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Favor Points are the premium currency used in Castle Age and managed under the Oracle tab.

Favor points can be acquired by purchasing for real world money directly from the game developers, completing special offers in exchange for points, completing some achievements, and helping kill monsters.

NOTE: You DO NOT earn favor points from leveling. This has NEVER happened before despite of what you might think. You start out with 20 favor points from the very beginning and that's it.

For details on how favor points can be spent, see Oracle.

Acquiring favor points via achievements

Quest Achievements

Battle Achievements



Monster Achievements



Other Achievements



Sometimes favor points are given for achievements related to Demi-Power rewards based on accumulation of their points.

See the Demi-Rewards Chart for details.

Acquiring favor points via monster kills

The key to getting favor points from monsters is unlocking demi-slots. Demi point rewards has a chance be converted into FP (1 or 2 per slot) or an Energy Potion. Like loot, the number of demi slots unlocked depends on the amount of activity a player does in the battle. The maximum demi slots you can unlock per battle is 5. Please note that there is also diminishing returns when it comes to unlocking demi slots. Example: You may have to do 2,000,000 activity to unlock 4 slots while you can unlock 3 with only 1,000,000 activity.
The following monsters drop more FP frequently compared to others:

The other world monsters Cronus, the World Hydra, Battle of the Dark Legion and Genesis, the Earth Elemental also drop favor points fairly but with limited slots, you may have to do more damage than optimal to down the beasts and may not be the ideal targets for efficiency.

Next generation monsters (those who use monster classes) also drop FP often but the scale of activity you have to do to get similar results is a lot higher than older monsters. If you are planning on getting FP efficiently, it's better to pass on these mega beasts. Also, the four elemental realm bosses Gildamesh, the Orc King, Colossus of Terra, Sylvanas, the Sorceress Queen and Mephistopheles drop energy potions more frequently than favor points (if they drop at all).

Important Announcement:

Please note that most Serpent Farming groups have closed down because the CA devs have made some changes in the FP drop rates.

Acquiring favor points with real world money


Acquiring favor points via special offers

For Free 10 FP's click the following link:


You can only do this ONCE per account, so for those who have already done this in the past it won't work. However, for those who never got them and can use extra 10 FP's click above.(Working as of March 9, 2011.) Any further such offers TBA.

Offer experiences

i have never used the link for the 10 FP, all it did was redirected me back to the game. without the FP's


Important Note about Special Offers

Filling out special offers can be long, annoying and fruitless. Offers usually require you to provide not only your email, but also your personal information (name, address, phone number) before they are complete. If you wish to get favor points, it is recommended to just pay the Castle Age developers directly.

Also note, many of these offers are, in actuality, scams. Some players have been known to effectively manipulate these offers as a means to gather free favor points. However, as previously stated, a great deal of patience is required for doing this, because, even upon completion, said offers have been known to occasionally not follow through with the promised favor points.

The most "trustworthy" offers are generally the ones that offer very, very few points (typically, the ones that only offer 2 points) because they are (for example) simple gaming websites trying to encourage others to try out their sites to innocently attempting to build their popularity with incentives to join their communities.

Most offers, on the other hand, have the ultimate goal of putting the player's personal/contact information into advertising/spamming lists, or worse yet, "sneak" small fees onto one's monthly credit card bill. It is highly recommended that you never provide a phone number, mailing address, and especially not a credit card number to any of these often-illegitimate offers.

special offers appear to have dissapeared as of July 30, 2011

(No longer working as of November 18, 2012)

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