This article is about the monster. For the hero, see Kull (hero)
Kull large

Kull, the Orc Captain is the first monster encountered in the game. He is part of the beginners tutorial when first playing Castle Age. He is available upon reaching level 5 and can be fought until level 10. Up to 10 people can attack.

You have 72 hours to kill Kull before he escapes.

Basic information

Monster Details
Name Type Divine Breakpoint Time to kill
Kull Special (Unique) 0 5 72hrs
Target Areas
Target Health Physical Fire Earth Wind Water Note
Kull 8,400 0 0 0 0 0
Monster Loot
1 Epic 2 Epics 3 Epics Gold Medal
99%+ Unknown Unknown Unknown N/A
Source: Castle Age Monsters Damage/Loot Spreadsheet

Additional Information

Siege weapons

There are no Siege Weapons available when fighting Kull, the Orc Captain.


Rewards after slaying Kull

Epic Summoner? Drop

Spartan Helm Spartan Helm
Helmet: Attack:1 Defense:1
(100% chance drop)



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  • Introduced: December 11, 2009
  • Unlike all other monsters, Power Attacks are not available against Kull.
  • The battle does not appear in the Monster tab. Instead, a special banner will appear just below the main Castle Age banner, and will remain there until he is defeated.

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