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1. Points acquisition time and event duration: Aug 23, 2023 00:00:00 ~ Aug 28, 2023 23:59:59. After that time, the event banner will be closed directly. Please collect the corresponding points reward as soon as possible

2. Ways to get points:

- Mining: consume 50 stamina/100 energy/1 Mining Sprite to dig, and you will get 16 points after digging

- Consuming small upgrade crystals: earn 1 point for every small upgrade crystal consumed

- Consume medium upgrade crystals: earn 4 points for every medium upgrade crystal consumed

- Consume large upgrade crystals: earn 20 points for every large upgrade crystal consumed

3. Additional increase:

- During the event, the free Minning Sprite received by elf mine will increase by 5

- During the event, you can purchase 2 additional Mining Sprite per day

- During the event, the number of autocomplete functions increased by 4

4. Points Rewards: When your accumulated points reached a specific number, you can receive corresponding rewards

5. Points clearing: Points accumulated for each event will not be retained


Waiting into the event with 300 mining sprites + additional 30 from free daily will yield a total of 5280 event points.

6 days of 100 points dig yields 960 event points.

Total of event points easily earned points into the event is 6240.

First Nymph is at 6500. Should be obtainable for anyone without purchasing Mining Sprites if they accumulated chests and upgrade crystals.

Second Nymph is at 8500. Should be obtainable through purchases of sprites (8500-6240 = 2260. 2260/160 = 14.125. so at most an additional 140 mining sprites required to be purchased and the leftover is cleared using the upgrade crystals to level pets.)

Then Universal shards (5 each) at 10500 and 13000.