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Dragon's Lair Treasure Hunt is a time-limited event whose first occurrence took place in November 2023 and lasted 7 days (from November 15 to November 21)

This event is kind of "snakes and ladders" game in which roll a die to advance and get rewards from the square you fall into. Whenever you reach the starting square the game begins again with a new distribution of prizes. One of the prizes are gems (Glimmerstones); the amount of Glimmerstones earned positions the player on a daily ranking which also has certain prizes.

In-game Information[]

Here is the info displayed in game:

HOW TO PLAY (2023)

【Event Overview】
Participate in monster and conquest battles to collect dice. Roll the die on the Dragon Lair map to advance a certain number of steps. Reach certain map squares to collect rewards and rare GLIMMERSTONES . Collect the specified number of GLIMMERSTONES to claim abundant resources, legendary chests, and new heroes!
【Kid's power】 (editor's note: this is a general awarded in the event)
On each attack, the effects of pet LINK 1-3 are randomly increased by x% *random(1-6). In the Dragon Lair Treasure Hunt, the drop rate of the dice increases by y%. When Rolling Dice below 6, there is a z% chance of an additional +1. (This hero cannot be boosted by Layla.)
【Dragon Lair Map】
1. Moving:
Using Wooden Dice/Golden Dice allows you to roll the die and obtain points to advance. The points represent the steps you can move on the map. When you first enter the event, you will be at the "rest" map square.
2. Map Squares:
When you reach certain squares, special map events will be triggered. Map events can grant you special rewards or perform specific actions.
3. Map Squares Events:
- Treasure Map Square - Reward Event: When you stop on this square, you can receive additional item rewards.
- "Start" Map Square - Reset Event: When you pass through this square, your movement will be forced to stop here, and you can earn 2 extra stars. You will leave this square to enter the next lap, all squares will reset. The squares will be randomly reshuffled.
- Forked Road Map Square - Change Direction Event: When you stop on this square, it will change your direction and lead you to a fork in the road.
- "3 Steps Forward" Map Square - Advance Event: When you stop on this square, you can advance an additional 3 squares, and you will receive all the reward items on these 3 squares.
- "GLIMMERSTONES" Square - Gem Reward Event: When you stay in this square, you can receive extra GLIMMERSTONES.
4. Map Rounds:
Every time you complete a lap (pass through a "rest" map square), the map round number increase by 1. When you reach 800 rounds, you can not continue exploring further in this event!
1. Dice Roll:
- SINGLE DIE: Roll 1 Wooden Die at a time, with the die points randomly ranging from 1 to 6.
- 5x DICE: Roll 5 Wooden Die at a time, with each die's points randomly ranging from 1 to 6. Each movement triggers events/rewards that are settled separately(dice points DO NOT add together and count as one).
- GOLDEN DICE: Roll 1 Golden Die at a time. You can freely select the points from 1 to 6 for the current roll using this die.
2. Wooden Dice Acquisition:
- Chance to drop when consuming stamina: The more dice you acquire by this, the lower drop probability you'll get.
3. Golden Dice Acquisition:
- Purchase with FP: 8 FP each
- Dice tasks.
- Daily rankings
【Daily Ranking】
1. The system will automatically match you with 5 players of similar levels or stats daily to compete for rankings.
2. The more gems you collect in a single day, the higher your ranking.
3. Rewards will be automatically distributed at 00:00 daily. Log in to collect. And they can not be collected after the event ends.
4. You must collect at least one gem to enter the leaderboard.
5.The Daily Ranking will be closed on the last day of the event.
【GLIMMERSTONES Collection Reward】
You can claim corresponding rewards based on the amount of GLIMMERSTONES you collected during this event, and the rewards will be automatically distributed. 【After the Event】
1. You can no longer obtain or use dice after the event ends.
2. You can not claim dice task rewards after the event ends.
3. When the next dice event starts, all player dice counts, map circles, map positions, task completions, Shimmering Stones collected, rewards, daily rankings will be reset.


