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Welcome to the Castle Age forum21:13, May 28, 2010Fandyllic
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Help with alpha vincent20:09, March 14, 2019Rappy 4187
My Demi Quests have been reset02:01, February 28, 201499.233.153.145
Older Promo Packs08:03, February 11, 2014Kilokat
Conquest help!13:40, January 27, 201484.234.133.215
Soul Crusher guantlet21:21, December 31, 2013209.252.172.198
Stamina Required for Battles17:27, December 28, 2013209.242.235.203
How to unlock Guild Conquest LoE01:33, December 20, 2013Yip Man
Monster help Aurora01:21, December 13, 201396.19.106.124
Monster help, alpha kraken12:29, December 9, 201396.19.106.124
Could we have a 4th click on seige weapons?08:33, December 5, 201374.129.101.141
Guild battles04:40, December 4, 2013Newershadow
Old promo packs / best monster hunter?14:48, October 23, 201383.248.105.31
Be Wary of 120 specials...18:38, October 10, 201369.166.172.88
Promo Generals11:45, August 23, 201324.129.101.30
Fix LoE20:26, August 2, 201366.183.123.4
Vanir vs Celesta17:55, July 14, 2013108.70.206.23
Why should I create Cronus (soldier)?02:08, July 14, 201370.112.101.165
Try to buy dawn20:42, July 11, 201324.21.91.110
Guild Battle Special Status17:23, June 14, 201372.37.249.132
Developer23:36, June 12, 201370.210.7.23
Collect report14:44, June 2, 201370.192.198.24
Drake helm?!?17:25, May 16, 201395.91.6.2
Where do we get the new coloured Hero Potions to level up the Generals? (apart from buying the special package deal)!13:09, May 15, 201379.66.80.112
Guild Conquest01:43, April 20, 201376.210.32.158
Cant log in to facebook account12:49, April 17, 201386.181.133.68
Life points in conquest??? How I build it up besides hp???02:35, April 10, 201350.129.253.197
Duel Win Count Iphone?17:01, March 20, 2013Mobitz
Conqueror Path Items. Pierce ability not working on Monsters.18:33, February 22, 201398.237.224.29
Monthly general in HoD is starting to stink , 9 months old , Did the Devs die?12:02, February 15, 2013174.70.165.150
Can you get reinforcements any other way than fp or army14:07, February 14, 2013Mhoge
The Video on pages block the drop menu on Wikia07:00, January 17, 2013Newershadow
Conquest Points06:59, January 17, 2013Newershadow
Need Help - lost a whole weeks work on CA23:01, January 15, 201360.230.5.231
Can any one plz tell me that what will the date & time in INDIA when arena ends??15:43, December 30, 2012Sandy7679
Castle Age Calendar22:34, December 25, 201270.178.193.63
Like last year we got the general with divine power "Dxter the Drunk" for fee. Will we get any new year gift again...03:41, December 24, 2012Sandy7679
What are the abilities of This general "Eternal Alystra" which a reward of Arena VI03:11, December 23, 2012Newershadow
Does adding damage rune to the festivous sword give it more damage for guild battle?21:49, December 8, 201276.196.75.184
Castle Age for Android04:22, November 25, 2012118.101.17.227
Sanna07:44, November 22, 2012199.59.214.20
War Council07:29, November 18, 201250.148.121.37
How do I transfer to a new device? My old iPad is broken!!04:16, November 17, 201271.84.13.1
Polymorph02:09, November 14, 2012Fablanta
How do you collect iron and wood for guild store?22:40, October 30, 2012Mhoge
Armor03:33, October 29, 2012139.142.53.34
Does anyone know if you can do a 2oo hit on corvintheus20:47, October 28, 201294.193.59.109
Has the game crashed?17:50, October 19, 201299.43.149.44
Obtaining Hero Medals22:59, October 18, 2012Mhoge
Damage caps on Monsters22:56, October 18, 2012Mhoge
Unlocking Oracle Chests22:53, October 18, 2012Mhoge
Cronus battle suport please01:36, October 15, 2012201.76.210.109
Question About Killing a Monster05:20, October 14, 2012174.60.198.110
When there is coming new stuff in CA HoD!20:57, October 11, 2012188.67.25.36
Damage Essense/Rune22:34, October 5, 201270.176.26.245
Guild Entrace Question20:05, October 4, 201272.77.164.83
