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Celesta's Slots is a slots-type game of chance. You receive one roll per day.

It is only available on the iOS app.

As of 3/2017, Daily Spin is now available in FB and web3/4 versions of CA in the Battle News area.


List of possible prizes[]

Prizes were updated on 8 March, 2017. Old prizes had mostly items of very little value anymore, with update bringing in lots of valuable prizes.

Chest images have been changed earlier. Gold and Epic chests are still easy to recognize, but former Bronze and Silver chests are now both silvery, just one is dim while other is bright.

Also, it doesn't seem to matter whether you get two or three of the same chest. Rewards depend only on whether you get at least two of a chest, and then which chest it is.

Spin Possible Rewards
  • Iosdung icon gold 1,000,000 Gold
Chest brown Chest brown <ANY>
Chest brown Chest brown Chest brown
  • Gem shard common 15x Common Chaos Shard
  • Stamina Potion new Stamina Potion
  • Energy Potion new Energy Potion
Chest bronze Chest bronze <ANY>
Chest bronze Chest bronze Chest bronze
  • Guild battle icon coins 20 Guild Coin
  • Gem shard common 30x Common Chaos Shard
Chest gold Chest gold <ANY>
Chest gold Chest gold Chest gold
  • Gem shard rare 30x Rare Chaos Shard
  • Aggressive Hero Potion red Aggressive Hero Potion
  • Balanced Hero Potion blue Balanced Hero Potion
  • Defensive Hero Potion green Defensive Hero Potion
Chest blue Chest blue <ANY>
Chest blue Chest blue Chest blue
  • Guild battle icon coins 100 Guild Coin
  • Full Stamina Potion Full Stamina Potion
  • Full Energy Potion Full Energy Potion


Web3/4 and Facebook daily spins do not roll chests, they just provide a reward. These are the available rewards from the Web3/4 and Facebook results (5500 trials).

  • 15% 30x Common Chaos Shard
  • 15% 20x Guild Coin
  • 14% 15x Common Chaos Shard
  • 13.0% 10 Energy Potion
  • 13% 10 Stamina Potion
  • 06% 100x Guild Coin
  • 06% Full Stamina Potion
  • 06% Full Energy Potion
  • 06% Gold x 1,000,000
  • 01% Defensive Hero Potion
  • 01% Aggressive Hero Potion
  • 01% Balanced Hero Potion
  • 0.8% 30x Rare Chaos Shard
  • 00.1% Gold x 250,000
  • 00.1% Gold x 100,000