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Guild Monsters use a similar battle system that Guild Battles uses.

There are currently four monsters available to battle.

You can have up to 5 monsters summoned at a time. To summon a monster, the guild has to fill the monster's summon bar. Once the monster is summoned only the guild can attack or Call To Arms. Any player can help to summon the siege weapons. When the monster is defeated you receive loot drops, and experience for the class used.

If you leave a guild after attacking a guild monster, you will no longer be able to attack or Call To Arms. However, you will still be able to collect the loot once the monster has been killed.

There is a 120 hour cooldown period between summons, however you can still summon another monster but you cannot attack it, only other members of your guild can attack. Example: defeat regular vincent, collect rewards and then summon regular vincent again. the duel command will not be there. The timer will count down and you can assist on siege weapons, nothing more. Update: No more cooldown.


  • Currently, the game has a bug that one has to manually click the blue 'COLLECT REWARD' button after the collecting period is over in order to clear the summon capping/counter by one. For example, if you've summoned the maximum 5 monsters and that the collecting period is known to be over already, you won't be able to summon a monster (the game will give the usual error message). Clicking all five buttons, which will take you (each time) to a page saying there is currently no active monster, should allow you to summon another five again afterwards (if interested).
  • To summon a Guild Monster, you need to click "Guild Monster" in the Monsters tab (Facebook - web3).