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Button dispel magic

Dispelling is a type of defense during a battle or against a monster that damages a shield and depends on the Stat defense Defense stat of the defender plus any bonuses from heroes, soldiers, weapons, armor, or magic.

Unlike Attacking, dispelling does not get any bonuses from the defender's Elite Guard and cannot get a CRITICAL effect.

New button styles[]

Button arrow left Button cost energy 10 Button cost energy 20  
Button small dispel Button small dispel
  Button cost energy 40 Button cost energy 100 Button arrow right
Button small dispel Button small dispel

In early May 2010, the button style for the regular 10x energy cost Dispel to certain newer bosses (Skaar and Ragnarok). Presumably nothing else has changed.

In mid May 2010, even more buttons for 20x, 40x, 100x energy cost Dispels were added (100x for those with energies of 1000 or more), so now you have to scroll left and right to see them all.

Dispel via Link[]

From New Link Discovered section of News Archive/5 12 10.


SUMMONER_ID is the Facebook IF of the monster summoner, not your own.
attack_key=X determines what kind of dispel you will do against a monster. If you change X to a specific number, you change the kind of attack that you do.

For Skaar and Ragnarok:

  • Using attack_key=2 will give a 10 energy fortify/dispel.
  • Using attack_key=4 will give a 10 energy fortify/dispel.
  • Using attack_key=6 will give a 20 energy fortify/dispel.
  • Using attack_key=8 will give a 40 energy fortify/dispel.
  • Using attack_key=10 will give a 100 energy fortify/dispel.

A Word of Caution[]

If you are looking for monsters to attack on the forums, be very careful about which links you click on. Some people have been doing a nasty thing where instead of posting their siege assist link, they instead post an dispel link (like the ones mentioned above). This means that instead of spending 1 stamina to help build a siege weapon, you may instead spend 40 or 100 energy dispelling a shield. A siege assist link will not have an attack_key=X and the action= will be doObjective.

It is considered to be bad form to make people unwittingly spend this much energy on a monster.

It is considered to be good form to chain people who practice getting people to click on a 40 or 100 energy dispelling link, trying to pass it off as an siege assist link.

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