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When attacking Monsters in Castle Age, the damage done is calculated according to a few formulas. Each monster also has its own scaling factor to damage done and party health healed.

Monster Damage[]

Damage Formula[]

For most monsters, you can estimate the amount of damage that will be done when attacking with the following function:

Damage=(225+5.5*(gAtk+eqAtk+.3*(gDef+eqDef))+1000*(atk-BreakPoint)^.25)*(.58*(pHP%Left/100)+. 42)*stamina*bonus


  • Atk = Attack (broken down below)
  • gAtk = General Attack
  • gDef = General Defense
  • eqAtk = total equipment attack
  • eqDef = total equipment defense
  • Breakpoint = Monster value, from table
  • pHP%Left = percentage of maximum (fully strengthened) party health remaining (0-100). For Skaar Deathrune and Ragnarok, use % of shield depleted.
  • stamina = the amount of stamina used
  • bonus = any modifiers to damage, like Barbarus’ bonus or a Monster Hunting percentage bonus. Note that damage rune is not used in monster battles.

Example Curves[]

In these curves, the x-axis is the (Att-Breakpoint) value, to show how damage increases both in the short-term and the long-term after passing the breakpoint.

Attack low values

Damage when approaching/passing the breakpoint

Attack high values

Damage for attack far past the breakpoint

Attack Values[]

When attacking monsters, the damage formula uses the player’s attack stat, along with any bonuses to the stat. These include the Attack rune, if forged to an item and equipped, the attack portion of Item Archives, if they are enabled, and any Attack or Monster Attack bonus from the currently equipped General.

When attacking monsters that use class-based actions, if the class you are playing at is at least level 3, you will receive a bonus of 10 attack when attacking monsters, which is also included in your monster attack.

Player Defense does not play any role in monster damage. Piercing also does not play any role in base damage, instead being applied afterwards if the player has insufficient piercing power. Having excess piercing will not increase damage. Having a damage rune equipped also does not play a role in damage done.

Equipment and generals[]

Equipment and Generals both do unscaled damage - they aren’t affected by the monster armor/breakpoint and are constant between monsters. Because of this, it is worthwhile to level up generals that you use beyond level 4.

When choosing equipment, any elements and piercing resistance that the monster has should be taken into account first, along the weapon that the attack rune is equipped onto, if possible. Any Dragonhunter items should be taken into account also, if the increased critical percentage is desired. After that, the player should attempt to bring equipment with the best stats (emphasizing attack) in order to maximize damage done.

Monster Damage Examples[]

The multitude of options available to level up generals, equipment and statistics have varying impacts on total monster damage performed. These examples are for demonstrative purposes only, and show that you have to consider all aspects in determining total damage.

Example 1: Sahar (5S/79) - Maalvus(5S/74) - Barbarus (5S/59)

  • Base Damage: 225 Damage/Stam (D/S)
  • General Attack: 2480 attack yields 13,640 D/S + 10.4 D/S per additional point
  • General Defence: 1627 defense yields 2,684.6 D/S + 3 D/S per additional point
  • Equipment Attack: 541 attack yields 2975.5 D/S + 10.4 D/S per additional point
  • Equipment Defense: 583 defense yields 962 D/S + 3 D/S per additional point
  • Base Damage: 8678 Raw+IA+Rune+General+equipment yields 6,417 D/S + 0.4 D/S per additional point
  • Base Defence: 4201 Raw+IA+Rune+General+Equipment yields 0 D/S + 0.0 D/S per additional point
  • Monster Hunter Damage: +3050 added attack yields 2255.4 D/S with +10.8 D/S per 30 point level up
  • Monster Bonus Damage: 17% bonus yields 5,336.9 D/S with +146.6 D/S for each level up of 0.3%
  • Critical Bonus: Assuming 50% 2, 50% 3, +20549 D/S plus 82.4 for each level up of 0.15% (maalvus)
  • Monster Breakpoint: this example assumed a monster breakpoint of 1000, damage is reduced by 36.1 for each 100 monster breakpoint points added into the mix.
  • Total D/S based on the formula presented above: 57,188 D/S for this load out or 5.7MM per 100 stamina
  • The facts: This load out does about 4-4.2 million damage per 100s to most monsters on first fully strengthened hit as such the calculation is a bit high.