Wood dice: this is the regular die you use to roll and advance a random number of squares (from 1 to 6). You can roll 1 at the time of 5 for faster play.
Gold dice: this is a special die where you chose a result from 1 to 6 instead of it being random.
Obtaining dice:

  • Wood dice: spending stamina or spending Conquest tokens (10% chance). Besides, players get one of these every hour.
  • Gold dice: completing in-event tasks, purchasing the promo associated with the event or purchasing them individually (8 FP/each)
    • Tasks: when your accumulated amount of rolls reaches 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 80, 110, 140, 170, 200 and 250 you get 5x Gold dice.

Prizes related to the number of Glimmerstones collected[]

When your amount of Glimmerstones reaches certain milestones, you will be awarded a prize:

Amount Prize
Lair hunt gemx5 Potion bluex8, Potion redx8, Potion greenx8
Lair hunt gemx15 Free Chest Rollx2
Lair hunt gemx30 Full Stamina Potionx6
Lair hunt gemx55 Crystalredx8, Crystalbluex8, Crystalgreenx8
Lair hunt gemx70 Hero crystalx10
Lair hunt gemx85 Enhance crystalx10
Lair hunt gemx100 Smelting crystal transparentx25
Lair hunt gemx150 Pet wood dragon egg iconx1
Lair hunt gemx175 Pet large upgrade crystal iconx20
Lair hunt gemx200 Pet fire crystal iconx50, Pet water crystal iconx50, Pet wind crystal iconx40, Pet earth crystal iconx35
Lair hunt gemx300 Hero kidx1
Lair hunt gemx325 Crystalredx10, Crystalbluex10, Crystalgreenx10
Lair hunt gemx375 Potion greenx12, Potion redx12, Potion bluex12
Lair hunt gemx500 Legendary General Chestx1
Lair hunt gemx535 More to be updated soon
Lair hunt gemx610 More to be updated soon
Lair hunt gemx760 More to be updated soon
Lair hunt gemx795 More to be updated soon
Lair hunt gemx870 More to be updated soon
Lair hunt gemx1020 More to be updated soon
Lair hunt gemx1055 More to be updated soon
Lair hunt gemx1130 More to be updated soon
Lair hunt gemx1280 More to be updated soon
Lair hunt gemx1315 More to be updated soon
Lair hunt gemx1390 More to be updated soon
Lair hunt gemx1540 More to be updated soon

Prizes available in squares[]

Whenever you roll a dice and advance to a square, you are awarded the prize shown on that square. These are the possible prizes (almost every consumable in the game):

PIC ITEM & Amount
Crystalblue 1x or 3x Balanced General Crystal
Crystalred 1x or 3x Aggressive General Crystal
Crystalgreen 1x or 3x Defensive General Crystal
Hero crystal 2x Hero Crystal
Potion blue 1x Balanced General Potion
Potion red 1x Aggressive General Potion
Potion green 1x Defensive General Potion
Refine crystal 1x Refine Crystal
Enhance crystal 1x Enhance Crystal
Mine crystal chest icon 1x Mine Crystal Chest
Pet small upgrade crystal icon 5x Pet Small Upgrade Crystal
Pet medium upgrade crystal icon 5x Pet Medium Upgrade Crystal
Pet large upgrade crystal icon 1x or 5x Pet Large Upgrade Crystal
Pet water crystal icon 5x Pet Water Crystal
Pet fire crystal icon 5x Pet Fire Crystal
Pet earth crystal icon 5x Pet Earth Crystal
Pet wind crystal icon 5x Pet Wind Crystal
Gem shard common 50x Common Chaos Gem Shards
Gem shard rare 50x Rare Chaos Gem Shards
Gem shard epic 50x Epic Chaos Gem Shards
New stamina 1 1x 500 Stamina Potion
Smelting crystal transparent 1x Smelting Crystal
Super smelting crystal transparent 1x Rare Smelting Crystal
Lair hunt gem 1x Glimmerstone
Phantom Unbind Stone 1x Unbind Stone
Pet genric fragment icon 5x Universal Soul Shard

Prizes based on daily ranking[]

1st: Gold dicex15
2nd: Gold dicex10
3rd: Gold dicex9
4th: Gold dicex8
5th: Gold dicex7




  • You can check all occurrences of this Event on this article: Events Rotation
  • 800th Lap cannot be rolled.