Damage essence20:46, September 27, 2012CCNintendo
New Iphone = restart?15:07, September 26, 2012CCNintendo
Divine power13:17, September 18, 2012Mhoge
Where did i can get a link or web for CA-HOD, IF CAN'T OPEN ON FACEBOOK?03:29, September 7, 2012CCNintendo
Freinding iphone to facebook04:14, September 6, 201299.104.108.148
Guild Battle Auto Match-Up Failed01:00, September 5, 2012194.69.147.1
Sofia16:12, September 2, 2012201.229.224.127
Service Unavailable This server is temporarily unable to service requests.(Internal-Reason: 132)13:06, September 1, 201298.25.236.192
Je cherche comment avoir general serene (territoire de valeria comment faire pour trouver merci a tous14:06, August 26, 201293.12.248.225
Are Hero Medals availiable on the iphone version of the game?21:57, August 23, 2012148.4.20.180
How to distribute skill points11:26, August 12, 2012173.172.199.79
Stat to build on for a Cleric02:59, August 10, 201227.2.136.69
'Testing' in guild battle18:23, August 8, 2012204.101.245.108
Update for easier fb/iphone log in? is it in the works?19:21, August 6, 201276.196.76.87
What should I achieve before fighting monsters with two bars?06:19, August 4, 201227.32.204.217
The players who are playing the game by using Iphone app are getting daily rewards but we who are playing by lap top/PC not getting anything....Is this fair??06:14, August 4, 201227.32.204.217
Guild focused on Monsters slow kills09:10, August 3, 201285.201.97.173
Festivus Sword21:10, August 2, 2012174.111.124.170
Help with page loading18:33, August 1, 201290.219.144.254
Which Hero has abilities that increase along with their levels using the power crystals?03:20, July 21, 2012Newershadow
Guild Achievements14:47, July 19, 2012CCNintendo
How do i get my binded i phone accoon ton my face book account07:52, June 27, 201276.189.210.254
Maximum times a day you can level?22:25, June 15, 2012Newershadow
Slaying Monster Achievements19:56, June 15, 2012208.68.250.46
Hero stats vs Personal stats12:15, June 15, 2012217.154.14.125
Priority Monsters22:43, June 13, 201267.0.65.1
Can someone explain how PvP Battles are decided in CA: HoD?06:08, June 11, 2012Newershadow
I recently bought Ambush and cannot use it, I have Lacerate and use it, is there something that says you cannot have both?13:21, June 8, 2012155.219.241.10
Land of mist - can't find eye of the storm00:26, May 20, 2012149.135.145.91
What happens if i salvage a land22:55, May 15, 2012HellslayerKnight
F52ee1 lvl 128 and I gift often02:11, May 13, 201224.213.117.204
Hero Crystals12:33, May 12, 2012216.239.69.191
Level too high?20:58, May 7, 201267.169.112.40
48eaa2 add me plz ))07:02, April 23, 2012212.83.1.83
Character Transfer19:40, March 31, 201267.181.145.108
Is there a way to remove yourself from Conquest Duel list?05:23, March 29, 2012Lycentia
Once in a guild, can you get out and start your own?04:13, March 27, 2012Lycentia
Hero Table10:02, February 28, 2012Lycentia
Question about the Mana Shield for mages13:25, February 25, 2012Fablanta
Server error guild battle HoD12:30, February 18, 2012Jefry ruslam
Raids FAIRPLAY Question19:54, February 12, 2012Astrellapulsar
Phantom gifts when i returned to castle age05:33, January 30, 2012Newershadow
Quest: Exp/Energey; Gold/Energy04:09, January 29, 201258.179.88.238
When are they going to add new areas to HOD.01:30, December 24, 2011Barry-N
Armour vs. Army members21:36, November 21, 2011HellslayerKnight
Max damage in battle for a Mage07:23, November 18, 201127.108.139.159
A full divine power gear set04:52, November 5, 2011Barry-N
Why do people at a similar level to me do lots more damage when attacking say 1 do 1,500,000 they are doing 2,500,000 yet i have better equipment05:26, November 3, 2011HellslayerKnight
I couldn't collect for my arena 5 battle03:51, October 23, 2011HellslayerKnight
Arena time or token refill03:49, October 23, 2011HellslayerKnight
Question about best items in HOD16:52, October 22, 2011Barry-N
