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Ambrosia sym
Malekus sym
Corvintheus sym
Aurora sym
Azeron sym

A demi-point is a point of influence with one of the Demi-Powers as represented by their particular symbol. Various activities in Castle Age will gain you demi-points from Demi-Quests, to battle (PvP), to fighting monsters. As you gain points, you will gain rewards from the respective Demi-Power.

The easiest way to earn demi-points is to pray to the Demi-gods.

You can earn a maximum of 10 demi-points of each type every day from Battle.

Demi-Quests have a defined drop pattern.

There is no limit on the number of demi-points you can get from monsters, however consider:

  • Attacking Monsters will drop Ambrosia, Malekus or Azeron demi-points,
  • Using defensive actions (Healing etc.) on Monsters will drop Corvintheus and Aurora points,
  • Collecting on Monsters can drop any demi-points.

This can be useful to complete certain Chaos Campaign tasks. You can use 1-stamina hits on Monsters which allow it, or 10 Energy Heal/Fortify to farm demi-points (by summoning a Skaar or Genesis for instance). However it will require a lot of resources to earn large amounts of demi-points this way.

Certain generals, such as Morrigan, Valiant and Angelica, can increase the number of demi-points received when hitting, healing or collecting Monsters.
You can also gain additional demi-points from Battle by using them when attacking other players if you have not reached your daily limit yet.