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Lothorewyn, the Corrupted can be summoned on the Alchemy Summons page if you have an Orb of Lothoreywn Orb of Lothorewyn, which comes from gifts, and are at least level 450.

Lothorewyn, the Corrupted has 1,000,000,000 health.

You have 168 hours to complete the battle before he flees.

Basic information[]

Monster Details
Name Type Divine Breakpoint Time to kill 5% Health (Conquest)
Lothorewyn, the Corrupted Epic World 630 1500 168 hours 50,000,000

Target Areas
Target Health Physical Fire Earth Wind Water Note
Trunk 410,000,000 18 0/[-10] 0 0 20/[0] [xx]: Enabled when Thorny Bark is dead
Roots 410,000,000 18 0 20/[0] 0 0/[-10] [xx]: Enabled when Branch is dead
Thorny Bark 90,000,000 18 0 0 0 15 Reduces damage to Trunk by a max of 27% while alive
Branch 90,000,000 18 0 15 0 0 Reduces damage to Roots by a max of 27% while alive.

Monster Loot
1 Epic 2 Epics Legendary Gold Medal
1%+ 5,270,000 8,520,000 5,500,000
99%+ 7,070,000 14,980,000 17,975,000 25.000.000
Source: Castle Age Monsters Damage/Loot Spreadsheet

Lothorewyn, the Corrupted has 1,000,000,000 health.

Use this text string to post DMG needed in monster chat:

  • 1 Epic 7.1M, 2 Epic 15.0M, Legendary 18.0M
  • 5% 50M, 10% 100M, 15% 150M

Participants: up to 170 people total, with the following distribution:

  • 75 people levels 150+
  • 35 people levels 100-149
  • 30 people levels 50-99
  • 30 people levels 1-49

This battle uses the Monster Class, Piercing/Resistance, Divine Power and Target Area systems.

Additional Information[]

Target Areas[]

Lothorewyn has four different areas that can be attacked, each with its own health and resistance :

  • Trunk (410,000,000 health): Dispatch to defeat Lothorewyn.
  • Roots (410,000,000 health): Dispatch to defeat Lothorewyn.
  • Thorny Bark (90,000,000 health): Dispatch to eliminate Water Resistance and enable Fire Weakness on Trunk. Reduces damage to Trunk by a maximum of 27% while alive.
  • Branch (90,000,000 health): Dispatch to eliminate Wind Resistance and enable Earth Weakness on Roots. Reduces damage to Roots by a maximum of 27% while alive.

Additionally, Lothorewyn will occasionally spawn minions:

These minions will reduce damage done to other parts of the monster up to 20%. The less life they have, the less damage they will prevent. Damage done to this minions is not recorded (doesn't count towards loot). You can't get more than one Treant at the time.

  • Zealous Treant (1,300,000) - May get this while attacking Trunk or Thorny Bark with less than 15 Water Resistance. Only that specific player is able to attack the Zealous Treant, and the player is marked with a brown symbol Lothor icon next to their name in the leaderboard.

Submonster frame lothor1

  • Demonic Treant (1,300,000) - May get this while attacking Roots or Branch with less than 15 Earth Resistance. Only that specific player is able to attack the Demonic Treant, and the player is marked with a brown symbol Lothor icon next to their name in the leaderboard.

Submonster frame lothor2


This section needs to be written.

Divine Armor[]

This section needs to be written.

Siege Weapons[]

While fighting Lothorewyn, there are 5 siege weapons that can be launched to deal extra damage.
All Siege Weapons hit Lothorewyn's Trunk and Roots and are unaffected by blocks and resistances.
*Lothorewyn's Trunk and Roots has 1,000,000,000 HP

Name Clicks Damage Dealt

%HP Dealt*

Valerian Soldiers Valerian Soldiers 15 55,000,000 dmg
3,666,667 dmg/click
5.5 %
0.37 % per click
Elven Rangers Elven Rangers 25 61,000,000 dmg
2,440,000 dmg/click
6.1 %
0.24 % per click
Dwarven Militia Dwarven Militia 40 69,000,000 dmg
1,725,000 dmg/click
6.9 %
0.17 % per click
Paladin Allies Paladin Allies 50 77,000,000 dmg
1,540,000 dmg/click
7.7 %
0.15 % per click
Hero Allies Hero Allies 65 85,000,000 dmg
1,307,692 dmg/click
8.5 %
0.13 % per click
Totals 195 347,000,000 dmg
1,779,487 dmg/click
34.7 %
0.18 % per click


Click to display

Lothorewyn Summoned[]

No text.

