gold IV with 0 stars. If you lose again the next match, you'll go back to Silver I with 2 stars only.

Rank Number of Tiers Cumulative amount of Tiers Stars to reach next Tier Stars to reach next Rank Cumulative amount of Stars
Colosseum honour bronze Bronze 3


3 3

Colosseum honour star onColosseum honour star onColosseum honour star on

9 9
Colosseum honour silver Silver 3


6 3

Colosseum honour star onColosseum honour star onColosseum honour star on

9 18
Colosseum honour gold Gold 4


10 4

Colosseum honour star onColosseum honour star onColosseum honour star onColosseum honour star on

16 34
Colosseum honour platinum Platinum 5**


15 5

Colosseum honour star onColosseum honour star onColosseum honour star onColosseum honour star onColosseum honour star on

25 59
Colosseum honour diamond Diamond 5**


20 5

Colosseum honour star onColosseum honour star onColosseum honour star onColosseum honour star onColosseum honour star on

25 84
Colosseum honour gladiator Gladiator 1 21 N/A N/A N/A

All ranks and tiers in ascending order:
Bronze III, Bronze II, Bronze I,
Silver III, Silver II, Silver I,
Gold IV, Gold III, Gold II, Gold I,
Platinum V**, Platinum IV, Platinum III, Platinum II, Platinum I,
Diamond V**, Diamond IV, Diamond III, Diamond II, Diamond I,

**There is currently a display bug on the web version of the game: Platinum V and Diamond V are displayed as Platinum VI and Diamond VI. You do however directly go to Platinum/Diamond IV when ranking up from Platinum/Diamond VI. Same when you drop from IV, you go to VI.


Colosseum I

Colosseum banner for ios

Colosseum Season 1 started on Nov. 20, 2018 and ended on May 13, 2019. It lasted 175 days (25 weeks).

Season 1 Shop

Pic. Name Honor coins Price (Honor Points)
Hero crystal Hero Crystal 500
Enhance crystal Enhance Crystal 500
Refine crystal Refine Crystal 500
Phantom Unbind Stone Unbind Stone 5,000
Skill Point Colosseum shop 5 Skill Points 5,000
TimeKeeper The Time Keeper 20,000

In the Colosseum Shop, an unlimited number of each item can be purchased as long as you have enough points.

Season 1 Season Rewards

There were no end-of-season rewards in Colosseum Season 1.

Season 1 Leaderboard

At the end of the season, the first player on the leaderboard was Gladiator with 793 stars, and the last player on it (rank 50) was Gladiator with 271 stars.

In this season, being on the leaderboard didn't bring any extra rewards as there were no end-of-season rewards.

Colosseum II

Colosseum s2 banner for ios

Colosseum Season 2 started on June 26, 2019 and ended on Sept. 24, 2019. It lasted 91 days (13 weeks).

Season 2 Shop

Pic. Name Honor coins Price (Honor Points)
Hero crystal Hero Crystal 500
Enhance crystal Enhance Crystal 500
Refine crystal Refine Crystal 500
Phantom Unbind Stone Unbind Stone 5,000
Skill Point Colosseum shop 5 Skill Points 5,000
TimeKeeper The Time Keeper 20,000
Warrior Spirit Medal Warrior Spirit Medal 80,000
Veteran Feat Medal Veteran Feat Medal 80,000
Guardian Shield Medal Guardian Shield Medal 80,000

In the Colosseum Shop, an unlimited number of each item can be purchased as long as you have enough points.

Colosseum Season 2 introduced a new type of Equipment: Medals.

Season 2 Season Rewards

With Colosseum Season 2 were introduced end-of-seasons rewards, which can be seen under the "Award" tab. These rewards are based on the highest rank you achieved during the season and are not cumulative. Players in the top 10, top 50 and top 100 at the end of the season also earn extra rewards.

