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Facebook Festival Battles are battles where two full guilds (created on the Facebook or web3 platform by a Facebook account) match up for a 1 hour battle of up to 100v100 players.

Battle Schedule[]

Guilds can opt in to a single, one-hour timeslot per day. This time slot can be changed only once per 24 hours, and when changed, the guild will not be matched at the next opportunity.

Guilds are matched by their festival ranking and their record over their last 5 battles. Guilds without an exact match will be paired with the closest match, and guilds that aren't ranked may be skipped entirely.

Festival battles last for one hour, or until all players on one side are dropped below 201 health .

Players and Gates[]

In Festival battles, each guild has 4 gates (labeled North, West, East, and South) with up to 25 players in each gate. Players can be assigned to a gate by a guild officer, or players will be automatically assigned to a gate.

Stun information[]

In Festival battles, players are considered stunned when they fall below 201 health, and cannot use active skills, nor can they have active skills used on them, at this time.

Token Regeneration[]

Players receive 10 tokens when joining, and regenerate new tokens every 5 minutes, for a maximum of 21 tokens during a single battle.


Players receive Guild Coins and experience as usual (with the 10% bonus for manual collect). Players have 1 hour to collect their reward, though, if they do not manually collect, they will receive their rewards exactly 3 hours after the battle has ended (with the collect screen showing up) at their next time opening Castle Age, provided their guild has not been involved in another battle since then.