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Fortitude large
Raises current and max health of target for battle. Does not stack
Rune Bonus
Increases health by additional amount equal to target's Health rune.
Icon: Fortitude Icon
Class: Cleric


Level Effect Obtained From
I Increase max health 40-100 + target's Health rune Guild Shop


  • Fortitude raises the maximum and current health of the target ally by 40 to 100 points plus the amount of the target ally's health rune.
  • Fortitude can be used on target allies in the Ally Team tab. Fortitude can be used on allies in different gates.
  • Fortitude cannot be performed if the caster or target ally is defeated or stunned.
  • Fortitude may be used on the same target ally only once per battle.
  • 135 points is awarded to the caster.

General Boost[]

General Comment
Shivak Shivak Shivak increases the amount of health raised and restored by Fortitude, with the size of the increase dependent on his level. Shivak is a Favor General available for purchase from the Oracle, if your level is at least 135.


  • Increasing max health could prolong the survival of ally attackers should they have low max health, but the single-use restriction limits its effectiveness. It is not recommended unless the cleric has all other class abilities first. Save your guild coins to purchase more useful survival-oriented powers such as Resurrect, Heal, or Dispel.
  • The benefit of Fortitude is that the cleric does not have to wait for ally to be damaged in order to apply the health buff. If cleric knows who are the active allies before the start of the battle, then cleric can immediately start applying Fortitude on those allies.