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Mana Shield
Mana Shield large
Absorb X Damage in Guild Battles and Guild Monsters (Lasts 1 hour) - Self Only
Rune Bonus
Absorb (X/2)% of Attacker's Damage Rune.
Icon: Mana Shield Icon
Class: Mage


Level Effect Obtained From
I Absorb 60 Damage and 30% of Attacker's Damage rune Annihilator Chest
II Absorb 80 Damage and 40% of Attacker's Damage rune Annihilator Chest
III Absorb 120 Damage and 60% of Attacker's Damage rune Alchemy
IV Absorb 135 Damage and 67.5% of Attacker's Damage rune Alchemy
V Absorb 150 Damage and 75% of Attacker's Damage rune Alchemy
Magic Barrier Absorb 100 Damage and 50% of Attacker's Damage rune Guild Shop


  • Mana Shield can be put up by casting Mana Shield upon self in the Ally Team tab. 135 points is awarded to the caster. The shield can only be applied to the mage caster.
  • The shield lasts for a maximum of 1 hour, but is removed earlier if its maximum damage is received.
  • When the caster is attacked, the shield protects the caster by absorbing damage until its set amount. If the damage taken by the shield exceeds the amount it can absorb, the shield is removed and the caster receives any leftover damage on the same turn. The absorbed damage is cumulative, and it can take one or more attacks in order to deplete the shield, depending on the damage output of the attackers.
  • Mana Shield can only protect the caster from direct attacks. A mage gate burn or a warrior Whirlwind cleave goes right through the protection and damages the mage caster. Likewise, only damages are being absorbed. Applying debuffs like Polymorph, Confuse, Poison, and Wound are not blocked by the shield.
  • Mana Shield cannot be applied if the caster is stunned.

General Boost[]

General Comment
Hero luno Luno +X absorb to Mana Shield/Magic Barrier, +Y Max Energy

Special Inclusion[]

Power Comment
Magic Barrier 1 Magic Barrier Although Magic Barrier has a different name and picture, it is considered to be the same ability, as its effect is similar and it cannot be used together with Mana Shield.


  • Mana Shield maybe useful at the last stretch of the battle when there will be suicide runs on any class other than clerics in an attempt to change scores. Healthy actives can still get rid of the shield in 1-3 attacks but at the last minutes of the fight, it could make a difference.


  • Mana Shield is not a good ability for mages. Instead of using a token to put it up, they can instead cast Confuse or Polymorph to really stop the enemy in their tracks. Players are more afraid of those two powers since those can give them a measly 50 points if they use a token and lose while under those spells.
  • However, Mana Shield can be useful to keep yourself alive when you don't have clerics to support you, as otherwise you may be stunned while attacking other players on offense.


  • The picture in the ability is a modified version of Corvintheus charging up a spell.