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The Monster Leaderboard is a feature introduced in August 2017 which rewards the top 100 monster slayers every day.

Monster Leaderboard header

Every day, the first player on the Leaderboard will receive Vivian the Eternal and Evolution Crystals, while the 99 others will only receive varying amounts of Evolution Crystals (see below).

You can check the Leaderboard by clicking on the "Monsters" tab, and then on the "Monster Leaderboard" tab (Facebook - web3 ). 

In-game Information[]

Rank | Reward
1       | Blue Crystal x10, Red Crystal x10, Green Crystal x10, Vivian the Eternal x1
3       | Blue Crystal x8, Red Crystal x8, Green Crystal x8
10     | Blue Crystal x6, Red Crystal x6, Green Crystal x6
50     | Blue Crystal x4, Red Crystal x4, Green Crystal x4
100   | Blue Crystal x2, Red Crystal x2, Green Crystal x2

*Leaderboard ranking ends: 00:00 PDT
Refresh rate: 10 minutes
Rewards will be sent out within 30 mins

Additional Information[]

Not all damage dealt counts towards the Monster Leaderboard. For instance, it is stated in game that the damage dealt to the World Monster doesn't count towards the Leaderboard. Furthermore, while it needs to be verified, it seems likely that the damage dealt to monsters such as Alpha Vincent or similar Guild Monsters won't count either.

You can check the top 100 players on the Leaderboard at any time of the day; it refreshes every 10 minutes. You can also check the top 100 of the previous day, but not any further than that.

This spreadsheet however keeps track of the leaderboards since the introduction of the feature and until December 2018: Castle Age — Monster Leaderboard — index