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Mystery Scroll

Goblin emporium title

The Goblin Emporium is a place where you can trade certain alchemy components for the chance to get "Rare, Epic, or Legendary Equipment". You trade them in to a goblin named Kobo.

  • You trade ten (10) items to receive one item.
  • You can make up to ten (10) trades per day.
  • Tradeable and non-tradeable items are described below.

The items you can receive are:

How to trade in[]

To perform a trade of 10 items for a single better item:

  • Select the 10 items to be traded.
    • In the bottom section of the page (the available items to trade area), click Emporium trade in below any item you want to count toward the 10 items to trade in.
      • The x# count will decrease.
      • The item image will appear above the available items to trade area (where it said, "Choose 10 Items below to trade for a mystery item!").
    • Until you have 10 items selected, the phrase "Requires X more items to roll for a mystery item!" above the trade in items images is displayed.
    • You can click on any of the item images you have in the "selected to trade in" area to return them to the "available items to trade" area at any time.
  • Trade the items.
    • Once you have 10 items selected,
      • Press Emporium button lit to trade them and receive something in exchange.
      • Or click "cancel" to cancel and clear all of the selected items.

What you can trade in[]

Many of the items you receive as gifts or monster loot can be traded in. Tradeable items are displayed in the "Alchemy Ingredients" section (found under Keep > Stats tab > "Alchemy Ingredients" section), with the exception of Battle Hearts. Only alchemy ingredients that do not have any stats (excluding 0 / 0 stats) can be traded in the Goblin Emporium.

What you can't trade in[]

Any item that can be used as an armor, weapon, unit, or magic on its own (found in the "Units" or "Items" sections of your Keep → Stats tab) cannot be traded. These items will have Attack/Defense stats (even 0/0 stats) and include:

List of currently known items that you can get from Kobo[]

If you have gotten an item from Kobo that is not on this list, please add it to this list.

You can use plain text like:
general, item, magic, or soldier name
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You can use {{Blacksmith}} like: {{Blacksmith|<item name>}}
You can use {{Magic}} like: {{Magic|<magic name>}}
You can use {{Soldier}} like: {{Soldier|<soldier name>}}

Available items (Listed in Alphabetical Order)

  1. Angelic Plate
  2. Angelic Sentinel
  3. Archangels Battlegear
  4. Atlantean Archer
  5. Atlantean Armor
  6. Atlantean Mace
  7. Atlantean Shield
  8. Assassins Blade
  9. Bramble Blade
  10. Celesta's Devotion
  11. Death Touch Gauntlet - Extremely rare Epic drop from Lotus Ravenmoore, one of the most frustrating chase items in the game.
  12. Deathrune Blade
  13. Deathrune Signet
  14. Deathshield
  15. Defender
  16. Demonic Armor
  17. Demonic Sword
  18. Dragon Charm
  19. Dragon Talon
  20. Dreadnought Greatsword
  21. Earth Orb
  22. Eye of the Triangle
  23. Frost Helm - Not to be confused with the newer and stronger Helm of Frost.
  24. Golden Hand
  25. Greater Fireball
  26. Hellkite Minion
  27. Helm of Dragon Power
  28. Holy Gauntlets
  29. Hydra: Atlas
  30. Hyperion
  31. Ice Orb
  32. Icicle Lance
  33. Icy Handguards
  34. Morningstar
  35. Mystic Armor
  36. Mystic Warrior This item does not exist, was this a typo or should this be removed? (Perhaps Valerian Mystic?) Note: Not yet until confirmed.
  37. Oathkeeper
  38. Onslaught
  39. Paladin's Oath
  40. Pauldrons of Light
  41. Poseidons Horn
  42. Serene's Arrow - Required to get Serene as a Hero (and the only way to obtain it is via items trading).
  43. Serpentine Shield
  44. Shield of Dante
  45. Soul Catcher
  46. Sword of the Faithless
  47. Tempest Crown
  48. Terra's Crown
  49. Trident of the Deep
  50. Virtue of Justice
  51. Virtue of Temperance

Retired items (No longer available)

  1. Obsidian Armor (removed with Kingdom of Heaven update)
  2. Obsidian Helmet (removed with Kingdom of Heaven update)

Chances for a specific item drop can be found on this spreadsheet.

Sample 1000 Trades with Kobo[]

A check on 1000 trades gave the following results. There's to say that the drop rate seems to be different from server to server. Someone got Defender several times, five Death Touch Gauntlets, and seven Heroes also, whilst here none of them have been seen. It could be a very, very long time before you get everything you want from Kobo.

If player level is too low, the drop table is impacted. For example, LV20 player may never get items/soldiers which are designed for higher player level such as Celestas Devotion, Deathshield, Dragon Talon, Dreadnought Greatsword, Hellkite Minion, Obsidian Armor, Obsidian Helmet, Serenes Arrow.


  • Introduced May 11, 2010.
  • Goblin Emporium is not available in iOS, but is found on the Keep drop down menu in FB and Web3, under Kobo.
  • The item that you get is random. Giving Kobo certain items will not affect the item you receive.
  • Kōbō (工房) is a Japanese word meaning 'workshop'.
  • Kobo is also a new Hero under the name of "Kobo " which is purchasable from the "Oracle Chest Reward Oblivion ":
    • This hero is purely defensive, and has ZERO attack power up to level 4!
    • At level 4, he adds more lower items into the Emporium (4 extra useless items i.e. individual item chances get smaller).
    • At level 4, he requires fewer items for a trade (i.e., 8 rather than 10).