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The Home section of Castle Age contains links to easily access many parts of the game, as well as provides some general information. To buy things with your Favor Points, Short Cuts to the Extra Invites, Oracle and Monsters Sections, as well as News and Battle News.

Treasure Chest Menu

Monthly Hero Menu

Reinforcements Menu

Master Apprentice Box

  • Below that gives access to your Gift page.

Gift Box

  • Below that gives access to your Monster page.

Monster Box

Demi Box

News Box

Battle News Box

Battle News Feed[]

  • Battle News lets you know who attacked you. It also tells you if you won or lost, how much gold you have won or lost, and how many battle points you have won and lost. It also provides the link to the keep of the attacker to use however as you please. If you are killed in battle, it will also be listed in this feed. Unfortunately, the feed does NOT tell you how they fought you (either by invading or dueling) so be careful when counterattacking.


  • Both Battle's and News feed sections are shown when a Player reaches LV 10.
  • If you have gifts from friends that you need to accept, it will say so at the top of this page.
  • During the Arena Season 2, an Arena News Feed was placed above the Reinforcements box. Similar to the Battle News Feed but only tracks arena challenges. It has been removed when the event ended.

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