Highest Rank Rewards
Colosseum honour gladiator
Honor coins Honor Points × 30000
Web hero trundle Trundle × 1
Flaming Greataxe Flaming Greataxe × 1
Savage Battle Armor Savage Battle Armor × 1
Primal Pendant Primal Pendant × 1
Colosseum honour diamond
Honor coins Honor Points × 25000
Flaming Greataxe Flaming Greataxe × 1
Savage Battle Armor Savage Battle Armor × 1
Primal Pendant Primal Pendant × 1
Colosseum honour platinum
Honor coins Honor Points × 20000
Savage Battle Armor Savage Battle Armor × 1
Primal Pendant Primal Pendant × 1
Colosseum honour gold
Honor coins Honor Points × 15000
Primal Pendant Primal Pendant × 1
Colosseum honour silver
Honor coins Honor Points × 10000
Colosseum honour bronze
Honor coins Honor Points × 5000
Extra Rewards
Top 1-10 Web hero trundle Trundle × 3
Top 11-50 Web hero trundle Trundle × 2
Top 51-100 Web hero trundle Trundle × 1

Season 2 Leaderboard

For two months, the maximum number of stars one could have in Gladiator was 999. It was probably the same during the first season, although no one reached it.

The reason was probably that the developers didn't think the players would reach those amounts of stars; however several players reached it in about 10 days, on July 6th.

On August 26, 2019, one month before the end of Colosseum II, the 999-star cap was increased to an unknown number (source).

At the end of the season, the top player of Colosseum had 6,486 stars. Actually, the first 6 players on the Leaderboard had 6,486 stars, so the rank 1 player was the one with the highest level (level is what is used to decide the rank among players with an equal number of stars).
The rank 10 player had 5,257 stars, and the rank 50 player had 2,330 stars.

At the end of the season, there were at least 1,903 players in the Gladiator rank (someone was rank 1,903 at Gladiator 1 star).

There was an easy way to "abuse" the matchmaking system in order to reach the Gladiator rank and earn stars extremely quickly, which many players used, and which explains how many players earned thousands of stars. It was involving the "Team" option. On the other hand, playing as "Single" in the Diamond and Gladiator ranks was very difficult, as finding a match could take up to several hours, and could sometimes result in searching for a match for entire 3-hour sessions without finding one.


When a Colosseum season ends, the World Monster comes back. When a new season starts, it goes away for the duration of the season.


  • It's hard to use tokens. There is a huge amount of tripping and jumping. You may hit and not see your opponent go up in health, you may see guards pop on and off and on and off, and your whole team may even die and come back to life. The responses from some hits take longer to arrive than the response from the next hit so you are seeing an old state as you hit, so be careful to hit the players that need to die and not "kill again" dead players. All toons that are attacking in attack load outs are vulnerable to much weaker opponents.
  • It's possible to use all of your tokens and have a minute or more until you get 10 more.
  • MASHING - Clicks sort of stack. If you "Mash" the button by hitting it multiple times in a row, then each hit will eventually be processed, visible as the screen jumping around. Many of those mashes have no effect as they are resolved as "too fast" for the servers and tossed, but several can go through quickly or on a delayed basis, much faster than if you wait for each hit to come back in turn.
  • Mashing the button makes it very hard to change targets or change actions because the system will need to catch up on your past actions. Not mashing will slow you down significantly.
  • Using abilities can be very effective but are often subject to a lower percentage of occurring when Mashed (vs straight Mash hitting)
  • Its far easier to hit the top targets than the bottom targets because of all the jumping
  • Confuse is very powerful in 10x10 because of limited tokens. In 5x5 there are a lot more tokens so it's possible to hit out of confuse pretty quickly, but it still can take the time needed to get those 5 tokens out.
  • As in 10v10 battles, Confuse is powerful (however in Colosseum you have a lot more tokens available so you can more easily hit through it). As a result, Mages should be killed first, and Clerics second.
  • It can be very difficult to match as a single if you are very highly ranked as matching requires other participants in the same rank/star range/level as you are. This is true for teams as well, however, highly ranked individuals have found that they can form teams and have a much higher probability of finding a match.


