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Your Keep is found under the Keep tab under the Castle Age banner. It leads to miscellaneous links.


The Stats tab shows all the information concerning your battle statistics, equipment and soldiers you've acquired, and land you own. Celesta can heal you here for a price of $5 x level x HP if you wish. This is also where you allocate newly-earned skill points to increase your base energy, stamina, attack, defense, or health. On the stats page, you can also see your Treasury, where you can retrieve your money, or stash your money for a 10% fee. Aeris, who can be purchased from the shop, will negate the deposit fee when leveled up to at least level 4. Your hourly cash flow (if you have Land) is displayed on this page as well.


Achievements are little rewards given for accomplishing certain listed goals. There are several categories, each category having separate sections in the "Achievements" tab:

Rewards are a varying number of favor or skill points, or a combination of both. Each achievement can only be completed for a reward once.


Alchemy allows you to combine special ingredients to create items, summon monsters, or unlock quests.


A list of Monsters you can fight. Most monsters can only be fought if summoned by you or a member of your army, but some do allow outside members to join the fight.


  • The Elite Guard tab and the Comments tab have been removed from the game.
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