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"Once a part of the royal family's elite guard, Gareth was ambushed by demons and gave his life to protect the lives he was entrusted to guard."
Special Ability
Armor costs are decreseased by X% when you purchase armor from town
Origin: Catalyst
Recruit Method
Purchase for 250,000 gold

Stats & Levels[]

Level Attack Defense Ability
1 6 7 -2% Armor Cost
2 7 8 -3% Armor Cost
3 8 9 -4% Armor Cost
4 9 10 -5% Armor Cost

Missions & Quests[]

  • Catalyst: Children of the Night


  • Gareth's ability only affects armor items. This includes Gloves, Boots and Body Armors. Helmets and other equipment are unaffected.
  • As with the game text, Gareth's ability only works when you purchase armor from Town. If you purchase them in quests, you will not receive a discount.