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Classic Guild Battles, also known as Auto-match battles, are battles where two full guilds match up for a 5 hour battle up to 100v100.

Battle Schedule[]

Guilds can opt in to a battle whenever their classic battle slot is open. Only Guild Officers and Guild Masters can choose to opt in to this battle type; all other members will receive a message to ask their officers to opt in. At the end of a set 5 minute period, any guilds that have opted in will be matched up according to a combination of guild size and guild lifetime activity points for a 5 hour battle. However, this is limited by the guilds that have opted in, so suboptimal matches can occur, and an odd guild out may be skipped for one or more 5 minute cycles.

Once started, battles last for 5 hours, or until one side has all players below 201 health .

When a classic battle finishes, a 9 hour collection timer starts for both guilds. When the 9 hours is up, both guilds' classic battle slots will be cleared, and officers will be able to opt in again for another battle.

Players and Gates[]

In Classic battles, each guild has 4 gates (labeled North, West, East, and South) with up to 25 players in each gate. Players can be assigned to a gate by a guild officer, or players will be automatically assigned to a gate.

Stun information[]

In Classic battles, players are considered stunned when they reach 0 health, and cannot use active skills, nor can they have active skills used on them, at this time.

Token Regeneration[]

Players receive 10 tokens when joining, and regenerate new tokens every 6 minutes, for a maximum of 59 tokens during a single battle.


Players receive Guild Coins and experience as usual. Players have 9 hours to collect their reward, and battles will not be automatically collected for them if they do not manually collect.