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NOTE: This page is being reviewed, to check which ones of these groups still exist and/or follow their original purpose.

Castle Age Spreadsheets[]

A Castle Age Spreadsheet is a spreadsheet (usually made with Microsoft Excel) that contains a whole bunch of useful information. You tell the spreadsheet the things that you own, and it will tell you how to optimize what you have, or what you need to do to achieve certain goals. Once a spreadsheet tells you what you need to do, come back to the wiki to learn how to do it.

Castle Age Monster Damage/Loot, Goblin Emporium, and Chest Rolls Spreadsheet[]

Goz's Castle Age Spreadsheet[]

  • Find the Facebook page here:
  • It was created in Excel 2010 and to make everything work you will need that version or newer
  • There is also a version for Open Office. This was converted from the Excel version, so I can not guarantee that everything will work in it.
  • Version 2014.10.16 uploaded
  • 2/10/2014: Version 1.09 has been uploaded
  • 4/13/2014: Version 1.10 has been uploaded

Castle Age Groups[]

Right now we are looking for more Castle Age groups, and links to their homepage/Facebook page/forums/whatever their main location is. The following are a list of known groups, with unknown homepages:

  • Castle Age Army Add
  • Castle Age Army Premier Recruit Center
  • Castle Age Chronics
  • Castle Age Fanatics
  • Castle Age Treasure Seekers
  • Dragon Achievement
  • Warrior's Pride

If you create a subsection below for a group, please do so in the section that best describes the group. If you are a monster slaying group that also socializes, please put it in the monster slaying section. Also, when adding a group, add the group in alphabetical order. Many of the groups below were described by Vincent, who isn't in many of these groups. If you wish to add something to a group description, feel free to do so.

Monster Slaying Groups[]



This is a monster slaying, assisting with clicks and slayers, have 2 guilds, and Team battles group with almost 700 members.

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