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To be a Master or an Apprentice, your FB account must be verified, or else the offer will be automatically rejected.

  • Master - Level 20 and Above.
  • Apprentice - Level 10 and Below.

Any player who qualifies for either of these roles may make an offer to enter a Master/Apprentice relationship to any player in their army who qualifies for the other role. Note, however, that there is no known way to remove a dead or otherwise inactive player, so it behooves prospective masters, and apprentices, to verify that their intended partner doesn't plan to die soon, or even just stop playing...

Reason to do it:

When a Master levels up, the Apprentice receives a random amount of gold.

When an Apprentice levels up, there are various rewards due the master.

As a Master, rewards are given out daily at 00:01AM (UTC -7)

You must enter The Master and Apprentice Page to claim your daily rewards.

List of Rewards[]

1. Favor Points

  • Favor point small 1 Favor Points
  • Favor point small 5 Favor Points

2. Bonus Stats, Energy refills

  • 30 points Energy refills (every 5 levels of the apprentice)


  • +0 Attack, +2 Defense
  • +2 Attack, +2 Defense
  • +2 Attack, +5 Defense
  • +5 Attack, +5 Defense

This bonus is consolidated and can only be given out ONCE PER DAY. You can collect rewards later, as long as they are not overwritten by new rewards. So it's recommended you collect when you need the +30 energy / the stats boost.

3. Bonus Hero

Unlock with 1 Level 47-55 Apprentice.

RUMORED Bonuses[]

When an Apprentice reaches a level sufficient to start taking Apprentices of his own, the Original Master receives rewards for the Apprentice's Apprentices as well. Original master will NOT receive any rewards. This is referred to as the Amway Stack, a reference to the first and most well known multi-level marketing company worldwide.

NOTE: Master and Apprentice is no longer available.