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This article is about the guardian. For the monster, see Faust, Betrayer of Light.
"Leader of the Hunter Citadel, Faust was a well-known war veteran from the Dark Wars. His leadership abilities are unquestioned but was unfortunately turned by the vampire lord himself, Angelus!"
Special Ability
Increases Player Attack by X against monsters.
Origin: Awakening
Recruit Method
Combine Betrayer Epics in Alchemy

Stats & Levels[]

Level Attack Defense Ability
1 13 11 +5 Attack
2 14 12 +6 Attack
3 15 13 +7 Attack
4 16 14 +8 Attack


  • You need 1 Decimation Sword, 3 Amulet of Betrayal and 3 Blood of Betrayer (blood only attainable as the summoner) to recruit Faust.
  • Faust has special equipment too. All of them are created through Alchemy.


Faust is named for a historical person who lived in Germany in the Middle Ages. His name was Johann Georg Faust, he was said to be an alchemist, metalist, and mage. He is believed to be the basis for the legend (and subsequent plays) concerning Faust, in which Faust is a scholar who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge, power, and worldly pleasures. The devil sends a representative to serve Faust with magic to uphold his end of the bargain. The servant's name is Mephistopheles.