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Leadership large.gif
On victory, you gain +X damage bonus. Surrounding allies also gain +Y damage bonus (not stackable)
Rune Bonus
Bonus Damage: Caster gains additional +X% of their Damage rune. Allies gain additional +Y% of their Damage Rune.
Icon: Leadership Icon.gif
Class: Warrior


Level Effect Obtained From
I +8 + 8% of Damage Rune for self,
+3 + 3% of Damage Rune for allies
Annihilator Chest
II +12 + 12% of Damage Rune for self,
+6 + 6% of Damage Rune for allies
Annihilator Chest
III +20 + 20% of Damage Rune for self,
+12 + 12% of Damage Rune for allies
IV +25 + 25% of Damage Rune for self,
+15 + 15% of Damage Rune for allies
V +30 + 30% of Damage Rune for self,
+18 + 18% of Damage Rune for allies

+16 + 16% of Damage Rune for self,
+9 + 9% of Damage Rune for allies
Guild Shop


  • One victorious offensive attack while the ability is equipped will apply the bonuses. Damage buff icons will be lit on the Warrior and the surrounding allies on the same gate, one above and one below (if the Warrior is on the "edge" of the gate, then only two will benefit from the buff). Once activated, the damage bonuses will stay for the duration of the battle even if the power is unequipped.
  • Leadership still applied even when stunned.
  • Leadership bonus damage, by both the warrior and his neighboring allies, cannot be evaded.

General Boost

General Comment
Hero grombeard.jpg Grombeard Grombeard increases percentually shout/leadership effectivity by +X% and adds player defense when equipped. Leveling improves the bonus.
  • +5% to Leadership/Shout, +20 Player Defense at level 5
  • +9% to Leadership/Shout, +29 Player Defense at level 22

Leadership with Grombeard should work as "stronger leadership" and should remain unchanged even later player hits without Grombeard equipped. (source CA forums)

Special Inclusion

Power Comment
Shout 1.gif Shout Although Shout has a different name and picture, it is considered to be the same ability as it has the same effect, and cannot be used together with Leadership.


  • Having Rogues or other Warriors surrounding the Warrior is the most ideal set-up formation as the damage buff as they mostly use their tokens for attacking. Clerics and Mages have their useful spell powers and may forgo attacking to use them in some situations.
    • Rogues are the better choice if other Warriors' own Leadership skills' self bonus is greater than the ally boost of the central Warrior. If not, Warriors with Whirlwind and Confidence set-up will be the most optimal.


  • Given that higher Leadership levels involves quite a bit of FP cost (not to mention luck), players should buy Shout should they choose not to gamble in the chest. Confidence should be next priority purchase after Shout and will flesh out the Warrior to being optimum dmg.The general Meekah uses Confidence best and is recommended; however, there are several generals that also benefit from Confidence's use.It is the most expensive lvl 1 ability for a Warrior.It should also be noted that if Leadership is owned, it negates shout, if attained after Leadership in some instances has been known to actually freeze the Leadership ability from being applied.


  • The picture in the ability is general Elin.
  • The picture in Shout is the soldier Orc Chieftain.