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Duel Champion is an event under the Castle Age Festival where players test their PvP prowess by battling other players via Duel. Players are given a choice to opt in to the event before they will be entered as a participant similar to how it is done in Arena events.

Similar to a regular battle duel, players pit their personal attack and defense stats boosted by their equipped general and best equipment against their chosen opponent. The person with the highest stat will win the duel and gain Champion Points (named as regular Battle points in the reward page and Duel Points in the main page) depending on their rank in comparison to their opponents. Exp and Gold are also gained although gold won is capped at 100,000 regardless of your Elite Guard status.

It takes 1 stamina to initiate a duel and health is lost similar to how it is in normal battle. Players can also gain points defensively if they won a duel challenge initiated by other players against them. Players can fight their own army and guild members.

As players accumulate points they can earn titles and prizes that correspond to said titles.


Rally Your Followers to Your Aid!

When you gain a strong following in the Festival Duel Competition, your devoted followers begin to rally the crowd in your favor, giving you special incremental bonuses during Festival Duels.

Follower Count:

  • 1 - +1 Attack
  • 5 - +1 Defense
  • 10 - +1 Attack
  • 15 - +1 Defense
  • 20 - +2 Attack
  • 30 - +2 Defense
  • 40 - +3 Attack
  • 50 - +3 Attack
  • 60 - +3 Defense
  • 70 - +4 Attack
  • 80 - +3 Defense
  • 90 - +4 Defense
  • 100 - +1 Duel Battle Point on Offensive Victory (only works when earning at least 1 point in the battle)

You can get followers by clicking the Invite Followers button and selecting friends to send a request similar to gifting. If they accept the request, they will be added to your followers. The addition is not mutual as you will not be added to their followers list and they must send you a request if they want to add you to theirs

Rank and Point System[citation needed][]

The higher the rank of your opponent, the higher the points you earn by winning.

Victory Defeat
Enemy Rank Champion Points Earned Champion Points Lost
X - 5 and lower 0 8 and up
X - 4 1 7
X - 3 3 6
X - 2 6 5
X - 1 8 4
X 10 4
X + 1 12 3
X + 2 13 3
X + 3 15 2
X + 4 16 1
X + 5 17 0
X + 6 18 0
X + 7 19 0
X + 8 and above 20 0

While you can lose points and drop down a rank or two, you can never be knocked down from a tier. If you had won enough battle points to become a Brigand, you can never be ranked down to Savage again as your points are locked at 6,000 even if you keep losing duels.

Ranks and Rewards[]

Title Points Reward
Rank1 Initiate 500 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank2 Vandal 1,500 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank3 Savage 3,000 Savage Smash Savage Smash
Rank4 Brigand 6,000 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank5 Enforcer 12,000 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank6 Fighter 20,000 Fighter Glaive Fighter Gauntlet
Rank7 Protector 40,000 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank8 Defender 75,000 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank9 Guardian 100,000 Guardian Amulet Guardian Amulet
Rank10 Slaughterer 150,000 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank11 Killer 200,000 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank12 Slayer 250,000 Slayer Helm Slayer Helm
Rank13 Avenger 300,000 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank14 Rechoner 350,000 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank15 Eradicator 500,000 Eradicator Hammer Eradicator Hammer
Rank16 Champion 650,000 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank17 Archon 800,000 Skill point Skill points (+5)
Rank18 Master 1,000,000 Kraxus Kraxus

Special Rewards[]

Unlike normal battle rewards, the rewards for the highest rank of every tier can only be obtained once. You cannot have multiple copies of them. After a long period of inactivity you can have your points reset to 0 and it is possible to get multiple copies of this gear. 

Savage Smash
Savage Smash
16 Attack 16 Defense
Rank 3: Savage
Fighter Gauntlet
Fighter Gauntlet
12 Attack 11 Defense
Rank 6: Fighter
Guardian Amulet
Guardian Amulet
32 Attack 28 Defense
Rank 9: Guardian
Slayer Helm
Slayer Helm
38 Attack 32 Defense
Rank 12: Slayer
Eradicator Hammer
Eradicator Hammer
40 Attack 30 Defense
Rank 15: Eradicator
24 Attack 21 Defense
+50 Physical Pierce, -12 Earth Resistance, -12 Wind Resistance @ lvl 4
Rank 18: Master


  • Introduced June 21, 2011
  • Fighter Glaive is called Fighter Gauntlet when the item is awarded to the player. Probably due to players correcting the developers about the term glaive referring to a weapon and not a glove.
  • Eradicator Hammer and Slayer Helm seems to be associated to Castle Age: Heart of Darkness Guardian Aroldir. He also seems to be wearing a spiked shoulder guard that similar to Kraxus'.