Notable generals[]

Main article: Monster Hunting Generals

There are Generals specifically designed to increase damage or help in different ways against Monsters. In addition, since your General Alliance stats play a big role in the damage dealt, Aggressive Generals will usually be better for Monster hunting.

Check the main article for a list of all generals with abilities designed for Monster hunting and for more information.

Monster Healing[]

Healing Formula[]

For monsters with party health, you can estimate the amount of health that will be healed by the following function:

10 Energy Strengthen (to Max Party health; *6 for healing)


20 Energy Heal:



  • Game selects BIS equipment for Def/atk, as listed when you heal. This allows you to use tinkerer equipment and Greater Divine Barrier to boost your defense score.
  • Defense = the player's defense, as described below
  • Breakpoint = the breakpoint, from the table below

If the monster has a beneficial status for warriors/clerics, the corresponding classes will get a 10% boost to healing for the duration of the status.
Note: The above formula has 3040 outside of the energy used portion, please verify this is correct, likely it is inside an additional () before multiplying it by energy/20..

What this means: Before you pass the breakpoint for the monster, you will do a minimal amount of healing. After you pass it, your healing will quickly increase for the first 100 defense or so, after which the rate of increase will slow down.

Example Curves[]

In these curves, the x-axis is the (Defense-Breakpoint) value, to show how healing increases both in the short-term and the long-term after passing the breakpoint.

Defense low values

Healing when approaching/passing the breakpoint

Defense high values

Healing for defense far past the breakpoint

Strengthening vs. Healing[]

While Strengthening uses the same formula as healing, each part of the strengthen action only gets a fraction of the amount healed by a cleric. If the monster has not been fully strengthened, you will strengthen the maximum party health for one-sixth of the calculated value. The Warrior/Ranger will also heal the party for one-half of the calculated value.

Defense Values[]

When healing on monsters, the healing formula uses the player’s defense stat, along with any bonuses to the stat. These include the Defense Rune, if forged to an item and equipped, the defense portion of Item Archives, if they are enabled, any Tinkerer items from the Conquest Path Shop, if they are equipped, and any defense bonus from the currently equipped General.

Equipment and Generals[]

Since equipment is not a part of the healing formula at this time, the primary goal for choosing equipment is to maximize player defense, rather than maximizing equipment stats or dealing with elemental aspects. Generally, this means including equipment with a Defense rune, and equipping any Tinkerer equipment that is owned. It’s important to remember that while Resistance is useful for PvP defense, it does not play any part in healing, and equipping items that have resistance will not affect the amount healed.

Notable generals[]

Since healing depends on defense, counting general modifiers, there are several generals that are useful for healing on monsters.

Image General Level 4 Ability Obtained From Notes
Halcyon Halcyon Transfer 25% of Player Attack to Defense Oblivion Chest (rare) Very useful for Cannons.
Hero aurelius Aurelius +1.1 Defense per 3 Player Health Ascension Chest (epic) More effective with higher health.
Corvintheus (framed) Corvintheus +1 Defense per 3 Player Health Oblivion Chest (epic) More effective with higher health.
Boss ambrosia2 Ambrosia +0.45 Defense per hero owned Vanguard Chest (epic) More effective when more heroes are owned.
Suri Suri +0.2 Defense per hero owned Favor General (level 50+) More effective when more heroes are owned, but does not require rolling chests.
Serra Serra Silverlight -25 Attack, +25 Defense Alpha Chest (common) Fixed amount of defense, but better than Dante.
Dante Dante -25 Attack, +20 Defense Recruit (Land of Water) The best free general for defense.


Each monster has a set 'breakpoint', where attack/defense values below the point will do a fixed amount of damage, and values above the point will increase quickly before flattening out.

