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Welcome to the help desk. This is a place to ask for help from other members of this Wikia's community about using or editing this wiki. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below then click "Add new topic".

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NOTE: See Forum:Castle Age for questions specific to the Castle Age game. Questions like these will be moved there.

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How to add references in an article08:30, August 25, 2011Bharatram1
Welcome to the help desk20:58, May 28, 2010Fandyllic
Adding search and what links here to your sidebar20:46, May 28, 2010Fandyllic
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How do I get my old CA game from and old facebook account that was hacked . I would just like to have access to my old CA game and place it to a new Facebook account. Please Help20:33, September 25, 201374.38.130.37
I'm having trouble buying a general i copied &pasted the url & it said error 403 what am i doing wrong ???13:21, May 20, 2013108.55.93.129
General Alliance22:52, May 4, 2013216.137.222.145
Videos for Favour points11:37, March 25, 201386.157.240.241
What to do if you don't receive your rewards in the Arena Battle01:57, December 23, 2012Mhoge
Ca refreashing causes double buy on equipment07:36, December 1, 2012Newershadow
Random JavaScript using ad on your site attempts to infect my computer with a virus through the temp folder03:44, September 30, 201275.132.35.131
Are the Hero Coins availiable in the iphone version of the game?15:12, September 26, 2012CCNintendo
Guild Battles00:58, July 23, 2012108.8.142.115
Can you send Stamina and Energy Potions to friends?14:43, July 19, 2012CCNintendo
How can i make my general past level 4??14:42, July 19, 2012CCNintendo
Quest link is not working, was before but now it's not letting me in?17:08, July 7, 201267.249.80.234
Why is the number not there for the link to buy the monthly special, Brakus!111:13, June 22, 201290.210.141.48
Can i access my iphone Castle age account on Facebook?21:07, June 18, 201267.188.76.95
Buying old generals for iphone account16:12, June 12, 201272.208.185.67
Castle Age App Filter00:40, March 26, 201250.130.149.218
How do I delete call to arms and gift requests from my news messages?07:14, March 18, 2012174.108.71.108
Do u have to wait for the timer to run out before summoning another guild monster?16:09, December 22, 2011Barry-N
BOOTS14:53, November 22, 2011143.43.203.89
I tried to get item 111 and typed it in as 111 but I recieved item 1 how many times has this happened to others and can it be changed to get the correct item15:47, October 15, 2011HellslayerKnight
Do monster fights in festival count as CA achievements?15:40, October 15, 2011HellslayerKnight
CAHoD Battle Broken13:56, October 11, 2011Shewolf36
Battle token disappeared03:51, June 19, 2011202.156.10.15
Gifts problems16:02, June 13, 2011124.82.41.19
Why cant i join a guild16:35, June 9, 2011124.106.123.183
Goblin Emporium Disapears21:07, May 30, 201172.86.53.194
Experince point lost in battle13:18, May 30, 2011Scifiwim
How to edit the user name?13:17, April 25, 2011Mrsalendran
Spreading around a guild website18:15, April 14, 201172.154.117.69
Missing Feats of Strength Skill Points00:16, April 8, 2011Barry-N
No festival battle rewards00:13, April 8, 2011Barry-N
Lotus Loot Table not formatting :(18:54, February 10, 2011K8.Jones
Flagging Spammed pages01:54, December 6, 2010Fandyllic
What are "Barbarian Captains" and where do I get them?01:41, December 6, 2010Fandyllic
Elite Strength?02:35, November 9, 2010Castleme
Can help my stats00:49, November 3, 2010Barry-N
Choked on Gold Egg13:28, October 24, 201098.223.97.198
Can we deposit our money?06:29, October 7, 2010Mrrandylg
I lost 20 stamina for enter the battle14:19, September 30, 201089.203.195.180
Editing signature20:20, September 28, 2010Mrrandylg
How do I start over04:35, September 27, 2010Nails2you911
Which browsers are best for viewing Castle Age Wiki pages?16:38, September 16, 201099.61.251.153
Direct quest links13:51, August 30, 2010Barry-N
Buying Monthly specials from Wikia23:28, August 27, 2010Barry-N
Reinforcement page stuck on Darius page even though I have over 1300 army size and page wont change06:32, August 19, 2010Fandyllic
I gained 7 princesses and when I click get rewards blue button they disappeared,04:57, August 11, 2010Fandyllic
How do you add reinforcements in Arena2?21:40, July 28, 2010EmptyMT
Favor points disappearing02:01, July 26, 2010Viperbabyblue1982
General help!18:27, June 25, 2010Fandyllic
Here to help05:33, April 12, 2010Fandyllic
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