Legendary Equipment is the only equipment where Legendary Chaos Gems can be forged. This is the reason why they are very important, in addition to often being very powerful items.

They can be obtained only through Alchemy. They require many ingredients from powerful monsters, and also require you to own certain items (which won't be consumed) in order to be able perform the final alchemy.
You can learn more about this on their dedicated alchemy tab in game: Alchemy - Legendaries; or on the Legendary Recipes page. 

Legendary Equipment accepting both Offensive and Defensive Legendary Gems

Off-hand (Shields)

Pic. Name Slots Attack Defense Info
Flamebound Destroyer Flamebound Destroyer 2 70 80 +90 Physical Resistance
+25 Fire Resistance
-25 Water Resistance
Gorgons Heart Gorgons Heart 1 60 70 +80 Physical Resistance
210 Divine Power
Gorgon Protector Gorgon Protector 1 38 40 +25 Physical Pierce


Pic. Name Slots Attack Defense Info
Arcane Warbanner Arcane Warbanner 1 35 75 +40 Physical Pierce
4% Defense and Attack to Aggressive Heros
6% to Enrage Bonus

Legendary Equipment accepting Offensive Legendary Gems only


Pic. Name Slots Attack Defense Info
Maw of the Void Maw of the Void 3 150 125 +125 Physical Pierce
+80 Earth Pierce
-35 Wind Resistance
+200 Poison Damage
Divine Sky Breaker Divine Sky Breaker 3 0 425 +85 Physical Pierce
-35 Fire Resistance
5% Divine Favor Bonus
Astaroth Blade Astaroth Blade 2 150 150 +140 Physical Pierce
Titan Aetherfury Titan Aetherfury 2 80 80 +25 Wind Pierce
+25 Whirlwind damage
Aetherfury Aetherfury 1 30 30 +10 Physical Pierce


Pic. Name Slots Attack Defense Info
Phantom Shiny Glove Shiny Glove 3 120 95 +90 Physical Pierce
200 Divine Power
Thanatos Gauntlet Thanatos Gauntlet 2 80 80 +85 Physical Resistance
Deathgauntlet Deathgauntlet 3 38 35 +75 Physical Piercing


Pic. Name Slots Attack Defense Info
Phantom Glorious Amulet Glorious Amulet 1 70 70 +60 Physical Pierce
245 Divine Power
Doom Heart Doom Heart 1 85 85 +30 Fire Pierce
+90 Physical Resistance

Legendary Equipment accepting Defensive Legendary Gems only


Pic. Name Slots Attack Defense Info
Thanatos Plate Thanatos Plate 2 150 150 +140 Physical Resistance
Dragonscale Chestguard Dragonscale Chestguard 3 125 125 +40 Physical Resistance
+100 Wind Resistance
-25 Earth Resistance
Deathmantle Deathmantle 3 65 60 +75 Physical Resistance
Shalazars Mantle Shalazars Mantle 1 32 32 +25 Physical Resistance


Pic. Name Slots Attack Defense Info
Helm of the Dragon-God Helm of the Dragon-God 3 100 100 +40 Physical Pierce
+40 Earth Pierce
-15 Earth Resistance
Eq legendary god helm rank2 Divine Helm of Zeus 2 80 85 +20 Wind Pierce
+10 Physical Resistance
+45 to Heal Power
Helm of Zeus Helm of Zeus 1 30 35 +10 Physical Pierce
+10 Physical Resistance


Pic. Name Slots Attack Defense Info
Elandal Crushers Elandal Crushers 1 25 25 +25 Physical Pierce
+25 Earth Pierce
-10 Wind Resistance
3% to Evade

Legendary Equipment with NO slot

You will NOT be able to forge any Gem on these items, even though they are Legendary.


Pic. Name Slots Attack Defense Info
Astaroth Amulet Astaroth Amulet 0 80 80 +85 Physical Resistance


Note: There currently exists NO Legendary Magic with a slot.

Pic. Name Slots Attack Defense Info
Magmaflame Magmaflame 0 65 65 +50 Fire Pierce


  • Piece of advice: You should create a Legendary Gem ONLY if you have 4 Epic Gems which you have absolutely no use for.
  • Only 1 Chaos Gem can be forged on an item, no matter how many slots it has. The other slots can be used for other types of gems or ingots. For more info, see the Forge article.
  • There currently exists no Legendary Medal in the game. As a result, no Legendary Gem can be forged into a Medal.
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