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Gems are the currency for the Market in the MySpace-only version of Castle Age. You can collect 6 gems of a random color every 12 hours at the Market. The Epic quest(s) featured at the bottom of the quest list for the Land of Fire, Earth, Mist, and Water allow you to increase the population of your city. More citizens mean more tribute gems for you to purchase market items such as the Glory Horn or the Hourglass of Endurance.

[NOTE: At this time, 13 gems seems to be the cap limit on citizen's tribute collections; however, continued experimentation may mean an increase in the number collected from the denizens of your city.]

There is also a limit to the number of any single gem color that can be collected and held in your possession at any one time. Your citizen's tribute will decrease as you get closer to the limit cap. Since you can only collect gems every 12 hours, don't hold onto your gems until you reach the cap limit. Purchase market items regularly so that you receive a full share of gems each time from the citizen's tribute collection.

Ex: At level 450, only 106 green gems can be held in your possession at any one time.

Types of gems
Gem Ambrosia Blue (Gem of Ambrosia)
Gem Malekus Red (Gem of Malekus)
Gem Corvintheus Yellow (Gem of Corvintheus)
Gem Aurora Green (Gem of Aurora)
Gem Azeron Black (Gem of Azeron)