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Giant Arachnid monster

Basic Information[]

Giant Arachnid can be summoned by spending 20 energy on the Guild Monster page. Guild members contribute 1 energy per click, for which they are rewarded with gold and experience points.

Your stats only determine if you'll win or lose your duels, like in a conventional guild battle. Damage/Stamina ratio is the same for everyone regardless of stats, and the only damage modifier applied is due to the Rogue ability (+100/stamina), Deianira (+20/stamina) or Deshara (+40/stamina if rogue as class).

Special Information[]

Siege Weapons[]

While fighting Giant Arachnid, there is 1 siege weapon that can be launched to deal extra damage.
All Siege Weapons hit Giant Arachnid and are unaffected by blocks and resistances.
*Giant Arachnid has 44,000 HP

Name Clicks Damage Dealt

%HP Dealt*

Catapults Catapults 10 5,000 dmg
500 dmg/click
11.36 %
1.14 % per click
Totals 10 5,000 dmg
500 dmg/click
11.36 %
1.14 % per click

Enemy Data[]

Unit Level Class Health Weapon Off-hand Helmet Armor Amulet Gauntlet Magic
Giant Arachnid
Giant Arachnid
15 Warrior 44000
Arachnid Claw
- -
Arachnid Carapace
- -
Arachnid Poison
Armored Spider
Armored Spider
12 Warrior 900
Arachnid Claw
- -
Arachnid Carapace
- -
Arachnid Poison
Entangling Spider
Entangling Spider
12 Rogue 750
Arachnid Claw
- -
Arachnid Carapace
- -
Arachnid Poison
Poisonous Spider
Poisonous Spider
8 Mage 600
Arachnid Claw
- -
Arachnid Carapace
- -
Arachnid Poison


Rewards After Slaying Giant Arachnid[]

Giant Arachnid monster dead

Uncommon Drops Rare Drops Epic Drops

Helenas Momento Helena's Memento
Amulet: Attack:1 Defense:0

Magic Missile Magic Missile
Magic: Attack:1 Defense:0

War Bear War Bear
Soldier: Attack:5 Defense:4

War Lion War Lion
Soldier: Attack:6 Defense:6

Long Sword Long Sword
Weapon: Attack:3 Defense:1

Steel Shield Steel Shield
Off-Hand: Attack:1 Defense:2

Steel Gauntlet Steel Gauntlet
Gloves: Attack:1 Defense:0

Arachnid Slayer Arachnid Slayer
Weapon: Attack:6 Defense:4

Shadowsilk Armor Shadowsilk Armor
Armor: Attack:10 Defense:4

Dragon Gift Dragon
Soldier: Attack:16 Defense:14

Phoenix Gift Phoenix
Soldier: Attack:20 Defense:16

Poisonous Spider Poisonous Spider
Soldier: Attack:14 Defense:14

Entangling Spider Entangling Spider
Soldier: Attack:9 Defense:7

Armored Spider Armored Spider
Soldier: Attack:7 Defense:9


  • Introduced: Jan. 22, 2011?
  • Battle Activity Points = the amount of damage inflicted.
  • To defeat Giant Arachnid and his minions, you must bring their health down to 0 (unlike Guild Battles where you have to bring health under 200).
  • Easiest Guild Monster so far available.
  • Solo-kill total damage was 67,679 - not very hard at all for a small guild or one with low-level players.
  • Loot payout is somewhat sparse - 100% damage done resulted in 3 uncommons, 1 rare, and 1 epic.

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