Celesta's Devotion20:54, October 14, 2011HellslayerKnight
Can you make arena reward as divine item for next arena03:31, October 7, 2011Barry-N
Polymorph problem18:01, September 21, 2011Fandyllic
How long does it take for new items aqquired from monsters to appear as active weapons in your War Council.05:28, September 13, 201198.82.190.18
Missing purchase favor points23:15, August 30, 2011221.184.188.205
Can someone please help me01:46, August 30, 201171.33.11.113
Missing Aurora Orb14:37, August 25, 201160.49.61.188
Attack stats11:46, August 25, 2011Scifiwim
Syren or Alexandria08:32, August 24, 2011202.156.10.9
Assholes @ castle age took my kilgore and his armors05:42, August 20, 2011216.41.254.23
Call of Heroes14:48, August 14, 201160.51.29.102
Excavation Quest: Cave of Wonder08:11, August 9, 2011Gioia Maselli
Did not receive my reward for next level in Duel11:55, August 6, 2011Barry-N
Divine Powers10:57, August 4, 2011Barry-N
What is the "X attribute" button for in Faust Betrayer of Light14:43, July 29, 2011Barry-N
Character class for Arena23:18, July 28, 2011Charles Victor Peetris
Ambush or Dispel12:34, July 26, 2011Cristem
Festival Battle13:50, July 25, 2011Barry-N
Why should i buy epic gear and when do i need it?13:08, July 25, 2011Barry-N
Raziel Where do you get his addons07:18, July 23, 2011Leonardo Marcelino
Do general equips matter in war?15:01, July 17, 2011201.124.154.100
Looking for how many army you can have at each level07:03, July 16, 2011Barry-N
Night Wolves Active Guild Looking for Active Festival and Guild Battle Players21:41, July 4, 201175.37.40.139
How if I want to play Festival Games Heart of Darkness09:31, July 1, 2011Barry-N
Monster summon fails14:25, June 25, 201171.31.94.96
Best class ability purchase10:26, May 26, 2011Cristem
Serene's Arrow21:45, May 24, 2011203.97.120.58
Facebook blocked my account14:14, May 21, 201181.151.215.94
Which Chest?00:10, May 18, 2011Fandyllic
Why does it cost me more stamina to fight the same monster as someone else - help?00:08, May 18, 2011Fandyllic
Maintain Alpha Rank with 10 battles how to claim it00:06, May 18, 2011Fandyllic
Soldiers00:04, May 18, 2011Fandyllic
What is the formula?15:05, May 15, 2011Barry-N
Battlling other opponents07:44, April 26, 2011Fishsquare
Need army members please!19:07, April 11, 201181.37.8.162
Therian or Dolomar11:20, March 21, 2011Cristem
How long will the Festival run?06:56, March 11, 2011MrRandyLG
Cronus Hydra "Power Attack"23:41, March 8, 2011173.87.180.121
Gehenna Loot Table03:14, February 25, 201167.184.248.10
Vanguard Chest and Oracle items problem00:19, February 20, 2011Fandyllic
Perform Team Attacks to boost your reward chances! What's that?11:00, February 11, 2011Barry-N
How can I buy a Vanguard chest Hero?13:08, February 3, 2011MrRandyLG
Monster Medals07:10, February 3, 201199.92.152.178
Rly need help on a gehenna spare a click please06:37, February 2, 2011216.19.16.56
Castle Age Confirmation Code16:21, January 31, 2011212.166.240.136
Cronus,world hydra08:52, January 29, 2011Barry-N
Elite Friends Bar?????20:00, January 25, 201163.28.115.9
Heroes Lost..14:14, January 19, 2011Barry-N
Generals in Guild Battles19:26, January 18, 2011165.91.154.129
What should I do with all these gifts ??16:16, December 28, 2010Fandyllic
How to equip?11:29, December 23, 2010Barry-N
What company runs & manages Castle Age?19:09, December 10, 2010Fandyllic
I-Phone message on CA home page...19:07, December 10, 2010Fandyllic
Best mission for gold03:18, November 17, 2010Barry-N
Elite ?03:04, November 11, 2010Castleme
The Sword of Redemption Gift Craze08:49, November 7, 2010123.24.190.136
Lookin @ my stats...16:14, November 6, 2010Fandyllic
Help with Battle of the Dark Legion16:12, November 6, 2010Fandyllic
Need help with Azriel12:20, October 30, 2010173.31.254.39
New army member00:30, October 29, 201071.112.182.121
Does anyone know what the gauntlet attacking ranges are?14:55, October 28, 2010199.197.135.216