Pre-Divine Monsters[]

Image Monster Breakpoint
Volcanic Dragon Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon 225
Alpha Bahamut 454 sq Alpha Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon 300
Red Plains 388sq War of the Red Plains 275
Aurelius Lion's Rebellion 285
Boss gehenna Gehenna, the Fire Elemental 275
Monster valhalla small Valhalla, the Air Elemental 305
Azriel Azriel, the Angel of Wrath 350
Boss mephistopheles2 Alpha Mephistopheles 350
Monster kromash small Kromash, the Storm Giant 100
Monster shardros small Shardros, the Mountain Giant 175
Boss Corvintheus Avatar Corvintheus 295

* Unverified

Divine Cycle Monsters[]

Image Monster Breakpoint
Boss jahanna small Jahanna, Priestess of Aurora 310
Boss agamemnon small Agamemnon, the Overseer 310
Boss aurora small Aurora 310
Monster glacius small Glacius, the Frost Giant 250
Monster magmos small Magmos, the Lava Giant 315
Boss ambrosia small Ambrosia 320
Monster chimera small Typhonus, the Chimera 330
Boss malekus small Malekus 335
Monster thanatos2 small ca Thanatos of Fire & Ice 335
Monster kraken small Kraken 295
Monster kraken small Alpha Kraken 335*
Monster alexandra small Alexandra, the Unbreakable 345
Boss azeron small Azeron 335
Soldier vermilion Vermilion, the Tyrant 595


Multi-Target Monsters[]

Image Monster Breakpoint
Monster fenix small Fenix, Risen From Ashes 595
Monster kessaran small Kessaran, the Undying 625
Boss urmek frame Urmek, Protector of Gaia 605
Monster poseidon small Poseidon, Atlantean King 600
Monster vorak small Vorak, Devourer of Skies 605*
Monster abomination small Abomination, Ancient Slime 630
Monster baal small Baal, Stealer of Souls 645
Monster darkness small Lord of Darkness 700*
Monster svarog small Svarog, the Magmapede 895
Monster lothor small Lothorewyn, the Corrupted 1500
Monster alperon small Alperon, the Corrupted 1625
Boss death frame Aspect of Death 1750
Monster bonegnasher small Bonegnasher 2000
Monster verminarch small Verminarch 2200
Monster ogrimus small Ogrimus 2400
Monster rodenom small Rodenom 2600
Monster cassandra small Cassandra 2175
Monster thanatos small Thanatos 1750*
Monster phantom fire small Phantom of Fire ? (Attack)
? (defense)

* Unverified

Newer Single Target Monsters[]

Image Monster Breakpoint
Monster leviathan deep small Leviathan of the Deep 3000 (Attack)
0 (defense)
Monster leviathan grove small Leviathan of the Grove 3250 (Attack)
0 (defense)
Monster leviathan void small Leviathan of the Void 3600 (Attack)
0 (defense)
Monster leviathan wrath small Leviathan of Wrath 4000 (Attack)
0 (defense)
Monster cronus fire small Cronus of Fire 0 (Attack)
0 (defense)
Monster cronus ice small Cronus of Ice 0 (Attack)
0 (defense)
Monster cronus earth small Cronus of Earth 0 (Attack)
0 (defense)

Note that leviathans are no longer 0 defense breakpoint. Not sure what the value is, but its at least 2000.. Under 2000 i have seen only minimum healing

Stance Monsters[]

Image Monster Breakpoint
Monster cronus rainbow small Cronus Astaroth ~60? (Attack)
? (defense)
Monster vargulis small Vargulis, First Brood ~60? (Attack)
? (defense)
Monster samael small Samael, Wraith Legionnaire ~60? (Attack)
? (defense)
Monster chromus small Chromus ? (Attack)
? (defense)
Monster phantom lightning small Phantom of Lightning ? (Attack)
? (defense)
Monster phantom shadow small Phantom of Shadow ? (Attack)
? (defense)
Monster Draculia small Draculia, The Blood Dominator ? (Attack)
? (defense)

The uncertain values for Cronus Astaroth, Vargulis and Samael are based on this source: Forum post (in addition to this one for Cronus Astaroth: Other forum post).

Phantom of Shadow probably has a relatively high breakpoint, based on these posts: Source 1, Source 2.

Guild Conquest Monsters[]

Image Monster Breakpoint
Monster orc invasion small Orc Band ? (Attack)
? (defense)
Monster orc invasion small Orc Horde ? (Attack)
? (defense)
Monster orc invasion small Orc Host ? (Attack)
? (defense)
Monster ouroboros small Ouroboros ? (Attack)
? (defense)

More Info[]

Forum Threads[]

Edit: Updated 2015 to reflect re-running the numbers with more data and doing some subjective optimization based on the Least Squares Regression for each specific constant. Furthermore, deduced the impact of equipment on Healing. Formulas should now match the 6/3 edits on the forum threads.

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