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Passive ability allows chance to receive no damage.
Rune Bonus
Class: Rogue


Level Effect Obtained From
I 20% Chance To Evade Guild Shop
II 25% Chance to Evade Guild Shop
III 30% Chance to Evade Guild Shop

* Percentage is an estimate based on loose tests by players. The game does not display the actual chance value.


  • Evade can trigger by directly attacking or being attacked. If it triggers, the evading Rogue will reduce the opponent's base damage to 0. If there are no other bonus damages in play, the evading rogue will not take damage from the duel. Evade can trigger regardless of duel victory or defeat.
  • Evade can prevent the following damages:
    • Normal base damage.
    • Bonus damage from a Damage rune, as it is considered base damage.
    • Deshara's bonus damage.
    • Tyxeros's randomized damage, since the chaos general shuffles base damage value.
    • Deflected Damage from Daphne or Persephone.
    • Bonus damage from the Backstab power.
    • Warrior Whirlwind damage when the Rogue is the target. And if evaded, the adjacent targets are also not damaged.
  • Evade can trigger if a Polymorphed Rogue is attacked, eliminating the base damage of the attacker.
  • Evade can trigger if a Confused Rogue attacks, as long as the Confuse effect does not activate. If Confuse activates on the attack, Evade cannot trigger, and you will take the normal damage due to Confuse.
  • Evade can trigger while stunned.
    • It can occur while attacking, although it typically does not matter, as you are already at 0. However, if you have the buff Resurrect and are at 0 (for example, due to a Mage splash), a successful Evade will delay your coming back to life.
    • It can never occur on defense, as a stunned player cannot be attacked.

General Boost[]

General Comment
Raziel the Silent Raziel the Silent Raziel gives an additional 6% chance for evade to trigger. This is assumed to be an additive increase.
Jezale Jezale Jezale gives an additional 5% chance for evade to trigger. This is assumed to be an additive increase.
Elyvita Elyvita Elyvita gives an additional 5% chance for evade to trigger. This is assumed to be an additive increase.

Equipment Boost[]

Equipment Bonus Obtained from
Elandal Crushers +3% Evade Legendary Alchemy
Evasive Armor +1.5% Evade War Shop
Evasive Hood +1% Evade
Evasive Necklace +0.5% Evade
Evasive Gloves +0.5% Evade
Evasive Dagger +0.25% Evade
Evasive Crossbow +0.25% Evade

Total possible bonus: +7% Evade

Special Inclusion[]

  • None


  • Evade just needs to be equipped in a Power Slot in the Guild Character Class selection page for it to have a chance to activate in battle. It depends on your luck with the RNG but it is still the Rogue's best class power.


  • A must buy for Rogues. The activation is random but the power is not expensive (cheapest of the Rogue powers in Guild Shop) and could increase the Rogue's capability to survive.


  • The picture in the ability is the armor Elemental Garb, which seems to be the one worn by Medius.
  • General alliance between the three generals can boost up evade +11%.
  • Rogue class items from War Shop can boost up evade +4%.