New Guild Looking to Grow20:29, October 18, 2010Fandyllic
Player Appreciation Gift - Free Favor Points12:58, October 14, 2010Scifiwim
Do Gift Soldiers Count in the Total Needed for a Quest?07:52, October 14, 2010Mrrandylg
Wikia new look17:38, October 12, 2010NorthFury
Is it Possible to Quit and Start Over?15:06, October 11, 2010Barry-N
Mystic scroll?02:47, October 10, 201084.252.27.82
Anyone know how to make direct war links?21:24, October 6, 2010Mrrandylg
Question about your army.19:39, October 6, 2010Ricky Posey
MySpace features00:52, October 2, 201024.208.53.5
Cronus, World Hydra10:38, September 27, 2010109.255.204.19
Need more army members plzz21:08, September 25, 201024.186.26.178
Colossus05:20, September 25, 2010Barry-N
When I battle their army number changes05:17, September 25, 2010Barry-N
Atlantis17:22, September 17, 201071.233.3.99
Battle 501 vs 48717:18, September 17, 201071.233.3.99
Does the war councel use your general's items?14:07, September 16, 2010Barry-N
Person who summons not rewarded06:04, September 10, 2010Barry-N
Help with genesis please17:30, September 9, 201097.225.123.206
Old heroes from oracle14:07, September 9, 2010129.1.245.164
Karn, The Minotaur16:34, September 6, 201082.58.29.1
Plzzz Add me ^^,!13:55, September 3, 2010Cuziitoo פסיכדלי 路易斯
Sub-Quests not available14:32, September 2, 201071.180.163.2
The best general to buy for level 80+17:03, September 1, 2010Fandyllic
About Zin10:43, August 31, 2010Toumie
New Root tab, Guild21:27, August 26, 2010Sscout
Ingredients for alchemy14:27, August 26, 2010Scifiwim
Please add me22:18, August 25, 201069.92.200.63
Need to remove -10 health logout04:59, August 25, 2010174.98.151.44
Need more people in my army03:13, August 23, 201067.176.165.54
Emporium chances17:19, August 22, 201074.192.30.215
Call in arms19:01, August 19, 2010JeQ666
I NEED MORE ALLIES PLEASE06:47, August 19, 2010Fandyllic
Aeris06:40, August 19, 2010Fandyllic
How to add a general like Arielle06:38, August 19, 2010Fandyllic
Leon Ironheart, Holy Plate or just keep the items?06:36, August 19, 2010Fandyllic
Raids06:34, August 19, 2010Fandyllic
Keep losing in Arena05:57, August 18, 201074.192.30.215
Class Progress Tab16:29, August 12, 2010Barry-N
Im how can i hit harder05:05, August 11, 2010Fandyllic
Are ther any real benefits to buy the epic Obsidian items from the blacksmith?03:11, August 9, 201099.141.209.169
Arena 201:37, July 30, 201074.192.30.215
Which general04:20, July 29, 201074.77.127.102
Summoner Only Drop Text Color05:30, July 23, 2010Hanzou-sama
How much i have to hit, to get legendary reward from War of Red Plains?10:11, July 15, 2010Scifiwim
How many army members needed to win a random encounter in underworld?10:53, July 13, 201081.82.198.12
Help me20:42, July 12, 2010Fandyllic
Master and inactive Apprentice05:15, July 8, 2010Barry-N
Azriel who is the best general do people think to fight her08:54, July 2, 2010Janeysavage
Help me with this monster04:24, June 27, 2010Fandyllic
Oracle/Monthly Specials04:26, June 26, 2010Fandyllic
Monster List Level Requirements for below level 18022:13, June 16, 2010Fandyllic
Master & Apprentice16:58, June 13, 2010Fandyllic
Bonus item16:55, June 13, 2010Fandyllic
How to get Alpha Bahamut Artifact from Azriel?16:18, June 13, 2010Fandyllic
How to get Skullfire?16:09, June 13, 2010Fandyllic
Minimum level for Oracle Heroes?17:30, June 8, 2010Fandyllic
Question about Alchemy06:15, June 7, 2010Fandyllic
Question16:03, June 2, 2010Fandyllic
Battle Hearts20:50, May 28, 2010Fandyllic
Angelic blessing and heros resolve20:49, May 28, 2010Fandyllic
Land limits20:49, May 28, 2010Fandyllic
Army link20:48, May 28, 2010Fandyllic
Compulsory to add stats every level?20:47, May 28, 2010Fandyllic
How Oracle 'Name Change' Work?20:46, May 28, 2010Fandyllic
Which Treasure Chest to gamble on?20:43, May 28, 2010Fandyllic
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