Lothorewyn Slain[]

There is an old hymn the elves sang in times of peace, recalling an ancient time when the Magicks were balanced and men had only begun to walk the earth. They sing of a deep forgotten vale, shrouded in a thick mist, of a concealed grove eternally touched by spring. It is there, amidst the great ash, stands a tall tree encased with a shining loam. Lothorewyn is its name and from its leaves come the dews that spring from the river of life. There in the valley, it stands forever green, watching over the Land of Mist. This mighty pillar acts as a bridge between worlds; it is said that the branches of Lothorewyn extend far into the heavens, and that the tree is supported by massive roots that dig deep into the depths of hell itself. Here at the heart of the forest where the stream of life flows fullest, is the path by which all lost souls may find their way.

Lord Ryen'dell, King of the Elves, assures you that the great tree is no myth, and that the valley has in recent times gone silent. What used to be a wellspring of life has become harrowed ground. Together you summon what forces you can and journey to expel the evil that has befallen the land. The winds howl and moan as you approach the gates of the misty mountain pass. Already you see the effects of the blight; the lush undergrowth has been replaced with a lifeless bog. Restless spirits cast glimmers to hide the path and taunt your weary travels. Their whispers echo through the night, but you stay your course and guide each step by the light of the stars. At last you arrive at the heart of the forest, although too late it seems.

The sacred tree has become an abomination, a warped form of what it once was. A strange tendril siphons from the stream of souls, pulling the very essence of life from the world and imprisoning the souls it once sought to guide. Its twisted figure towers above you, the surrounding warden trees blaze with a demonic light. Lord Ryen'dell leads the charge, and the call of griffins can be heard in the sky. You bury a mighty axe in the bark of the creature to no effect. With a snap from a large bough you are flung back. The great trees branches rake across the path scouring the ground with its barbed lashes. As you jump over the twirling vines beneath you, a limb from the tree lashes out and strikes against your helm. The poisoned thorns prick against your skin, filling your body with a demonic venom. You stagger back as visions of a strange future fill your mind. Though the haze you see a demonic hoard of converted souls rising from the depths and at its center, you see Baal's true form devouring the stream of life, growing stronger and stronger with every second. You envision the realms immersed in fire with you powerless to stop it.

When the visions clear, you awake to the sight of Lord Ryen'dell caught in a red glow emanating from the base of the tree. His body convulses as bark-like demonic flesh boils up from his skin. You watch his eyes turn black as he drops his weapon. The enemy focused on consuming Ryen'dell and his kin, you take this opportunity and rush forward to take up his weapon. You thrust the blade into the tree, a blue runic light trail from the end of the sword wraps around the tree. The voices of the elf elders resonate though the air. A burst of light shatters the sword, setting the forest ablaze. Among the burning ash, a sapling sprouts, a sight of hope for the sacred ground. However the vision of Baal's minions cannot leave your mind. What power has Baal obtained? And where will he strike next?

Rewards while fighting Lothorewyn[]

Treant Drops

Fragment of Water Protection Fragment of Water Protection
Fragment of Earth Fury Fragment of Earth Fury

Attack Essence 108 Attack Essence

Rewards after slaying Lothorewyn[]

Monster lothor dead

Rare Drops Epic Drops Legendary Drop

Bramble Bracer Bramble Bracer
Gloves: Attack:11 Defense:5
Wreath of Despair Wreath of Despair
Amulet: Attack:23 Defense:22
Rooted Evil Rooted Evil
Boots: Attack:3 Defense:5
Demonbark Mask Demonbark Mask
Helmet: Attack:38 Defense:23

Bramblethorn Lasher Bramblethorn Lasher
Weapon: Attack:35 Defense:30
Demonbark Plate Demonbark Plate
Armor: Attack:32 Defense:35
Demonic Bark Demonic Bark

Bronze Ore of Physical Resistance Bronze Ore of Physical Resistance

Bronze Ore of Physical Piercing Bronze Ore of Physical Piercing

Dull Shard of Water Protection Dull Shard of Water Protection

Dull Shard of Water Fury Dull Shard of Water Fury

Dull Shard of Earth Protection Dull Shard of Earth Protection

Dull Shard of Earth Fury Dull Shard of Earth Fury

Corrupted Amber Corrupted Amber

Loot thresholds for 99%:

  • Epic: 1 - 7,070,000 (starts at 5,270,000), 2 - 14,980,000 (starts at 8,520,000)
  • Legendary: 1 - 17,975,000 (starts at 5,500,000)


Item Archives[]


  • Gold Medal: 25.000.000 pure damage in less than 24 hours (before 144 hrs monster timer). One-time award 3 Skill Points.
  • Slay Lothorewyn 5 times (1,000,000 min dmg + def): +5 Favor Points
  • Slay Lothorewyn 5 times (5,000,000 min dmg, secondary targets have > 75% health): +3 Skill points


  • Introduced March 14, 2013
  • To heal effectively, player needs to have 1,535 defense stat (Base Stat + Item Archive Bonus) total. Equipment statistics do not count.
  • Please help the Castle Age community by entering your loot data in THIS spreadsheet.
  • The loot thresholds in this article are also based on Ditendra08's more recent personal spreadsheet which can be found HERE

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