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Gold is the main currency used in Castle Age. It can be stored in your treasury. The treasury keeps the gold safe from attacking players. When you deposit to the treasury, a 10% fee is deducted from the deposit (unless you have the proper Hero equipped).

Earn Gold[]

The main ways to earn gold are:

Spend Gold[]

You can spend gold on:

For several years, players had been asking for new ways to spend gold, because once you've bought everything needed to complete all quests, it basically becomes a useless currency. And long time players had accumulated huge amounts of gold (trillions) that they had no use for. In 2018, new features requiring to spend gold were finally added:

  • Enhance, requiring up to hundreds of billions of gold to upgrade a piece of equipment.
  • Mystic Emporium, where you can spend between 5B and 20B gold daily to buy certain items.


  • Some soldiers/items have incremental cost per purchase.
  • If you have Aeris(Level 4) equipped when depositing gold, the deposit fee will be waived.