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+X Bonus damage dealt with each victory
(+50 damage max)!
Rune Bonus
Additional Bonus: +(X/2)% of user's Damage Rune
Icon: Confidence Icon
Class: Warrior


Level Effect Obtained From
I Bonus damage for each victory: +10 + 5% of damage rune
-(10 + 5% of Damage Rune) bonus damage for each defeat.
Guild Shop

Bonus damage explanation[]

The table below shows you how much bonus damage you get from 1 stack of Confidence depending on your Damage Rune level. It doesn't take into account the flat bonus damage from Confidence, just the +Y% of Damage Rune.

For instance, if you have a level 101 Damage Rune (+400 dmg - the table below if off by one level), 1 stack of Confidence will give you +20 bonus damage just from the Rune bonus. In addition, you get +10 flat damage, for a total of +30 damage from 1 stack of Confidence.

With this level 101 Rune, after 5 victories in a Guild Battle and thus having 5 stacks of Confidence (maximum without Meekah), Confidence would deal +150 bonus damage (100 being from the Rune bonus).

Bonus damage from Rune
(from 1 stack of Confidence)
Damage Rune level Rune damage
1 5 20
2 10 40
3 15 60
4 20 80
5 25 100
6 30 120
7 35 140
8 40 160
9 45 180
10 50 200
11 55 220
12 60 240
13 65 260
14 70 280
15 75 300
16 80 320
17 85 340
18 90 360
19 95 380
20 100 400
21 105 420
22 110 440
23 115 460
24 120 480
25 125 500
26 130 520
27 135 540
28 140 560
29 145 580
30 150 600
31 155 620
32 160 640
33 165 660
34 170 680
35 175 700
36 180 720
37 185 740
38 190 760
39 195 780
40 200 800
41 205 820
42 210 840
43 215 860
44 220 880
45 225 900
46 230 920
47 235 940
48 240 960
49 245 980
50 250 1000

Note: This table is off by one Rune level and needs to be fixed (for instance, a level 100 Rune gives +396 damage, not +400).


  • For each duel victory by the warrior, either offensively or defensively, a bonus damage of +10 is gained until the cap is reached (default is 50). In turn, the damage bonus decreases by the same amount for every defeat until there is no more bonus damage.
    • Defeat is not limited to duel defeats; buffs and debuffs will also decrease the Confidence bonus (see below).
  • Confidence interacts with other abilities as follows:
    • Confidence bonus damage cannot be evaded.
    • Debuffs cast on the warrior count as a defeat:
    • Positive buffs cast on the warrior count as a defeat:
      • Warrior Sentinel
      • Mage Illusion
      • Cleric Heal, Cleanse, Fortitude, and Revive (upon casting)
        • TESTING as of 10/2018 has shown that Heal, Cleanse, and Revive DO NOT have any effect on confidence. Confidence is not reduced by those positive actions.
    • Getting hit by a splash (Mage gate burn, Cleric gate heal, or Warrior Whirlwind cleave) does not affect Confidence.
    • When a warrior with both Confidence and Guardian equipped casts Guardian on an ally, he gains +10 damage for the victory.
  • Although Confidence still applies even when stunned, the bonus damage will only be inflicted upon victory.[citation needed]

General Boost[]

General Comment
Deianira Deianira Deianira gives a damage boost of +20 to the main target. Deianira's confidence also has to be built up to +50. Meekah's total confidence bonus damage will be +90 (at Level 4) where Deianira's is +70 (at Level 4, including her original damage bonus). Although her damage is lower than Meekah's on the top end, her starting damage and sustained damage puts her at an equal playing field with Meekah. Meekah will overall do more damage IF an outcome of mostly victories is achieved. In a normal battle situation, Deianira is a great general to keep equipped during the duration of the battle due to her offensive And Defensive damage totals. Meekah does not provide any defensive bonus damage like Deianira. You can also use Deianira as a starting General to build up confidence to +50, then equip Meekah to gain more confidence. This is also a great way to increase your sustained and overall damage to your opponent.
Gabrielle Gabrielle Gabrielle at Level 4 gives a damage boost of +20, or +30 when allied with Deianira. By giving that extra boost of +30 damage to the enemy Gabrielle is an excellent General to use either alone or at the beginning of the battle until confidence is at +50. Meekah should then be equipped unless confidence drops below 50 again. If Gabrielle is equipped first, then Meekah takes over at +50 confidence and all victories occur, the damage rate increases tremendously throughout the battle and to each individual target. There are many ways you can use these Generals with confidence and finding your best set up is key to providing the best solution for you and your team.
Meekah Meekah Meekah raises the damage cap of Confidence by up to 140 (at hero level 80) for a total of 190 bonus damage excluding the +% of the damage rune bonus. 19 victories must be achieved to reach that cap, either offensive or defensive. Because of this Meekah is a must for any Warrior with Confidence and should be the mainstay general for the remainder of the battle once a bonus damage of greater than 50 is reached.

Removing Meekah and hitting be hitted or buffed/debuffed* while another general which does not have Meekah at its alliance is loaded while having reached a Confidence of more than 50, regardless the duel outcome it will drop down to the default cap of 50 after the next hit (the first hit will maintain previous Confidence values).


Special Inclusion[]

  • None


  • Use Confidence and Meekah combo to raise up the bonus damage to your max cap. You can use other damage boosting generals like Gabrielle, Deianira or Ameron to get it to 50, then switch to Meekah to get to your raised cap as long as all Victories have occurred. Add Whirlwind and you are then able to damage 3 people instead of just 1. Further increase damage by using skills like Poison (on the main target) and Leadership to really bring out the full offensive potential of the Warrior class.
  • Try to coordinate with your team and only apply positive buffs when needed. Otherwise, the warrior's damage potential will be held back by his/her own allies.
  • Do not forget that Daphne is also an excellent defensive general whose ability to reduce damage may just as well surpass the need for higher damage output. By using her you will automatically lose Meekah's bonus so if you ever plan on using her, do NOT buy Meekah. The combo of Deianira/Gabrielle for attack and Daphne for defense is perhaps even more efficient anyway.
  • With the introduction of damage rune bonus to this skill as well as the raising of hero level cap to 50, Meekah's usefulness really outshines the other heroes at the top end of the scale. For example at just +50 bonus from Meekah to the Confidence damage cap, total effective bonus damage becomes (+50 +50 + (50+50)/2% damage rune) = +100 +50% damage rune!


  • Confidence is a must for any Warrior. Having bonus damage that still applies even when stunned is simply outstanding. Recommended to be bought after Whirlwind, if not before.


  • The picture in the ability is the latest art of the soldier Valerian Knight.