  • Killing everything as fast as possible with the "MASH" technique can often be enough
  • Mashing Confuse is the key to slowing down the large toons that hit for big damage. Constant confuse maybe the only thing that keeps your squad alive.
  • All of the normal battle strategies are effective, in some ways with the modification that mashing introduces a lag which means it can be very hard to target one use spell. The spells that fall victim to mashing include such things as dispel, intimidate, Poly & confuse (unless they are also mashed) and other similar spells. In turn this makes their opposites stronger, e.g. Sunder, Confuse, Enrage, Divine Favor, etc..
  • Mashing of two token spells will result in your running out of tokens faster, with as mochas a minute more waiting for more tokens. However you can mash two token spells for the obvious benefits, including Divine Favor, Enrage Mass Heal, Beserk, and anything else that may be of value.
  • While waiting for tokens do not forget to go to defense load out.
  • Toons on the bottom will stay alive longer usually because its harder to scroll down. Conversely toons at the top of the screen are the easiest to hit.
  • Set yourself up to stay alive - with Hrothbert/Vampire healing, evade, and damage returning generals, and fighting from a hybrid defensive load out.
  • If using a browser, make your screen smaller so you can see more at one time to allow you to hit the right button without scrolling
  • A Multi-mash option is where you hit two or three toons continuously and in turn. The hits will distribute in some pattern to all three toons and can be of value vs a single toon Mash.
  • For those just looking for points you can put your toon in and do other activities until its over, repeating this during a session. It's easier than battling, and while you may get less points, and may lose some stars, you do get points.
  • Two evenly matched teams can be set up to apply to match at similar times which should allow them to play vs each other. This allows both teams to play where otherwise they may not match.
  • It makes sense to join a team group chat to provide a pool of players to allow team formation.

Campaign tasks and Colosseum

All Guild Battle related Campaign tasks can be achieved through the Colosseum (except earning Guild Coins):

The Colosseum is a very effective way of completing these tasks.

Known issues and bugs

  • When there is significant server stress, actions or even battles will roll back.
  • When a battle rolls back, it may count in the results multiple times, even as both an initial win and a subsequent loss. or two.. or three..
  • When actions roll back you can see individuals that may be dead come back to full health, opponents that seemingly randomly go to full health and no health, or even opposites, when opponent 1 of 5 is dead and opponent 2 of 5 is full health switch to Opponent A at full health and Opponent 2 of 5 dead.
  • The match history sort sequence under the "Record" tab is messed up. Old matches show up, matches aren't in chronological order...
  • Sometimes even though you're in a match, when you try to attack you get this error message: "Your team is currently not taking part in a battle!" and you can't do anything until the match is over.
  • Some matches immediately are acted upon and you lose vs no opponent. You earn loss points but there is no opponent that you have played.
  • Sometimes matches end abruptly, all the toons are tossed out of the match and you are back on the strap screen. Points are not awarded and the match is not registered in the match history.


  • The battle times are PST. They usually correspond to UTC-8 in winter and UTC-7 is summer.
  • Not a single aspect of the Colosseum requires the use of FP.


  • The Colosseum was first announced on Oct. 31, 2018 through a News Headling in-game: World Monster Suspension Notice - The World Monster event will be suspended indefinitely as of Nov 1st 2018. The brand new Team Battle feature is coming soon.
    • Colosseum was first called Team Battle, and 3 weeks before its release, the World Monster was suspended.
  • The Colosseum was first unveiled on Nov. 20, 2018. It was announced as being in beta. The first Colosseum battle happened the same day at 10 a.m. PST.
  • At first, the Colosseum looked like a permanent or at least semi-permanent feature, as it was presented on the Home page in the same way as the World Monster. However in May 2019 it was anounced that Colosseum "Season 1" would end and that there would be a new season in the future.
  • With Colosseum Season 2, Season Rewards were introduced and a new " Award" tab was added, as well as a 【Season Reward】 line in the in-game information.
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