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10 vs 10 Guild Battles are battles where two squads, each with up to 10 players from a single guild, match up in a quick battle. Opting into a 10vs10 battle costs 10 stamina.

Battle Schedule[]

Each squad in a guild has the option to choose up to 3 of the following time slots:

  • 5am PST / 6am PDT
  • 11am PST / 12pm PDT
  • 5pm PST / 6pm PDT
  • 11pm PST / 12am PDT

Time slots are set independently for each squad, and can be set by guild masters, guild officers, and squad leaders.

Battles last for 30 minutes or until all players on one squad are stunned, whichever comes first.

Opponent Selection[]

The opponent selection is based primarily on squad average level. This is done by having each guild in a ranking pool where guilds in that guild are then paired. It is not known if guilds are entered into pools based on simply x guilds off the top, then x guilds, etc.. or if there are hard level limits. Regardless of approach, this creates level breaks which may or may not permanently occur.

At this time, the level breaks appear to be as follows:

  • xxx-xxx
  • xxx-800
  • Levels 800-1199
  • Levels 1200+

More information is needed in this section to understand the opponent selection process.

Note: The breaks may allow the last unmatched guild in a higher bracket to play the next lower bracket

Note: Seen guilds of level 1160 play guilds in 1300 so not sure if the break is 1200 or 1150

Players and Gates[]

In 10 vs 10 battles, each team has a single gate with up to 10 players in it. Ordering of players in a squad can be set by guild masters, guild officers, and squad leaders, who can also assign players to a specific squad.

Stun information[]

In 10vs10 battles, players are considered stunned when they fall below 201 health, and cannot use active skills, nor can allies use active skills on them (although opponents can still use skills on players below 201 health). Furthermore, clerics and mages can no longer use their passive gate skills when they're stunned.

Token Regeneration[]

Players receive 10 tokens when joining, and regenerate new tokens every 5 minutes, for a maximum of 15 tokens during a single battle.


Players receive Guild Coins and experience as usual, but the winning side (depending on the BAP, rank, and other factors) receives Hero Dust Hero Dust and Guild Essence Guild Essence conditional on their rank, while the losing side receives halved of those. [see Table below]
Players have 30 mins afterwards to collect manually. Auto collect seems to vary by season, currently there is no auto collect. The game is currently auto-collecting both in Web3 and in IOS about 45 minutes after the battle. It does NOT seem to auto-collect in Facebook.

(Squad/Individual) Rank Hero Dust Hero Dust (Victory) Guild Essence Guild Essence (Victory) Hero Dust Hero Dust (Defeat) Guild Essence Guild Essence (Defeat)
10v10 medals 0
50 2 25 1
10v10 medals 1
100 5 50 2
10v10 medals 2
110 10 55 5
10v10 medals 3
120 20 60 10
10v10 medals 4
130 30 65 15
10v10 medals 5
135 35 68 18


Guild Essence can be used to create Trophies, which give an Item Archives bonus.

The Trophies for a season are only available while the season is ongoing.  There are trophies for each squad rank (Bronze through Vanguard). You can purchase the trophy in the Alchemy shop if you have accumulated sufficient Guild Essence and your Squad Rank has ever been at least as high (during the current season) as that of the Trophy you wish to purchase. The trophies do not appear until you qualify for that rank.

Before the 2023 seasons, the trophies for each season were reused on subsequent years, If you hadn't created any Trophies before, you could only create one of each Fall Trophies (Bronze, Silver, etc.) during the Fall Season; the alchemies would then disappear from your list. You would not be able to alchemize another of each Fall Trophies that season, that could only be done during the next Fall season. Thus it is possible for a player to have multiple trophies for some seasons. For reasons inexplicable, the developers decided to qualify trophies by year, such that apparently you can only ever have one per season/year. The trophy still disappears from the Alchemy shop when you purchase it.


10v10 Battles are grouped into multiple seasons, during which there are varying ranking and reward systems. The dates and conditions for each season are listed below. Seasons typically end at Noon Pacific Time, or whenever the devs dang well please. For the last two seasons they have ended after the last battle on a Saturday and the next season began with the first battle on Sunday. Typically your Squad and Player ranking points and Guild Essence total is reset when a new season begins (although the devs have been known to forget to do so).

Season Name Dates Ranking information Rewards
Fall 2014 September 22 - October 31 and then November 4 - November 12, 2014 Players are ranked based on their individual battle points, following the typical 135-160-200-240 scale, with a bonus for victory. (+50% for stunning all opponents, +20% for larger percentage of survivors, 0% for tie, -20% for smaller percentage of survivors, and -50% for the whole squad getting all stunned.)

Squads receive the sum of the points earned by the players in it.

Alchemy was visible based on the lower of the individual's rank and the rank of the highest squad in the guild.

Fall Trophies
Winter 2014 November 18, 2014 - March 26, 2015 Players are ranked based on their individual points exactly the same way as in the previous season.

Squads can earn a maximum of 100 points per battle. Each squad is worth 50 points. Within each squad, each player is worth the same number of points. The squad receives points for each player that survives and each opponent that is stunned. This results in a maximum of 100 points per battle.

Winter Trophies
Spring 2015 April 15, 2015 - October 30 2015 Points and rank are the same as last season for both individuals and squads. However, rewards are based only on squad rank this season, whereas they were based on the lower of individual rank or squad rank last season. So, an unranked individual in a Vanguard squad still gets 35 essence for a victorious battle. Spring Trophies


November 4, 2015 - Spring 2023 Seems similar to Spring 2015 Fall Trophies
Spring 2023 March 20. 2023 - October 21, 2023 Appears similar to Spring 2015 Spring 2023 Trophies
Winter 2023 October 23, 2023 - Current No observed change from Spring 2015 Winter 2023 Trophies